miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Upon Shadows (Uruguay)

Upon Shadows - 7 Chapters (Shadows of Despair and Other Entities)

This is the second full length album from the female dark metal band Upon Shadows that comes from Uruguay called "7 Chapters (Shadows of Despair and Other Entities)" and includes 7 tracks. And I can also tell that if you are into gothic this is also a band to check up for sure. First up is "Cold steel & concrete" that is a truly collection of beautiful melodies combined together with a raw melody of black metal with both faster and slower parts.The album starts very nice and dark and this is also just the start of it. Second track "Breaking path to resignation" is very likely the first track with piano playing and then I also must say a very well played that suits perfect with the raw guitar and vocals. Next track "Our Sadness" is a totally masterpiece in my opinion, a perfect combine of raw black metal and some gothic elements. If you dont like the other tracks you cannot resist this one. Fourth one "Spiritual Submission" is much like the one before, also a brilliant song and I also shall add that Upon Shadows is very classical somehow in their composing, if a band could be called new and modern classic dark/gothic metal, this band would suits that labelling perfect. And there is not many other bands out there that have this sound. Fifth one "The way to the Pleiades" is cool one that starts up much like many fashion likely metal bands of today (nu metal), but there you got it wrong, just after a little more than a minute the typical sound of Upon Shadows returns and that is good, but I must say that I personally enjoy the tracks on this album more and more after every listening. It is absolutely not enough to have just one short Iistening to it I can assure you. Next to go is "Alchemy of Suffering that is the sixth one, starts up slow and mysterious and goes over to a very symphonical part that feels right into my bones. This one is damn great I must say and feels a bit depressive too in sound, but without to call it depressive metal. The band combines so many cool rhythms, musical elements in their music that you cannot really unlike this dark art. Last track up is the "Tragic Prelude" that is quite long one, but not at all repetitive as they do it so good (much shifting). Sometimes you gets the vibes of bands like Katatonia, Nocra, Sirannon, Tiamat, Asbel and even bands like old Blut aus Nord & Sol Evil to mention some that this reminds of "sometimes". The band does it their own way so do not forgetting that. This album comes in a very nice cool special packing with a double digi pack looking style and with 12 pages booklet. This is a very professionally made CD with a real awesome done cover art with it that makes this cd a very special place in my record collection. And some of the tracks that I thinks is more stronger than the others is number two, three, four and number six. So to say my special favorite songs I guess. My last words is that this is a truly recommended album that I believe many will feel satisfying and full of pure melodic darkness. Hails!