miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Netherion (Syria)

Netherion – Sphere of Terror

Here we have a real surprise release from Damascus in Syria, Netherion have done some demos earlier, but is nothing that you can compare to this new "Sphere Of Terror" album so here we go now :) First out is an intro track "Into the Decay" that is really a good one with lots of power and with a great rhytm. Second track "Chains Of Slavery" is a real blasting one with a great drumming and it has a perfect combination of both earlier death metal and also some black thrash in it. It reminds me a lot of bands like early Morbid Angel, Melechesh, Mystic Circle, Al-Namrood and Cannibal Corpse. The track has a real nice female vocalist in it too, hmmm wished it maybe have been more of it in the song, but the track is anyway a real heavy and damn good one if not perfect! Third one up "Words Of Perdition" starts up with some heavy riff that is a bit like the one before, but this one is more gore/grind sounded especially when it comes to the vocal parts in it that is so awesome, likes it a lot, really enjoys Netherion´s perfect switches between raw growling death metal and almost screaming vocals like in some black metal. The fourth one called "Mutilate the Ignorance" is not much to say about just that I after hearing so far on the album gets really much vibes from Behemoth, Death & Obituary here and there in the music that makes it so raw and hard. The albums title track "Sphere Of Terror" starts up with great melodies and here like in all the other tracks you can also hear a lot of oriental melodies that together with the raw, hard and fast drumming and the heavy guitars gives a perfect dark atmosphere :) Still I think that the second track is the best, but this one is around the second best one so far. so go to the next one "Breeding Paralysis" that is number six on the album comes out with a slow, short but beautiful melody that goes fast over to their raw fast playing combined with hard knocking grunts and screaming that makes it so brilliant. A perfect symphony of pure darkness and rawness absolutely. "Catastrophic Reality" starts also slow first and with some nice guitar playing that turns over to heavy drumming and heavy riffs. Track is a bit more experimental than the others, but still so great and has a real dark atmospherical middle part that I liked a lot. Loves their oriental touch they got in the music, not so many bands does it so good, but Netherion is really good on it I must say. and if I would compare the guitarists with more known ones I really feels a bit dragged to the well known man Yngwie, but with death metal melodies in it, hehe Enough with that, track number eight "Dogmatic Separation" starts up with some thrashy guitars that has also the great oriental touch combined with good played death. Track nine "New Dimension" is an instrumental one, but here you can really hear the great musicians do it. And without any doubts they are good on it. "Legion Of Redemption" is the next one, great and a totally awesome track that I also like a lot, one of the better ones too on this album. The solo guitars is just so great, loves their sound on it too, suits so good with the hard music the plays. Last track up is "Kill With Hate" that starts slow and melodical, but dont you think it is some soft music. After about 30 seconds a heavy and thrashy blackened guitars starts pumping and the track is on. The track ends with a dark, but nice melody played on piano that is a perfect ending for a real great album of this year. Also must add that it now reminds me much of Morbid Angel, Behemoth and even a bit of the brazilian death/thrashers in Chaos Synopsis too that is also a band that I likes a lot. Some last words about this awesome band from syria that is also pretty new for myself, they has some real great melodies combined with raw and heavy grunting death metal and on that a brilliant oriental touch that makes this very special and unique. And for those who did missed it, I can recommend this album/band for those who likes early Morbid Angel, Melechesh, Mystic Circle, Chaos Synopsis, Al-Namrood, Obituary, Death and Cannibal Corpse. And the album has some great tracks that I likes more than others of course, but to be more fair in this I think the whole album gets better every time I hears it and it is wrong to say that just one or two tracks is better than the others. This is really worth a whole listen and the sound quality is good too in my opinion as I have seen some bad complaints on it earlier, but if you maybe are a fashion metal kid/person that prefer money metal you would not like this undergound band. The underground is for the real musical metal lovers \m/ The album is also all free to download so why the hell complain then? Hails and salutes to the real stuff!