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Maggots (Germany)


T: Hi Majo!! Why the name of Maggots And when the band created? It has made ​​some changes in members since the appearance of the first CD?

G: The first time I read the  word “Maggots” in lyrics of carnivore’s retaliation. I was very interested in lyrics of bands like Venom, Celtic Frost and other. Sometimes I thought maggots is the right name for the band. On the first CD the band played with a second guitar player called
lille. He was a cool guy but he leave the band in the next few weeks. Long time we jammed in a
Classical line-up vocals, bass, guitar and drums. Since the day we welcomed a new second guitarist in the band. It is Olli the youngest member and he enriches the music  of us. It’s really fun to play with him. 

T: How about the spread of "Demontorium"?

G: Demontorium is a cool release we’re very proud of it. It’s the first CD we recorded as a band
for separate musicians. The music at the first part is influenced by black metal of their first
Time. The second part is a death metal thunder from Maggots as known.

T:  The CD "Demontorium" have known songs as well as new songs. Can you tell us more about this CD. ?

G: Our new release “Demontorium” contents new songs and songs of the past that’s right.The new songs are as a experiment in which we try  to combine the Black Metal style of the 90’ with our Brutal Metal style. We think it is succeeded. The old material was recorded again because our second guitarist gives it a personal note. When you hear the old songs and check against each other you can hear some differences between the songs. Now the songs embed in our current style.

T: No doubt Maggots Brutal Death Metal makes. What bands do you think influenced his style so brutal?

G:There’s a lot of bands I like very well and the guys too.But I think the brutality in our music is not influenced by other bands.It is the way we use our instruments and we understand our music as most aggressive.There is like magic between us when we play together.

T: How about going to them Split Vinyl with Succubus band?

G: The guys of Succubus are friends of us a long time ago. We banging some stage together and some party with ‘em. I don’t know who was the brain behind the idea. Someone we want to realised it and we made it.

T: They are happy with the work with Lycaner Records?

G: Yes it is ok.

T: Developed finding stuff in style in his brutal Death Metal. Rehearse many hours a week to ensure perfection in his songs?

G: We’re a band of fore, we meet one day a week to jam. Our session is about 3-4 h. Our aspiration is to carry on to the ends of days.

T: They have served 20 years with Maggots. Eventually believe the band has evolved and changed the sound? They made a special presentation for the 20 years?

M: Yes the sound and quality have itself in runs (walks) of the years, nevertheless, strongly changed. If the influence was influenced at the beginning (1994) still by the Thrash, we developed in runs (walks) to the time on and on to the Death Metal.
To the jubilee there was a concert with the Protzen Open Air with a small fire show and naked flesh. The show arrived safely (went down well) very much.

T: I like the lyrics of the song "Burn your Church." It is perhaps a call to follow the Legion of Maggots?

G: Thank you! I like the lyrics too and I scream out when I play this. When you catch it as a call than spread it to the masses and it could be a call to follow our legions yes it could!

T: The cover art to put to Split with Succubus stay great. Especially the title. This was an independent realization? How many copies made ​​of vinyl and as they have done with the distribution?

M: Both covers for the Split have originated seperat. Ours sits down from 2 pictures together a friend the volume took photos for the vinyl version. 300 were made copies and were sent to different labels and mail order. Primarily (Chiefly) the Splits on concerts are sold.

T: What bands do you admire old school Metal German?

M: Morgoth are wonderful (magnificent), however, also Sodom not to forget Kreator and Destruction... Tankard, however, also Purgatory.

T: Maggots has performed many gigs? With bands like to share the stage?

M: Unfortunately,  these are no more than 5-6 gigs in the year.....
We have played with Master, Asphyx, Goddes of Desiere, Demonical and the German Underground and we always had one mixes joke before and behind the stage.

T: Majo Thank you very much for supporting the interview. Something you want to add aThe Legion of Tchort Zine? And can you tell our readers where they can get their merchandise of Maggots?

M: We thank for the interest. A homepage with shop is in work.
Otherwise all articles (items) about can be ordered (appointed) rottinghead@web.de
M= Majo
G= Gunna
So I hope I have properly understood everything and have answered. One share of the questions Gunnar (bass / Voc) has answered. Greeting Majo.