miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Nathorg (Iran)


T: The music we call it ‘brutal black metal’? the sound is really good.

Gaztus: Our genre is extreme metal and we’re trying not following any special genre.
T: Why choose a Nathorg name? any special meanings?

Gaztus: Nathorg is the name of a land that we created because we wanted to be different from ordinary people and be something unique.
T: What bands that inspired you to create the music of Nathorg?

Gaztus: We like some bands like Gorgoroth and Belphegor but didn’t try to get any afflatus to make our songs.
T: All your songs are last about seven minutes of pure hell.  Can you describe each songs on this record? I really like the theme of  “Sadistic God”.

Gaztus: We can’t explain our songs one by one here. but its all about fighting with religions and the dirty world which humans created.
T:  The cover of the CD ‘Beyond the Gates’ of Nathorg is awesome, trying to express with it?

Gaztus: Our cover album is about the Nathorg land and we tried to show a little of it.
T: Your cover song of the gods Mayhem "Freezing Moon" is close to the original that and it is awesome. Why deciding to make a tribute to Mayhem? And what era of the band Mayhem do you like more?

Gaztus: We really do like the old mayhem and wanted to tender this to the Euronymous (Godfather of  black metal)
T: Is it difficult to have a black metal band in Iran?

Gaztus: This is so unbelievable for those people who live outside of Iran and every thing about metal is forbidden in Iran and even it’ll cause punishment.
T: Which bands from other countries that would like to share the stage?

Gaztus: Belphegor, Gorgoroth and Watain for sure.
T: How do you run a live concert in Iran and what is your recommendation for the other bands in your country?

Gaztus: In Iran live concerts will not run apart from some restricted and underground but usually it is revealed and the police will arrest them.
T: You have had much help from the outside and Unmerciful Death Prod. and some other to disseminate your material. Tell me more please?

Gaztus: Our label is Mordgrimm but Unmerciful Death Productions helped to distribute it in the north and south of America and we’re so thankful of it.
T: Your last words for our readers of The Legion Of TchorT Zine?

Gaztus: We’re so thankful from you and all those people who are supporting us.