lunes, 1 de octubre de 2018

Inge & Heinz (Germany)

Inge and Heinz (Germany)

Here it is mixed what is a matter to mix. Everything is thrown by Metal to hit in the Luckenwalder pot. Der Alte (bass, vocals), Pati Gorgoroth (guitar), Der Papst (keyboard), Mackse (performance Backing Vocals), Atze (Drums), Sandrachen (Backing Vocals, performance, equipment/costumes) and Mark Mosby (performance, greasepaint, wrong horns) celebrate uncompromising brutal-hard-schlager. A unique stage show with pyrotechnics and richly confetti, combined with doubtful songs and the typical Luckenwalder dialect proves a concert experience of the special kind. Nice and just crazy! If one may not miss! After one in 2013 with „Obst?!“ the first sound experience in the form of EP published, the album „Musik zum Möbel uffbauen follows in spring, 2016 now“. For this one could win as a guest musician Paul Bartzsch (We butter the Bread with butter), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Dying foetus, Six Feed Under) and Florian Arp (Feuerengel). Are curious! There something comes!!!