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Sacrilegious Rite (Germany)

Sacrilegious Rite (Germany)

T: Who put Sacrilegious Rite and Why?

Sumnor Amdis (lead guitar): Sacrilegious Rite raised by E.I.M and myself in 2009 from the ashes from Capitis Damnare. We decided to change the musical direction at that time and experiment something more primitive.

T: I was listening to the 7 "Split EP"Sexual Blood Rites"shared with Ungod. The two songs nocturnal Blood and Consecration are a brutal Black metal. Do you think your in this regard and Which can tell us about this recording?

S.A: Those recordings are now pretty old and in my opinion they are not showing exactly how do we sound right now. We have actually re-arranged N.B.C with a more fitting approach.

T: Also released another 7 '' EP Split with Bestial Holucaust, as they contacted with them and who was the idea of doing this work?

S.A: This is also pretty far away now... We were in good contact with S.Sepulchr since many years, and we used to do split in our former band. Things came naturally and we enjoyed a lot the work with them. We are still in touch nowadays.

T: In this 7 '' Ep Split note is much work chart. Who do the work?

S.A: Our good friend Marcus Ludwig (Black Death Sign) did the artwork and some other from us, including our logo design.

T: In this 7 '' EP Split appear two themed Deathless and Starnation, I can count more than this recording? This split contains only one song called Deathless Starvation.

S.A: Between 2011 and 2014 we  had to struggle with the line-up. We could not record some material until 2015.

T: You considered a cult band?

S.A: Some of the band members are devoted to the left hand path and to the black arts. Most of us are convinced to Luciferianism.

T: Made a Tape "Black Curses of Death" 200 copies Deathstalker, crowned Rex Mortis (Morbid King of Devastation) and Remains of the deceased. In this production are with another drummer Sitrom Rogir. Affect on something the sound of Sacrilegious Rite?

S.A: Yes totally. As I said a bit before, we found a steady line up with the arrival of Sitrom Rogir. He was drumming in some black metal bands in France in the late 90's and he is definitely the drummer we needed to move forward.

T: Which bands are the influences of the music of Sacrilegious Rites?

S.A: We do like a lot the south american scene and the traditionnal scandinavian death metal scene. If I have to give some names to my influences for the tracks I composed, I would say Mortem (Peru), Sarcofago, Morbid Angel, Mayhem and Necrophobic.

T: Are you currently playing in concerts and with that band?

S.A: Yes we are appearing several times per year in Europe. Our last concert was at a festival in Switzerland (Forest Fest). We played among bands like Archgoat, Merrimack Ritualization and Betrayed.

T: How do The Legion Of TchorT fans can purchase their music.?

S.A: Most of our old releases, as well as our demo is already or almost sold out. For the rest you can get our material at Dominance of Darkness Records or Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Angelgoat (Serbia)

Angelgoat (Serbia)

The Angelgoat is summoned in early 2001 by Unholy Carnager in a small town called Vrbas in northern Serbia.  After 4 unlighted years in 2005. The selftitled demo is recorded. Demo consists 3 unholy psalms of True Satanic black metal! A year after a demo release in 2006. The "Angelgoat" demo is re-released on 3-way split CD with Sinah (UKR) and Charnel Valley (USA), for Dead Center Productions from Ukraine. In 2007 drummer Occultum Malleus from horde Catastrophy, and Sabbathorn on guitars for the live ritual, are recruited to the legion. Long awaited full-length album "U Slavu Satane" is recorded in March 2008 and unleashed in March 2009 on proTape for Strigoi Records from Poland. Angelgoat featured on compilations "Goat Worshippers" by Goat Kult Productions from Brazil, Astrum Argentum compilation released by Negra Nit Distro from Spain, "Satan's Cure For christianity" for Satanic Deathcult Productions from Denmark. In the fall of 2009 Angelgoat demo is respawned on tape with 2 live bonus tracks for Goat Kult Productions. After 7 years of silence, in 2015 ! The Angelgoat returns!

Spitfire (Germany)

Spitfire (Germany)

T: Why is the name of the band "Spitfire"?

Manuel: The name is origined by the "supermarine Spitfire" which was an Hunting Aircraft from England during the 2nd Worldwar. We were waching a ducumentary-movie about it and so we said "YES! Thats it!" Our first name was "Stormblade" Sady, we are not the only Metalband with this name. Check out the Greeks !!

T: What´s the current line-up of the band?

Manuel: Me at the Drums, Rico plays guitar and sings and Max replaces Michael (Dissident Agressor) on the Bass. Michael left the band in August for a 5-Year-Study in Moldavia.

T: I listened to your first EP. "Spitfire": great !! do you believe that you rescue the oldschool thrash/speed metal from the 80´s?

Manuel: Noooo I don´t think so. There are a lot of new "old" Bands in germany and Europe. That Movement is called "the new Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM. Ok, I think that we are part of it. But that doesn´t matter to us. We just do what we love. And this is Speed Metal!

T: What are your influrences? are you influrented by exodus?

Manuel: I think stuff like "bounded by blood" is an Influrence to all Bands in the Speed/Thrash Scene. Period. Just like "Kill em all" ... But there are Tons of good bands out there. Not only in Thrash/speed. NWOBHM, Classic Power Metal like Running Wild, True Metal and also Mr. Cash and all the good ol´ Rock´n Roll. All those who have the Spirit, that we all love so much. For Rico, it´s especially Motörhead. He is just the biggest Motörhead Fan that I know.

T: Which bands do you listen to? did those help you to play such powerful metal?

Manuel: Oh. That´s gonna be a 10-Pages-List. hahahaha!! Like I said before... We just play that what we love. Passion and Agression, Baby !!

T: The cover of the EP. reminds me a lot to "aces high" from iron maiden. what do you think?

Manuel: a little bit, Hahaha! We are all big Maiden fans. I drawed the cover. We just wanted to do something that belongs to our Song "Spitfire´s Down". So I started to catch some Inspirations and good Ideas.

T: You have released your EP. also on Tape via Urtod records. is that label still with you?

Manuel: That was just a deal for 100 Tapes. But Igor form Urtod is a friend of us. So we will see what the future will bring... We´re goint to release our First Full Lenght "Tectonical Power" which includes 9 new Songs and a new recorded Version of "Lead me to thew Sky" in late 2016. We´re already done with the recordings. You can get it on CD and Vinyl. And maybe on Tape...

T: What are your favourite drinks?

Manuel: Traditional German Beer, Jack/Jim with coke. Ah. And Coffee...a lot of Coffee..

T: Could the readers of The Legion of TchorT contact you to buy your stuff?

Manuel: Sure, hahahaha! What a question! You´re welcome to do that. You can get the EP on https://www.facebook.com/spitfirespeedmetal/ or on Amazon. Hurry up with the Shirts! There are only around 20 left. The new Stuff is all in progress. Shirts, Patches, Posters, Stickers and of Ocurse Vinyl (Limited to 500) and Cd´s.

T: Some final words?

Manuel: Thanks for interviewing me! Hails to all Headbangers from Peru! Rock out with your COCK out ! Hahahaha !