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Spitfire (Germany)

Spitfire (Germany)

T: Why is the name of the band "Spitfire"?

Manuel: The name is origined by the "supermarine Spitfire" which was an Hunting Aircraft from England during the 2nd Worldwar. We were waching a ducumentary-movie about it and so we said "YES! Thats it!" Our first name was "Stormblade" Sady, we are not the only Metalband with this name. Check out the Greeks !!

T: What´s the current line-up of the band?

Manuel: Me at the Drums, Rico plays guitar and sings and Max replaces Michael (Dissident Agressor) on the Bass. Michael left the band in August for a 5-Year-Study in Moldavia.

T: I listened to your first EP. "Spitfire": great !! do you believe that you rescue the oldschool thrash/speed metal from the 80´s?

Manuel: Noooo I don´t think so. There are a lot of new "old" Bands in germany and Europe. That Movement is called "the new Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM. Ok, I think that we are part of it. But that doesn´t matter to us. We just do what we love. And this is Speed Metal!

T: What are your influrences? are you influrented by exodus?

Manuel: I think stuff like "bounded by blood" is an Influrence to all Bands in the Speed/Thrash Scene. Period. Just like "Kill em all" ... But there are Tons of good bands out there. Not only in Thrash/speed. NWOBHM, Classic Power Metal like Running Wild, True Metal and also Mr. Cash and all the good ol´ Rock´n Roll. All those who have the Spirit, that we all love so much. For Rico, it´s especially Motörhead. He is just the biggest Motörhead Fan that I know.

T: Which bands do you listen to? did those help you to play such powerful metal?

Manuel: Oh. That´s gonna be a 10-Pages-List. hahahaha!! Like I said before... We just play that what we love. Passion and Agression, Baby !!

T: The cover of the EP. reminds me a lot to "aces high" from iron maiden. what do you think?

Manuel: a little bit, Hahaha! We are all big Maiden fans. I drawed the cover. We just wanted to do something that belongs to our Song "Spitfire´s Down". So I started to catch some Inspirations and good Ideas.

T: You have released your EP. also on Tape via Urtod records. is that label still with you?

Manuel: That was just a deal for 100 Tapes. But Igor form Urtod is a friend of us. So we will see what the future will bring... We´re goint to release our First Full Lenght "Tectonical Power" which includes 9 new Songs and a new recorded Version of "Lead me to thew Sky" in late 2016. We´re already done with the recordings. You can get it on CD and Vinyl. And maybe on Tape...

T: What are your favourite drinks?

Manuel: Traditional German Beer, Jack/Jim with coke. Ah. And Coffee...a lot of Coffee..

T: Could the readers of The Legion of TchorT contact you to buy your stuff?

Manuel: Sure, hahahaha! What a question! You´re welcome to do that. You can get the EP on or on Amazon. Hurry up with the Shirts! There are only around 20 left. The new Stuff is all in progress. Shirts, Patches, Posters, Stickers and of Ocurse Vinyl (Limited to 500) and Cd´s.

T: Some final words?

Manuel: Thanks for interviewing me! Hails to all Headbangers from Peru! Rock out with your COCK out ! Hahahaha !

Temple Abattoir (Spain)

Temple Abattoir (Spain)

Temple Abattoir was founded in 2006 by Daguth Abaddon and Pudrot in Monzón (Huesca, Spain) to walk along the Black Metal path.
In 2008 we released out first recording: Nechronicles, a four-track demo deeply inspired in the WWI and the human confrontation. The line-up was: Daguth Abaddon (Vocal Strings) and Pudrot (Steel Strings & Drum Commander).
Sacrilege & Savagery, our first full-length, was released in 2010. It was recorded by Daguth Abaddon (Voices), Pudrot (Guitars & Drum Machine) and Kalhum (Bass). This album is based on dark feelings and the opposition against de Catholic Church.
We released our single SS-18 Satan, who is about the deadliest weapon on earth, in 2013. It was recorded in one take by: Daguth Abaddon (Vocals & Bass), Pudrot (Guitars) and Darkgrof (Drums).
Since 2014 we have drop out of live shows to focus our energies on composing and recording.
Soon will be released Cacoangelion, a black mass in EP format to celebrate the arrival of the bringer of Chaos and venom, who comes from the Death to struggle against the Abrahamic faiths and exterminate them in flames. It has been officiated by: Daguth Abaddon (Vocals), Pudrot (Strings) and Darkgrof (Drums).
At present, we are working on Servants Of The Cruel Mother, a compilation album with previously unreleased songs. Each one will be released along the years just like it will be recorded by the founder members and different acolytes.
All releases of Temple Abattoir have been recorded and its images developed, fundamentally, by the founder members.
Temple Abattoir don't follow any doctrine. Temple Abattoir walk our own path along Black Metal & Satanism.

