jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Anachronaeon (Sweden)

T: Why Anachronaeon? which means?

P: It's a combination of the words "anachronism" and "aeon", combined they stand for everything that is wrong with the times in which we live. With all the knowledge we have, mankind still has not evolved further than this. Still religion entraps millions of people, people get fatter and fatter even though they are more informed of nutrition than ever, and we still treat each other like shit, there's always a war going on somewhere on the planet and cash is king. The best of worlds? I don't think so.

T: The CD. "The Futile Quest for Immortality" is very time-creation process many different years for the lyrics and music, then mixing some explanation?

P: Yeah, that's a easy one to explain, since some of the songs I had written a few years ago... with a little tweaking and re-arrangements they fit Anachronaeon perfectly. Some of the lyrics were complete as well, and some needed total rewrite.

T: The cover of the CD. "The Futile Quest for Immortality" which represents?

P: It is a visual of the opening track, about the parallel between medieval tyrant rulers and corporate vice presidents. It's all about how many you run over to achieve your goals, but in the end nothing lasts forever. Once the sun dies down everything mankind has created is meaningless. Who knows how many civilizations that has risen and then fallen into oblivion through the existence of the universe? Mankind is but a drip in the ocean of eternity.

T: In the CD. "The Futile Quest for Immortality" songs have created over the years of your previous works such as the CD. "As the Last Human Spot in Me Dies" and CD. "The New Dawn" why not go in them?

P: Because the songs did not fit those other albums. "As the last human spot in me dies" was written in a sweep, as well as "The New Dawn", so it's as simple as that.

T: Anachronaeon is a studio band, you play the guitar, bass and voice bundles, Andreas is the drummer, perhaps in the future to invite members of other bands to record and maybe to play live?

P: As of now we don't even have a rehearsal place. We record in what we call "The Anachronaeon Lair", a regular room. We couldn't even fit one more person in there hehe. We are talking about maybe getting a real rehearsal place, and if the right persons pop up, who knows? Maybe. In the creative process though, we have no need for another person or will. We know exactly in what direction Anachronaeon is heading, so for creative reasons we don't need another person.

T: What it is like working with Stygyan Crypt Productions? supports the dissemination of material?

P: Stygian Crypt and Andrew are stable. No fuss, he always keeps his word and answer any stupid question I throw at him. I think we have a working relation business-wise, and he's always liked what we do. The only minus I have about Stygian is that they have kind of a small budget, so everything takes time. But really, we are in no rush with anything, so...

T: Are you preparing new material? We can advance some comment?

P: We are recording the follow up to the soon-to-be-released "The Ethereal Throne", which will be entitled "The Oracle and the Keyholder"... it's about aging and death with a psychological angle of course, Anachronaeon style. It is a little more ethereal if I have to use a word to describe it, with small influences of Nevermore and Alcest in some parts, mangled through the Anachronaeon filter. I am very pleased to what we have done so far. Andreas drumming is more playful compared to previous releases as well.

T: If you had the choice between your two bands Eyecult and Anachronaeon what would be your priority?

P: Anachronaeon without a doubt. I can do anything there. Eyecult is more like shutting yourself in a little box, and follow tradition in a sense creatively. It's more limited, but still cool to play of course.

T: Sweden is talking about hundreds of death metal bands and still preserved the scene there?

P: Yeah, there's always something new coming along. New bands are born everyday, it's hard to keep up, but then again I'm not 18 anymore haha!

T: What are your favorite bands and that kind of music you listen to usually?

P: I'm going through waves, and it's constantly changing. In the winter I listen more to black metal than anything. In the autumn I go more for the atmospheric melodic. Right now I listen to Anachronaeon - The Ethereal Throne, Warrel Dane's solo album, Nevermore, Alcest, Death, Decrepit Birth, Dream Theater, Therion and such.

T: If you had the opportunity to join your band with session musicians for a concert with bands that you would like to play?

P: Yeah, like I said, if the timing is right, sure! I like to play live, but I need to be
really well prepared.

T: Anything else you want to add to The Legion Of Tchort? where we can get your merchandise?

P: Thanks for the interview man, and thanks for the support, and all of you guys reading this - check us out! You wanna get merch? Enter http://www.anachronaeon.com and click the button "Look better with Anachronaeon". Or you join our facebook-page which has a spreadshirt shop integrated there.