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Aetranok (Usa)


Aetranok (Usa)

Aetranok - Kingdoms Of The Black Sepulcher (2018). On this release of AETRANOK we can discover intensive Black Metal with sinister guitar riffing and screaming vocals and keyboards. Yeah, keyboards! It is not that case when keyboards make some melodic snotty stuff; instead it makes the sound of AETRANOK darker and grimmer and lets you to feel the atmosphere of “Kingdoms Of The Black Sepulcher.” Also I should to say that tracks are rhythmically varied and interesting to listen to. The last track “Liber Khao Ad Veritas” is some mantras with a sick sounding accompaniment and puts the final point in the chaotic journey through the “Kingdoms Of The Black Sepulcher.”
A black metal band based in Colorado, Aetranok has seen significant changes in their early years. Cycling through various former members, a line-up was solidified prior to the release of their second LP, and consists of five members, including the band's founder and songwriter, Apophis (guitar / vocals), Draka (vocals / guitar), Tenebros (keyboards), Thoros (bass), and Xamot (drums / percussion). 
The band uses a wide arsenal of musical methods to bring their creations to life, such as classical music ideology, complex percussion patterns, diverse lyrical placement, and instrumental transitions. 
Even in the early years of the band's first album (Grand Invokation), these elements can be heard, shaping the band's musical direction into their second album (Kingdoms of the Black Sepulcher). 
Aetranok expanded their influence from performing small local shows to travelling out of their native state for larger events, such as South Dakota's Stygian Rites. 
Initially covered by local newspapers with the release of their first demo, this expansion was not limited to their live performances, as their second LP and derived videos were released / promoted with the cooperation of labels in two countries (Satanath/Symbol of Domination, Death Portal), spreading the band's music over half of the globe as well as catching the attention of widespread internet sources such as the music page "No Clean Singing." 
Aetranok continued to apply disciplined musical techniques in their writing and performance as they set their sights on the creation of several videos, such as the title track, "Kingdoms of the Black Sepulcher," and other tracks from the album of the same name, all of which deliver the full impact of the band's aggressive musical approach.