Harmony Dies (Germany)

Harmony Dies (Germany)

HARMONY DIES is a underground cult death metal band from Berlin & celebrate their Death Metal sickness since 1992. They started at that time, to become one of the most brutal bands in Germany.
The first two demos were released in 1992 and in 1993, “Living Corpses” and “Slope”. One year later the split-single with the fan­tastic KRISIUN from Brasil appeared on Morbid Rec. Following the demos “Third Output Of Incompetence” in 1994 & “Promo ‘95”. The first self-produced MCD ”Slaughtered” was recorded in 1996.
It took more than 2 years until the first full length CD “Don’t Trust” was released via Ars Metalli.
At the millenium HARMONY DIES entered the Soundforge Studio once again to record “I’ll Be Your Master” with the help of Andreas Hilbert from GOLEM.
The following year saw the appearance of the live video “Dying Live” and in 2002 followed the “Hybrid Manifestation” 7”-single with the guys from SPAWN on Poserslaughter Rec..
For 2003 they had recorded the album called “Impact”, brought to you by german cult label Morbid Rec. and after this 5 tracks take place on a split CD with FLESHART from Greece.
The band’s line-up changed several times, and after a long break they joined together in 2012 to spark some more brutal stuff.
For their amazing new recordings, the five Berlin death metal ma­niacs decided to respond for a close collaboration with the also in eastern Germany domiciled label, Defying Danger Records.
“Indecent Paths Of A Ramifying Darkness” was released on March 3rd 2016 in a handnumbered Digisleeve and will be a part of the D.D.R. Tapeseries soon!
Both are strictly limited! Watch out for the brand new masterpiece in Death Metal!!!

Arallu (Israel)

Arallu (Israel)

T: Why Arallu name? What does? T: What currently is its formation?

Butchered: Hello Perú metal scene its honor for us to interview for your great metal zine.
The name Arallu comes from the ancient world in the Middle Eastern culture of Mesopotamia. We come from Jerusalem and there's never been stability in the area, and I think never will be. A lot of the songs of Arallu talk about exactly this, and the link between the ancient world and the modern world, that very much resembles each other. We wake up every day to new horror in our life, and I explore the reasons why, and the process. Arallu was founded in Jerusalem, in the middle of the conflict between the religions around the old city of Jerusalem in the 90s. When you live as the terror is surrounding you. Want it or not, it inspires you whatever you do.I remember the bus exploding next to me and the hatred comes through the news. I was 16 years old and the extreme black metal concept around Europe came to my life. Mixed with bloodshed around Jerusalem what brought Arallu band to life.Arallu music is inspired by the events in the Middle East and Jerusalem, and the global terror around the world. I believe Arallu has its own sound and brings something new and fresh to the metal music. We work hard not to sound like other bands, and bring our own ideas and sound to the metal music around the world.

T: Do you have made CDs such as: The War on the Wailing Wall, Satanic War in Jerusalem, The Demon from the Ancient World, Desert Battles - Descending to the Sands can you tell us briefly about them?

B: Our debut album "The War On The Wailing wall was released in 1999. From then to 2015 we released 5 full studio album and 3 Dvds.  Arallu working really hard I think us keeping our line from the beginning until now. We working now for our new album. The 6th album and we hope enter the studio in January 2017 to start recording it.

T: Currently released his fifth CD entitled "Geniewar" with a great sound of Black / death metal. With an impeccable presentation. How you are going to promote this CD?

B: GENIEWAR is Arallu fifth album and he getting good feedbacks for now and we hope to continue. Like every album of the band the music is not sweeping u ears directly. It's taking time.  Like the old black metal albums of the 90's .you have to give it a chance and listen carefully. Who will listen to GENIEWAR carefully will really like it. I believe, like the other albums, people will understand the main idea of GENIEWAR after few listening.  We really want to believe GENIEWAR will open us new doors and will take us to a new way that we never knew. We try to bring each album his own sound. Each album has his instruments and ideas .usually beside the electric guitars and drums we combine in the music a Middle Eastern drums bit and Drabukka (Middle Eastern percussion). That u can fine in each album of the band ,but ech album we bring other instruments like Saz, Oud, Flutes, Kanun and others ideas. Arallu discography talk about the ancient world when demons and sorcerer rule the earth, u can find the Metaphor between the ancient world and the exchange of the world today. It's all Connects for one big concept and we all waiting when the Mesopotamian Empire will arise and finally destroy the religions and what they represent. This empire will rise from Jerusalem. It's not just that so many fight about this city. by all Mystical  books Jerusalem is the main place of the new world.  In GENIEWAR, we are going forward with the old releases. All around Arallu is the ancient time of Middle East era (called Mesopotamia) until the declaration of Israel state wars, bloodshed, and the conflict between the religions around Jerusalem. GENIEWAR bring different side about that. Some part of this album speak about the wars around the declaration of Israel of 1967 and the war in Syria and Iraq of 2013 but it's all connected around the reason for this horror days of blood everywhere around the Middle East and Jerusalem.   

T: Your CD. "Geniewar" that influences do you like to have? Who performs the lyrics and the music?

