lunes, 1 de octubre de 2018

Purgamentum (Germany)


Purgamentum (Germany)

T: What musical influences on the sound of Purgamentum?

P: The stuff we listened to the last decades. Darkthrone, Mayhem, Immortal, Dissection, Nocte Obducta, Taake and stuff like this. Also a lot of other dirt ... doom, thrash, rock, punk etc.

T: The band was formed in 2010. Why it takes it to burn a CD?

P: We took only the material, which was worthy to release in our opinion. We had a high level of quality, so It always needs time to fix and prepare the material, so everybody in the Band feels confident with it. I don't think that three years are a long time.

T: They chose a name for the band. Which was in Latin (Purgamentum n. Latin)?. Why they chose that name? Many Who are unaware of its history? It means waste or dirt. Also expiatory sacrifice or sin offering. And secretum, scum or mob. All things we feel like.

T: How do you describe the sound of Purgamentum?

P: Hard, cold, particular brutal and particular desponding.

T: In which bands have found their influences?

P: All in all the brutal and extreme part of metal. Look at the first question - Darkthrone, Mayhem, Immortal, Dissection, Nocte Obducta, Taake etc., also brutal and technical deathmetal, harsh and rough thrashmetal. Some doom stuff, especially funeral doom because of the athmosphere.

T: Listen to the CD. "Aschewelt" me is surprised by the sound. It is brutal. You can tell us about the songs? Who composed them and do to create the structure of a song?

P: We have different themes ... with "W.A.R." we march into the first world war, "Gier" is about the mighty darkness and its greed to possess all, "in das vergessen" deal with the time you die and you look back on your live,"memento mori" lyrics. "Erntemond" is about harvestmen and cradler reaping lives. "Aschewelt" shows the world after the breakdown of mankind. Most of the guitar riffs were composed by the guitarplayers, sometimes at home, sometimes during the rehearsel and were fixed as complete songs during the rehearsel by the band. Some title were completely composed and built during the rehearsel, too.

T: Tell me Why they make the decision to break down the band now? Maybe discrepancies between you? Or who remains in its projects in other bands?

P: Times and circumstances are changing. We had in the band always the problem with the rehearsels because of shift work of the members. some new problems joined the old ones. the singer joined an occupational retraining for a new job. I had the last years problems with tenosynovitis into the elbow and need a longer break. so we decided to split up because we can't go on with the quality we want. And with new members it is not PURGAMENTUM anymore.

T: Frank.What plans for future?

P: Playing in a band again ... but I don't know, when. There are still the problems with the tenosynovitis ...

T: Some words for the readers of The Legion of TchorT Zine and where you can buy your merchandise?

P: Stay heavy and dark and believe in yourself! And look out for the real stuff furthermore! Get in contact with us via facebook.

T: Thanks Frank for the opportunity it gives me to hear this musical gem that will be the first and the last.

P: Thanx a lot for your words and the questions.