miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Fördärv (Sweden)

Fördärv  (Sweden)

Fördärv (Between the Eternities/Nigredo Records)
A while ago I recieved this awesome debut full length album from the swedish black metal band Fördärv (thanks to Nigredo Records). Have known the band for some time by now so it was not really a new band for me, but this release was (indeed it was) ;) The opening track is "Legions of Death" that is without doubt one hell of a track (masterpiece), raw uncompromising evil simple but well played black metal in the same vein as early Marduk, Dark Funeral, Bathory, Dark Desolation & Impaled Nazarene with a high doze of much atmospheric elements. Second one "Taedium Vitae" starts up slow, but gets rawer & rawer the longer you hears it, same here "one hell of a song" and also here the old school sound can be heard, nice riffs & feeling in the whole song. Third one up called "Putre Factio" goes in teh same tempo & energy as the first one (no further description). "Darkness of the Eternal Winter" that is the fourth track is a bit different & got a touch of some depressive black metal, but here I also starts to feel a big feeling of good old Darkthrone, Bathory & early Gorgoroth in it, this is just pure raw black metal all thru. Fifth one "Embracing the Endless" is in the same category, raw simple evil, but well played black metal. Last track up "As Life Turns Black..." is a bit like the fourth one & I must say that I prefer those ones more even as I think this whole album is one of the best debut albums coming from my own country lately. Favorite tracks is absolutely number 4 and 6. By that I can now only say thay if you are into bands like those above-mentioned & also Terra Australis, Behemoth (early) & Dødsfall is this a band you surely would adore & like a LOT!! Can also mention that the album has the perfect sound, not too perfect & clean sound or high pro, this is how real black metal should sound like "always" :)