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EDITOR: Carlos Leo "TchorT"
CO-EDITOR: Ale "Egregor"

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Flukt (Norway)

Flukt (Norway)

T: Hello greetings, Where did the idea of forming a band come from?

Flukt: Hello! We started Flukt back in 2014, with a desire to perform old school Black Metal. We had previously played together in other metal bands.

T: The name of the band comes from where and why did they decide that it will be called that Flukt?

Flukt: We wanted a Norwegian name that was short and had a two-faced meaning behind it. Flukt is Norwegian for flee or escape.

T: What has been the response in the underground with the debut Cd. and Lp.  "Darkness Devour"?

Flukt: Actually we have only received pretty good reviews and response for “Darkness Devour”. Way beyond our expectations. 

T: Who made the cover like all the art and can you explain it?

Flukt: We had the ideas for the artwork, but it was made by Moonring art design. The concept reflects the lyrics and music. “Darkness devour” is not a concept album, but there is a red tread going through the whole record. The title says it all…

T: How did you contact Dusktone Records?

Flukt: We had heard about Dusktone and were familiar with a couple of bands on the label roster. So, when we were looking around for a label, we reached out to them.

T: The band has been a fundamental pillar of the world under, how do you feel that it has managed to influence bands that are just starting out?

Flukt: I don’t think we are fundamental in the underground. Not at all! We always try to have younger bands as support band when we do local gigs.

T: How have you seen the world metal scene today and what difference do you notice with it if we compare it 20 years ago?

Flukt: The “scene” is much bigger nowadays, but at the same time more watered out. We don’t pay too much attention to the whole metal scene. Still stuck in the 80s/90s.

T: Do you enjoy recording material that is comparable to playing live?  do you prefer one thing or both?

Flukt: We prefer performing live over recording.

T: How was your attitude when you learned about the declaration of the global pandemic?  did you affect the band?  Did it affect your life and the environment of the band?

Flukt: Of course the band was affected by the pandemic. We had to cancel some club gigs and a small European tour. But music is our hobby not our livelihood so we can’t complain too much about it. Luckily the pandemic seems to have run its course for now.

T: Did you ever think that the global pandemic situation would end the genre under or were you confident that it would remain and become more solid?

Flukt: The pandemic has given bands more time to create and record new music. And now when things seem to open up again, more people are interested in going to liveshows. There are often positive perspectives to neagative things to.

T: What opinion do you have about today's society and what is your position on the world scene under?  have they taken a correct path?  Is there more to go?

Flukt: We play black metal and that will always be underground. It is what we like to do. We are in it for the music, not money or anything else. 

T: Finally, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and if you Hy leave a message to your followers throughout Latin America and if you hope one day to know these lands?  greetings thank you.

Flukt: Thank you for the interview! Much appreciated! I hope we one day will be able to tour Latin America, looks really amazing.

Written in Blood (Netherlands)

Written in Blood ( Netherlands )
CD."Written in Blood"

Written in Blood the Dutch death metallers give us a fairly well-worked, solid and forceful sound, it also presents melodic sounds and of course they manage to amalgamate everything extreme with a melody that becomes such an exquisite and brutal sound at the same time. The self-titled album "Written in Blood" gives us nine songs, each one more brutal than the next one achieved in its gestation in December 2022, with a sound that I can recommend for all those lovers of the most classic sound of melodic death and great invoice when you manage to appreciate all this disc. If you are looking for some melodic death sound standard, here you will be able to find it and you will have added sounds as dark and abysmal as well as a misanthropy that is not disdained, making this whole album a sublime integral sound. Before I go I recommend songs like "Germánic" "Wilde Jacht" and "Return of the Ancient Gods" brutalities embodied in the audio of this great album recommended for deathlovers.

Enragement (Finland)

Enragement (Finland)

Now we are going to review the album by Enragement the remembered Finnish practitioners of a highly technical and highly experimental death metal. "Atrocities" an album consisting of twelve extremely brutal, incredible and brutally frontal songs as usual, this album was released in April 2022. This time I was able to appreciate how "Ojanne" has evolved in voice and guitar, each time taking a higher level, "Livanainen" in voice and guitar as well, "Heinonen also collaborating with the voice and standing out a lot with the bass, this surprised me because is fundamental in the sound of the album, and Sannikka the drummer with a monstrous level, they form this great and enormous formation that makes this album completely captivate you, you listen to it in a single jerk calmly because song after song you want more, I recommend it.

Enragement (Finland)
CD."Burned, Barren, Bloodstained"

Enragement This great band arrives from the capital of Finland, with a proposal based on death metal but with a lot of technique at times and in others with a lot of experimentation, a fairly condensed and dense sound that is super solid in terms of proposal. His album "Burned, Barren, Bloodstained" has 11 songs that go from the most frenetic to the most technical, making a very interesting sound that is really brutal and never tires you. This album that was made in June 2019 is a true piece for lovers of death metal that intertwines technique very well but without exaggerating. The voices never disappoint, sick and violent riffs at all times, frenetic percussion without any mercy and a sound that surrounds you from the moment you play the record, it has a characteristic that catches you, this band makes it extremely interesting since it doesn't It lets you change songs, it's a whole trip from coast to coast, recommended for those who love death metal but who aren't so basic but want something more from this great genre.

