miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Sehlah (Panama)

Sehlah - Ignoring The Cult

Here we have a real spit in the face of all that is called religion, have not heard a evil band like this since Deicide entered their throne a long time ago. This is really something out of the rawest that can be brought from hell. Sehlah from Panama had I never heard of before so guess I got nearly smacked down on floor when I heard those guys the first time. First up on this ep/mini album is an intro that warms up for the first track "Ecclesia Luciferis", no words is needed, it is raw and totally insane and the speed limit is taken several times already. Next track the third one is called "In Hell We Trust" that starts up heavy and almost a bit like in the same veins as earlier Cannibal Corpse, Blasfemia, Behemoth to come up with some. It is also very melodic here and there and suits perfect with their raw and hammering sound. Fourth up is "Subconscious Manifesto" that is a smash in the face of god right from the beginning and here it really feels much Deicide sounded combined with earlier bands mentioned + a bit chilean Unblessed and early Bolt Thrower too. Can just say that this band suprises me over and over again with their raw, filthy hammering underground sound that even can make the most hardest band get weaker, hehe. Anyway next up on this masterpiece is "Closure" that I really likes a lot, it has a very cool mixture that sounds a bit of some early thrash and death, Sehlah does it their own way and that they do damn good too. Much nice melodies and a great musical performing from the band members and not to forget their vocalist that must have been found very near the gates of hell. This is just so evil. Last up is an outro that is much like the intro but sets up a good end for this too short album. Last to say if you are into bands like Deicide, Behemoth, Bolt Thrower, Blasfemia and Cannibal Corpse this is the band for you I can guarantee.