miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Unmerciful Death Productions (Usa)

T: When and why did you create Unmerciful Death Productions?

R: I started the label in 2010. The purpose in creating the label came from searching for good bands from around the world. I decided to start a label to help bands that I came across to get cds produced and to import in a broader range of metal into the USA.

T: I see that you always note which countries the bands come from on your webpage.

R: Yes that is a priority for me. I want people to know where the music comes from. I have always found it interesting to find bands from different countries. I like the unique local flavor of music that comes from different regions.

T: Is Unmerciful Death Productions always going to be defined as a black metal label?

R: For the most part, yes. I prefer the black metal sound, imagery, and vibe. I think it is fair to only release bands that compliment the other bands on the label.

T: When did you start to work with the band Sirannon of Turkey? What other black metal bands in Turkey feature women that you've heard?

R: I started to work with Sirannon in 2010. Unmerciful Death Productions will be putting out the second Sirannon release in 2013. I've heard music from Serpenta also as well as Ilkim Oulanem. Serpenta features the bassist from Sirannon and is a unique metal project. Ilkim Oulanem did a few great black metal songs and then went in a different direction.
T: Rod, how were the sales and distribution of the brutal black metal band Sirannon?

R: Sales are slow but most of the underground label sales are slow right now. I did some trading at first to get the band and the label material spread out. I have slowed up on any trading. Because I was getting second rate material. Now I'm very selective on trades.

T: You have already heard the praise for Temple of the Maggot's first album. Did that influence your decision to  produce the second CD? The members are from Mongolia and for personal reasons live in countries like Spain and Greece. Did you know that?

R: Yes the praise was an influence, as well as I really like the band. Temple of the Maggot has a sound all their own.  That remarkable sound is the main reason for putting out Black Mass Apocalypse. Yes I was aware of their relocation to various countries but I still consider them a Mongolian band.

T: Did you know that before releasing their first album Temple of the Maggot appeared with a theme in The Legion of TchorT Compilation 6 with the song "Pile of Corpses"?

R: Yes. I got my copies of The Legion of TchorT Compilations from Satanic Tony from Salute Records.

T: Is Unmerciful Death Productions joining other labels to produce and distribute albums?

R: I have not helped another label produce an album yet.  UDP is distributing Nathorg which is a Mordgrimm release. UDP is the distributor for North and South America for Beyond the Gates of Nathorg.
T: Listening to Nathorg, I think they're very good. In the country of Iran (Persian) there is a brutal and excellent black metal. How did you reach them? I had the opportunity to promote another great Persian band, Vaspooher. The Legion Of Tchort Compilation 12.

R: I got an email from Nathorg. I listened to the samples sent to me and thought the band was incredible.  I tried to sign the band but there were issues in doing so because of political nonsense between Iran and the USA.  They signed with Mordgrimm and I kept in touch with the band. To help promote here in the USA. I need to check out Vaspooher.

T: Tell me how it goes with the worldwide promotion of Nathorg?

R: I promote Nathorg as if it were a UDP band. I use promo cards with all my mailings, feature them on the webpage, and emails out to other labels.

T: Another band you've released under your label is Aasgard's - "Morbid Celestial Desecration" from Greece. Tell me more.

R: It is a 12" vinyl release. I like this band for their straightforward raw and mean sound. It's no frills pure black metal. It has been a trial to get the record manufactured. Vinyl manufacturing takes a long time compared to cds.

T:  Unmerciful Death Productions  will soon be releasing  Nachtlieder from Sweden. Tell me what we can anticipate for new bands on the label.

R: Nachtlieder is simply a great album that can be sampled on the webpage at http://www.unmercifuldeath.com  As for upcoming bands, we will be putting out:
Briargh- Vn Antigvo Trono Olvidado on vinyl
Lucifuego on vinyl and cd
Lycanthrophy- Hannibal Ante Portas
Conrad (black metal from Barbados)
Sad- Enlightened by Darkness on vinyl

T:  What are your last words for the readers of The Legion of TchorT Zine and where can we get your releases?

R: You can get my releases from my webpage at http://www.unmercifuldeath.com Last words, bands from around the world are worth checking out.