Running Wild Productions (Austria)

Running Wild Productions (Austria)
CD."RWP Hymn Running Wild Productions"

This great compilation became a great and happy project full of a lot of talent by Withdraw, and totally wonderful, remember that it was made in February 2022, all this was carried out in Austria. The great musician and with enormous talent (Witege) managed to follow a song to create many versions in specific 8 incredible songs, where each theme surpasses the next and makes the experience of listening to this compilation truly rewarding. Each song presents its own interpretation of the main theme, with new variations, different lyrics in their entirety, in musical and vocal style changing certain things. Remember that it is not only the same song played in different styles, but there are eight independent songs that share the same musical structure. They totally reflected the identity of this great label and the cover is a true and great tribute to that great song, and to that excellent album. - They managed to design a coat of arms that is totally in line with the style and is special for this great moment. It should be noted that all the instruments, lyrics, voices, performances were by (Witege) who produced this by himself in his home studio in Vienna Austria between February and August of the year 2022, it was mastered by Rainer Wild in that same month of August, he was also in charge of the concept, the models and the design of it. All illustrations were by RWP. Remember that in this compilation we can get all styles of metal as well as some related (Black, Crust, Death, Grindcore, Metal Core, Hard Core, NuMetal, Power, Punk Rock). Totally recommended for metal lovers in general, do not miss this material.

Infirmum (Finland)

Infirmum (Finland) 
CD."Walls Of Sorrow"

We return with Infirmum the Finnish band that manages to amalgamate dark and doom sounds very well through Death and add the darkest of other metal subgenres, a quite interesting band and one that I have followed closely since I discovered it. CD."Walls Of Sorrow" their album from February 2020 offers us ten incredible songs that you can enjoy one by one without wanting to move on to the next song, it's as if it were a story that is trapping you and from which you cannot free yourself easily. 
A quite deep album for more than 45 minutes of darkness and nostalgia as well as a lot of despair and all the melancholy that this album transmits to you is all that it manages to generate when listening to it. In all lines it is a fairly complete album that is oriented for all lovers of darker music beyond this album "Walls Of Sorrow" I recommend reviewing the entire discography of this band, as it will lead you to better understand this proposal that is quite an experience that you must live appreciating all the music that this band has managed to make since its inception, a must for specialists and recommended to those who want to experience more darkness in their free moments, I invite you to meet this great band.

Infirmum (Finland)
EP."The Great Unknown"

The Finns Infirmum give us an EP. full of Doom and Dark as well as a very dark sound that encloses you in a fog that never dissipates so I can characterize this dense and deep sound and this atmosphere that this band generates when listening to it. Logically, by the hand of its great musicians such as "Anna" in the melodic voice and "Taka" in the gutturals, they manage to transport themselves to these worlds that they manage to create with their music and lyrics so rich, very important in these musical proposals. There are only three songs that this EP."The Great Unknown" has, but they are more than enough for this band to leave its mark on you, “Timo”, “Joonas” and “Taka” on the strings of both guitar and The bass specifically leaves the melody and riff that freeze you transmitting all that repressed melancholy, as well as "Erna" on the keyboards is a fundamental pillar for the setting used by this band and "Elya" does the same on the Cello, an instrument that sometimes It becomes quite difficult to stand out in a metal band but here it was achieved by far and the final point of this breakdown of its sound and proposal is placed by "Lassyla" making the percussion enormous and brutal, just like a funeral march. I recommend this band if you want something beyond simple doom.

Spirits Way (Poland)

Spirits Way (Poland)
CD."Devoid Of Moralit"

Spirits Way is a band from Poland Warsaw formed in 2009 by a great guitarist / and excellent vocalist this same being leader of the group, Tomasz "Destroyer" Radzikowski, who works in the band officially since 2010. This band presents a sound influenced by classic death metal and oriented to classic bands of the genre. The lyrics talk about death, violence and perversion. CD."Devoid Of Moralit" is an album motivated by violence and darkness where we can appreciate nuances in its sound ranging from the sickest and most brutal, as well as the most violent of the genre. 8 musical plates that are real slabs that fall on the cement like heavy rocks, a selection of strings that although They are quite acute make you get deeply involved with the frontal sound they present, as well as a bass that crushes each note taking it to the most extreme, and a percussion that is quite complex that never lowers the speed and level of the extreme sound that this band presents. A very interesting project that I can recommend for all those followers of death metal and black metal that is often able to go beyond the classic, although here we get those influences, but the band despite this achieves a particular and very original sound.

