miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Evil Force (Paraguay)


Evil Force  (Paraguay)

Evil Force (Ancient Spores/Headbanger Force Productions)
Here we got the debut album from the thrashers Evil Force from the land of Paraguay. Honestly have I not heard so much of this band before except for an old split with them and an old demo. But this release I really felt I needed to check out for real. And it was not a bad idea at all, hehe. First track that is the title one starts up damn good, melodic, but with a raw thrashy feeling. But second track "Speed metal evil" is one hell of a track that you should not miss, got fast playing riffs that make me think of some bands from late 80´s. Third track is one of my absolute favorites "Unleash your fury". Fourth track is almost same good as the others, but also a instrumental song can be found on this excellent album "The Rise of Enki" that got a really nice solo in it, but is a little slower, melodical. The whole damn album is really good and is really worth to have in your own collection and specially for all those who love the classic old Bay Area thrash sound, but also the newer one that especially latin america stands for the most good and respective bands and names of today. Whole South America got lot of promising bands ;) This is truly a good debut one!!