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Zornheym (Sweden)

Zornheym (Sweden)

Swedish extreme symphonic metallers ZORNHEYM have inked a deal with the Dutch label Non Serviam Records. The debut single, entitled "The Opposed" , will be released on the 19th of August through all digital platforms.

The single and the forth-coming album have been recorded and mastered by Sverker Widgren, a renowned veteran of sound engineering on the Scandinavian extreme metal scene (October Tide, Demonical, IXXI, Diabolical) with cover art created by the wildly talented photographer and designer Jens Rydén (Marduk, Thyrfing).

The single is part of Zornheym’s concept that revolves around the horrors of a mental institution and its inmates. Each song also has its own comic strip drawn by the amazing artist Anu Bring (Märvel, Evil-lÿn, Satan’s fall).

Symphonic Extreme Metal band based in Stockholm - founded and led by multi-instrumental mastermind and songwriter Zorn.
After parting ways with his former band Dark Funeral, he was determined to shake up the traditional Metal meets Symphony approach with his new band Zornheym.
Zornheym quickly grew from an ambitious idea into a dramatic musical and cinematic narrative revolving around the horrors of a mental institution and its prisoners.

Inspiration drawn from icons such as Dissection, DimmuBorgir and King Diamond is paired with real string orchestration and a powerful full choir. Every song on the debut album will have a visual accompaniment in the form of short graphic stories with further exploration of the themes as short films in place of the standard approach to music videos.

The line-up is completed by Facebreaker'sBendler on vocals, guitarist and musical arranger Scucca, and Diabolical drummer Angst. The debut album has been recorded at Wing Studios by SverkerWidgren, renowned veteran of sound engineering on the Scandinavian extreme metal scene (October Tide, Demonical, IXXI, Diabolical)

Zornheym- Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns
Vocals: Bendler(Facebreaker, tour/session vocalist for Scar Symmetry)
Leadguitars: Zorn (ex-Devian, ex-Dark Funeral, AktivDödshjälp)
Guitars: Scucca
Drums: Angst (Diabolical)
Bass: TBA

Eternal Wisdom (Germany)

Eternal Wisdom (Germany)

T: Why the name of Eternal Wisdom? Any special meaning?

EW: As I formed the Band I wrote the book “The Little Book of Eternal Wisdom” by the mystic Heinrich Suso. At this point I must make mention that I will chance the name to “Buried in a Womb” for the next album coming in 2017. There are some style changes, so I think it´s the best to work under a new banner.

T: Eternal Wisdom is a band from a single person (Johannes Tullner)
So complicated what do everything in a band?

EW: It´s absolutely great to run a one-man-band because it´s pure self-realization. Sure, the studio work is longer than in normal bands but for me it works and it is worth it.

T: The lyrics of your songs try to themes of cabbalism, hermeticism and theosophy. We can

EW: In the past I was very into the whole occult and theosophical stuff but in the meantime my interests have changed. The next album is more about existentialism and nihilism and this was the reason for the name change as well.  The lyrics of the next album are a story about a child which is living into an existential vacuum and suffer by deprivation.

T: Have been part of the band Thrash Metal Blooddawn burning even CD. "Metallic Warfare"
Why the band disintegrated?

EW: We disbanded at the wrong time. We released the debut album and signed a deal with the polish label Mad Lion Records. After that, we split up. But at this time the most members, me included, had no more pleasure to still running the band.

T: The debut of Eternal Wisdom was "... "Of Eternity". That such were the comments?
Then come his second CD". Meditation of the cleansing fire"as you did with this?
What can you tell us?

EW: The first two records were very melodious and strongly influenced by Naglfar, Sacramentum or Dissection. I think that both albums are cool records but it´s definitely not the best stuff I wrote.

T: Why do decide to change to a third CD with more death thrash metal influences?

EW: Primarily I´m a big fan of 80´s Thrash and 90´s Death Metal. As I said, the first two albums was solid records but the harsh aggression was missing. That was the reason to combine the Swedish melodic metal with Thrash and Death Metal. But I´m open minded for more different Influences. The next Album is influenced by crust core music for example. It sounds like Dissection meets Skitsystem.

T: The third CD. Does 'Pathei Mathos' influences that bands?

EW: I would say old Sepultura, old Pestilence and stuff like that.

T: That you can tell us about the issues of the CD. 'Pathei Mathos'?

EW: There are some copies left but the whole album is available as free download from the bandcamp page as well.

T: I read that they have released a new CD. Titled "In Infinitum" not what is heard, but I can say that style have?

EW: “In Infinitum” was the first album I wrote for Eternal Wisdom in 2006. I recorded a demo of “In Infinitum” but I never released it because the sound was terrible. I edited the recordings and re-recorded some parts. I released it in April this year. You could say it´s like the Goatlord album of Darkthrone. It was important for me to release that Album because it represents my beginnings.

T: Which are your favorite  bands from Germany olds and news?

EW: This is hard. I would say my favorite old German bands are Protector, S.D.I. or Assassin.
New Bands? Nothing! I´m stuck in the past.

T: Some final words for the readers of The Legion of TchorT Zine and Where our readers can buy their merchandise?

EW: Be prepared for Buried in a Womb (EX-ETERNAL WISDOM) and the new album which coming in 2017. For merch and free downloads visit www.otow.bandcamp.com

Heretical (Italy)


Heretical (Italy)

CD. “Daemonarchrist” Daemon Est Devs Inversvs. Originally known as Immolator and after 3 demos changing their name to Heretical they have been lurking and refining their darkcraft since 1993!!! This being the bands third full length once again shows how the oldmixed with the new can be such a brutal and destructive combination. This also is another perfect example of how symphonic black metal can be creative yet devastating. You will hear hints of mid era Marduk in some of the riffing how ever other then that the band has anapproach though not overly original is all their own as they incorporate their own does of occult sounds and ambiance that will bring to mind other Italian greats such as Evol (R.I.P.), Mortuary Drape, Necromass, Opera IX etc.... They even in corporate the old school gang thrash  vocals, some nice lead guitar work, as well as death metal influences!!! There is some violin and piano on a couple of tracks to add to the over all atmosphere to. A band that has resided for far to long in the deepest pits of the underground and mostly unknown until now will leave it's mark with this epic modern black metal master piece!!! 

Panychida (Czech Republic)


Panychida (Czech Republic)

CD. “Grief for Idol” Finally this release will see the light on the Western Hemisphere!!! With already 2 demos, 2 dvds, 1 ep, and 2 albums released the band has struck with their most professional and most complex work!!! The album features bagpipes, choirs, clean vocals, and even a guest appearance from V ganor [of HELHEIM/TAAKE]!!! With mixtures of raw melodic death metal to black 'n' roll all on one album this is the bands strongest and most focused song writing to date along with their most powerful production to really make the material hit hard!!!!..., Panychida easily stakes their claim for their own brand of Pagan/Black Metal!!!! NOT TO BE MISSED!!! This is a split release with Werewolf Productions And Cursed Records.