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Sacrilegious Rite (Germany)

Sacrilegious Rite (Germany)

T: Who put Sacrilegious Rite and Why?

Sumnor Amdis (lead guitar): Sacrilegious Rite raised by E.I.M and myself in 2009 from the ashes from Capitis Damnare. We decided to change the musical direction at that time and experiment something more primitive.

T: I was listening to the 7 "Split EP"Sexual Blood Rites"shared with Ungod. The two songs nocturnal Blood and Consecration are a brutal Black metal. Do you think your in this regard and Which can tell us about this recording?

S.A: Those recordings are now pretty old and in my opinion they are not showing exactly how do we sound right now. We have actually re-arranged N.B.C with a more fitting approach.

T: Also released another 7 '' EP Split with Bestial Holucaust, as they contacted with them and who was the idea of doing this work?

S.A: This is also pretty far away now... We were in good contact with S.Sepulchr since many years, and we used to do split in our former band. Things came naturally and we enjoyed a lot the work with them. We are still in touch nowadays.

T: In this 7 '' Ep Split note is much work chart. Who do the work?

S.A: Our good friend Marcus Ludwig (Black Death Sign) did the artwork and some other from us, including our logo design.

T: In this 7 '' EP Split appear two themed Deathless and Starnation, I can count more than this recording? This split contains only one song called Deathless Starvation.

S.A: Between 2011 and 2014 we  had to struggle with the line-up. We could not record some material until 2015.

T: You considered a cult band?

S.A: Some of the band members are devoted to the left hand path and to the black arts. Most of us are convinced to Luciferianism.

T: Made a Tape "Black Curses of Death" 200 copies Deathstalker, crowned Rex Mortis (Morbid King of Devastation) and Remains of the deceased. In this production are with another drummer Sitrom Rogir. Affect on something the sound of Sacrilegious Rite?

S.A: Yes totally. As I said a bit before, we found a steady line up with the arrival of Sitrom Rogir. He was drumming in some black metal bands in France in the late 90's and he is definitely the drummer we needed to move forward.

T: Which bands are the influences of the music of Sacrilegious Rites?

S.A: We do like a lot the south american scene and the traditionnal scandinavian death metal scene. If I have to give some names to my influences for the tracks I composed, I would say Mortem (Peru), Sarcofago, Morbid Angel, Mayhem and Necrophobic.

T: Are you currently playing in concerts and with that band?

S.A: Yes we are appearing several times per year in Europe. Our last concert was at a festival in Switzerland (Forest Fest). We played among bands like Archgoat, Merrimack Ritualization and Betrayed.

T: How do The Legion Of TchorT fans can purchase their music.?

S.A: Most of our old releases, as well as our demo is already or almost sold out. For the rest you can get our material at Dominance of Darkness Records or Dunkelheit Produktionen.