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Tacit Fury (Russia)


Tacit Fury (Russia)

T: Why the name Tacit Fury for the band?

TF: “Tacit Fury” is a history. History of Russian metal scene and our life. In the past meaning of that name was something like “sullen, spiteful, depressive fury” and now it’s more like “raging, inexorable, straining forward and tearing to pieces without any word rage”. We changed, our music changed. So, the meaning of the band name changed too.

T: When the band formed?

TF: In 2008 the leader of Tacit Fury, Enoth, decided to disband the band and moved to Moscow from Volgograd.
Whilst in Moscow, Enoth played with a number of other bands until late in 2010, when he decided to revive the Tacit Fury name and set about scouring the local area in Moscow for like-minded musicians. After an extensive search, Enoth settled on bass player German, and drummer Imidazo to complete the new line up whilst still retaining the old name.

T: Your genre is death metal. Which bands are your influences in this style?

TF: We like groovy death metal with influences from Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Lamb Of God.

T: Why they changed their style? And in what CD. this happens?

TF: In 2010, “Tacit Fury” has reformed because Enoth and the rest of the band wanted to play more brutal music, absolutely not similar to the one played before. You can hear the difference since the “Horrors from Depth” in 2012. From here the new story of Tacit Fury begins.
(However, we have decided to use the old name of the band because we like it.)

T: His first production was a demo "Voice of Prophecy" What do you remember of that time?

TF: It was very quick time. We write some songs and just record it. That’s all.

T: Can you tell more about your previous CDS. "Imaginary Suffering", "The invented pain" and "Horrors from Depth"?

TF: "Imaginary Suffering" and "The invented pain" –  it’s a sort of class  Sympho Doom/Death Metal. But "Horrors from Depth" is a transition album from the mix of Doom and Death to pure Death Metal brutality.

T: Your CD. "A Social Berserker" is his fourth CD. On what topics treated? How the topics were worked? How many copies were made?

TF: We just want to record our new ideas and that's how it turned out. There was no special topics or something… We had a new cool songs and we wanted to let them out into the world. So we worked very hard in the famous Polish “Hertz Recording studio”, I hope you liked the final product.

T: I was working too much at the CD art. "A Social Berserker"? Always his work has been so artistic?

TF: If you talk about an artist of our CD art, then we would like to say that he is a true professional and his work is simply gorgeous.

TF: T: Why you chose the cover Metallica - Creeping Death ?
Simply because we love this song. That’s why.

T: What bands influenced the members of the band? Perhaps some Cannibal Corpse?

TF: All band members of Tacit Fury listen to different music. But we have a common favorite bands like  Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Behemoth, Slayer, Sepultura, Lamb Of God and more.

T: Some words for The Legion Of TchorT Zine? Can you tell our readers where they can write to acquire Cd.?

TF: Stay metal guys! \m/ You can listen our music and get the new CD on our Bandcamp page.