Re-Armed (Finland)

Re-Armed (Finland)
CD."Ignis Aeternun"

Re-Armed It is a Finnish band dedicated to melodic death with many influences from well-known bands of the genre, especially from the great exponents, but which in turn gives us its quite original tone, never falling for copies. Let's remember that this band started at the beginning of the millennium and has had an extensive career within the world of extreme underground music. "Ignis Aeternum" is an album that was made in June 2020 and that was very well received by the public, ten quite powerful songs that are each supreme, strings that go to the extreme, percussion that impresses and never it is monotonous, and of course voices that leave everything on stage. "Liro" is a high point for the band since the drums are a fundamental point in this melodic and brutal sound, just as "Allan", "Oskari" and "Juhana" on the strings manage to devastate everything in their path, and a point end with "Jouni" that destroys the atmosphere with its brutal songs. If you like to experience underground bands but with great influences that are noticeable in their final sound, this band is for you. 

Hate Crime (Russia)

Hate Crime (Russia)
CD."Music About Death"

Saint Petersburg, Russia, there begins the story of Hate Crime with a very apocalyptic soundtrack, making a homogeneous mix between death and black and all their related, a chaotic and very tormented sound very much in line with the current world situation. CD."Music About Death" a plate in its entirety that takes you from sadness to rage you go through the melodic and extreme to the most shocking, never leaving aside a very particular and original sound, a quite renewed musical proposal and different from that of extreme cut bands. I have been pleasantly surprised by the records recorded in Russian studios, they have come a long way in terms of the quality of their work and it is noticeable on this formidable record. 7 huge quality tracks from Dead "Raven" to "1984" and the "purge" no waste on any of them. "DimaDima" does an excellent job in charge of vocals and guitars, I was surprised by his guttural range varies but that makes him fit in an excellent way in each composition of each song. "A.V." he is a true percussion demon making each song move further by taking it through very technical and brutal passages not only choosing the blast beat path but also making changes and playing with the snare and cymbals. "Pavel" makes all this sound have all the necessary energy and strength that the bass provides in each composition, giving a concrete base to the entire album, making it a super solid material in each note played. Although I did not know their music, it seemed super familiar to me and I quickly adjusted to the sound that you wanted to vomit in your ears as soon as you heard them and was very satisfied for being a valuable material that comes from these distant lands of northern Europe where the flame of metal underground sohue alive. Do not lose hearing them.

Shoot The Messiah (Netherlands)

Shoot The Messiah ( Netherlands )
CD."Kill All Gods"

Shoot the Messiah is born in Amersfoort, Utrecht performing an acid and powerful and quite cynical death thrash metal kicking you directly ass. Active since 2015 and influenced by the hatred, death, war and all the garbage that we can notice in their compositions, these Dutchmen come to position themselves strongly in the extreme scene under. His 2019 album "Kill All Gods" is a savagery savagery too brutal in sound and proposal. We can define this album almost recently recorded in 2019 as a great and powerful sound that surrounds you and makes you start this year with all the brutality it deserves. impressive voices and strident strings, as well as a drums that never faint with all the voracity that this style deserves, thrash and death metal merge into one to give us a real kick in the face to all their sound. This does not mean that the band has a particular sound and a great execution and quality both in compositions and the idea to be projected to the one who listens to the album. New and ambient sounds linked to all the extremes of the genre without losing the melody. The important thing is that this material remains to appreciate and enjoy, I recommend that if you never lower your foot off the accelerator is inevitable.

SLOOW (Austria)

SLOOW (Austria)
Lp. "Declaration Of War"

Sloow these Austrians come to the charge with a brutal proposal submerged in the old school of yesteryear and where we get very marked influences from all the death metal sound of their beginnings. "Declaration of War" is the brutal album that they present to us, ten incredible songs that are rising in tone and becoming more and more extreme, this great album was released in June 2022, it surprised me in strings which are impressive and quite brutal executed Masterfully, just like the guttural voices, very well worked incredible many times, we can observe a percussion that goes in a fundamental line in the aggressiveness that presents the general sound of the band. Three songs that I will highlight on this album "Emptiness", "Total Defense" and the imperial "Destroyer of Worlds" each raising the level of this impressive band. The old school sound is always highly appreciated and even more so when there are currently projects that keep alive that essence of the beginnings of this whole thing called extreme metal.

SLOOW (Austria)
LP. "Where is God"

Sloow Worthy for gore lovers but in its beginnings with some influences of old school death and obviously primitive sounds of metal that are still legendary and valid. "Where is God" album that came to the world in 2020 and presents us with a direct and concrete opposite rune without half measures, quite ideal for those lovers of old school extreme metal that never sold to the commercial sound.  I got hooked on songs like "Paradox" and "Dark Sun", true pieces that annihilate your brain and your understanding because they go through an astonishing virtuosity but at the same time without staining the brutality of the proposal, apart from "The Star" and "Forgotten" true hymns and odes to bestiality, don't get caught up in certain songs, try to listen to the complete album, there are 10 songs that these Austrians managed to achieve, who deserve to be given the opportunity to appreciate their proposal.