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Succubus (Germany)

T: Why the name Succubus? There is some history to choose the name?

M: Hi! TheLegion Of TchorT Zine!
No, there is not a great story about our band name "SUCCUBUS". The name is simply endstanden, then we have the "Massacre" album "From Beyond" with the song "SUCCUBUS" listened and took the title with his background (Demon woman who abuses the men to create new demons) times simply cool and the rest is history.

T: Do you currently have 2 Demos, 2Cds, 1 EP, 1 split and 1 DVD can you tell us more about them?  
In that label was made​​? That style of each production?
M: The demo tape "The Night Fall's" 1994 (Death Metal) The EP "The Night Melodies" 2000 (Black Metal) The album "The Damned Voices Choir 2002 (Death / Black Metal) The EP "Out Of The Abyss" 2005 (Death Metal) The DVD "The Black Seeds Of Succubi" 2007 10's Band The Digi CD "Eclipse Of Subterra" 2010 (Death / Black Metal) The split LP "The Source Of The Blood Dominion" 2012 And all in-house production on a high standard sound.

T: The band has gone through many line-up changes that have influenced the sound of each production?

M: So we had quite a few Line-up wechsel in our 21 year old Career but the typical Succubus sound has always remained, it is only recognizes the different vocalists on the recordings. But in terms of our line-up are singer 2005 is stable.

T: Do you make a DVD commemorating 10 years of Succubus? Can you tell us more about this DVD?

M: Yes, our DVD is a 10 year band biography with many impressions front of and behind the stage or in the studio as there such a thing with us, there is a lot to laugh (smile). More over, even a complete live recording, a great photo - Own gallery and video clips.

T: Tell us how it goes? Sales and comments from the CD “Eclipse of Subterra”?

M: "Eclipse Of Subterra": Legacy 13/15 points, Rock Hard 12/15 Points, Metal Guardian 10/10 points, Fatal Underground and many more.

T: His style on this CD “Eclipse of Subterra” is very death  and black metal? What bands do you think influenced the ideas of dreaming it?

M: We are five band members and everyone listens to his favorite music e.g. Asphyx, At the Gates, In Flames, Entombed, Amon Amarth, Dismember, Gates Of Ishtar, Edge Of Sanity, Gorefest etc. We came late '80 early '90 with death and black metal in contact and love this music and therefore play also (Melodic Death / Black Metal Style)

T: Who is it that handles CD “Eclipse of Subterra” art? What are trying to represent? Let me tell you are as good as the music.

M: We represent with "Eclipse Of Subterra" the good old melodic Death / Black Metal in our case quote: "SUCCUBUS" plays Gothenburg style (a town in Sweden).

T:  What will your new CD? Can you tell us something? And they keep the style?

M: Now the new CD is being "Back to the Roots" So harder, faster but even catchier than its predecessor, but it will in any case 100% after "SUCCUBUS" sound.

T: What old school bands like from Germany?

M: We focus on very old Sweden bands like "Edge Of Sanity" or "Hyprocrisy" always a nice mix of melody and brutality.

T: What about concerts? How to remember bands have shared the stage?

M: Yes, Concerts, we have already made quite a few, in 21 years with many in Germany and the surrounding countries including: Burning Steel, Harmony Dies, apnea, Necromorph, Manos, Orth, Golem, Postmortem, Shrike, Spawn, Sinners Bleed, Brutal Thruth, Fleshgrind, Purgatory, Resurrected, Souls Demise, Riger, Debauchery, Necrophagist, Maggots, Grinding Cocks, Dew-Scented, Legion Of The Damned,Sodom, Asphyx and many more ...

T: Where our readers of The Legion Of Tchort Zine & Compilation can purchase your merchandise? Some words for The Legion Of Tchort Zine & Compilation and our readers?

M: Metal Will Never Die Over The World!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
We will send you a big promo package that TchorT under his, your readers can then give away. Greetings from Germany Marek of "SUCCUBUS" Like our band Page:

T: Thanks to you Marek for your great support to The Legion Of  TchorT Zine & Compilation. \m/ We are Legion Now \m/