B: When I start to feel the anger starts flowing in my veins im taking my guitar and start writing some riffs. This is the start of the process. I'm sending them to my band members and we meet in the rehearsal room and start working for a new song .Unfortunately together with that the world provides me all the time ideas to writing lyrics. Especially,in these days around the Middle East.  Arallu is a radical band in the music and the lyric. We not hate anyone or anybody because his skin color or his religions. Our lyrics are clear! We coming against what is offensive and hurting us. Us as human beings, us as individual. The people in Israel don’t know what good life is. They think they know but actually they don’t know. We are busy all around with security issues. Our lyrics are in your face against the religions and what they represent and of course the people behind them. GENIEWAR talk about all those issues. The war of the ancient time as kings trying to rules Jerusalem until the wars of today as ISIS tray to destroying and kill who don’t think like them. This album is the mirror of the human race, hypocrisy of the governments all around the world including Israel as don’t want and afraid to fight against the extreme religions leaders.

T: On the CD. "Geniewar" find 10 songs, why do 2 topics in your language and make the cover of Iron Maiden "Powerslave" titled? why chose a classic theme of Iron Maiden "Powerslave?

B: Actually it was Yishai from "Raven Music" idea. He ask us to make a special version to this song because he think this song is exactly like Arallu music. Like we covered Slayer "Evil Has No Boundaries" like our music , here is the same .  Copy the song its easy, creativity it's hard. About the cover of Iron Maiden "Powerslave", we took the song and make him like Arallu song. U can feel there the atmosphere of pure desert wind. That the main idea of creativity. Look overtime other side and other atmosphere. As the army comes to attacks he looks for the surprise the enemies and that exactly ARALLU are, we looking to surprise the listeners and create our own sound even though its a cover.

T: Are considered a band not mixing politics with music?

B: No, never, Arallu are  not a politic band .we don’t care who is leading our country  or who lead the government. We talk about the religions terror around the world. We talking against all who support the terror and it's not matter from where is coming. 

T: Salem is a band of the first to appear on the scene of the metal from Israel. Are you agree to that?

B: Salem are great friends of us. Salem is a really great band and Zeev the vocalist and Nir Nakav the drummer worked with us in the studio in first years and we spent a great time together. The first extreme metal band from Israel in by no doubt Salem and people all around the world know it.

T: You have had the opportunity to play with Behemoth, Mayhem, Enslaved, Marduk, Tribulation, and others. Which concert was the best and why?

B: Its  was a really pleasure to play with these bands. They are really professional and these band influence our music from the 90's. it's great to share the stage with monsters like that and I hope to keep doing it in the future.

T: Have done a Tour by Europe. Which have countries gone to play?

B: We travel and preform in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Turkey, I want to tell u that every place have is own atmospaher. We meat great people and great crowd. Leipzig in Germany was one of the best show on europe tour. We also preformed  in Czech republic at the "Metal Gate Czech death fest" and its was the best show of the band outside of our homeland. Everything was really professioanl we met there a great people and great audiance and i hope to play there again in the near future.

T: On the CD. Geniewar" you can hear Arabic instruments. To who came up with this mixture to do? Do you think that a most original band makes them? Or just are experiencing?

There are three bands that came from Israel and combine the Arabic feel and instruments in metal music, and I think everyone does it a bit differently. I strongly believe that Arallu is something that is unique.

T: Can you tell me some bands of Israel?

B: We are not really involved in the metal scene in Israel .We aim to be busy with our things and internal politics among the bands I'm in Israel I know a lot of bands and a very successful. There are Sinnery (thrash), Edellom (goth doom), Chugun(speed thrash) and many others great bands.

T: That plans and come?

B: we working now for our new album with full force and we waiting for info about east Europe tour and I hope we will book it.

T: Thank you very much for the interview. Something you want to say to our readers from The Legion Of TchorT? Where can I buy merchandise of the band?

B:Thank u for this great interview and we really hope to come see u personally and play for our fans in Peru.


Inge & Heinz (Germany)

Inge and Heinz (Germany)

Here it is mixed what is a matter to mix. Everything is thrown by Metal to hit in the Luckenwalder pot. Der Alte (bass, vocals), Pati Gorgoroth (guitar), Der Papst (keyboard), Mackse (performance Backing Vocals), Atze (Drums), Sandrachen (Backing Vocals, performance, equipment/costumes) and Mark Mosby (performance, greasepaint, wrong horns) celebrate uncompromising brutal-hard-schlager. A unique stage show with pyrotechnics and richly confetti, combined with doubtful songs and the typical Luckenwalder dialect proves a concert experience of the special kind. Nice and just crazy! If one may not miss! After one in 2013 with „Obst?!“ the first sound experience in the form of EP published, the album „Musik zum Möbel uffbauen follows in spring, 2016 now“. For this one could win as a guest musician Paul Bartzsch (We butter the Bread with butter), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Dying foetus, Six Feed Under) and Florian Arp (Feuerengel). Are curious! There something comes!!!

Necromorph (Germany)


Necromorph (Germany)

Necromorph was formed in august 1995 and that is 20 years extreme metal from Berlin. The acting line-up is forced from the brothers and foundation members: Fritz (Vox) & Jockel (bass).
By now NECROMORPH merge their drive at maximum speed with extremely grooving riffing and create an energetic mixture of Grindcore, Hardcore, Death and Black Metal slightly drifting into Progressive spheres. Yet, their intelligent song structures directly go to the bone without any convoluted bullshit.