miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Beltane (New Zealand)

Beltane – Auld Toby

This band is pretty well known by now in the underground today. The fact is that Beltane is one of the first black metal acts that still is active all back since 1994 and with a lot of good releases in their back. This album that is their fifth full length (their sixth one is out when this is written). Album begins first with the slower dark and very melodical track "Return to Irongate" that is a damn good one and worth a lot as it is one of the best (more to come). The second track "Shelley Beach" is a very raw and intense track that really shows that Beltane can do fast music with lots of melody in it. Third track "Shadow Knights" is a bit of masterpiece and sounds a lot of a mix between dark metal, Iron Maiden, Manowar and this one must really be heard if you will understand what I mean, this is so fucking good. Fourth one "Yet Again" is very much Beltane, but with a bit of sound of symphonic / melodical and industrial parts somehow, real good and has a bit of a feeling from old Darkthrone and Burzum in it too. "Intro ov Death" is a bit like "Shelley Beach", but with a more sick feeling in it and is a introduction for the sixth track. And this one is one of the albums absolutely best tracks I believe personally "of course". It has a feeling of both black/viking and folk metal and some old traditional heavy metal. Real heavy one and with a great melody that you sucks in to a bit. Seventh one "Cape D´evil III-Lux Lucis Domus" is a melodical and also a very raw track that has a touch of goth in it. In fact I can inform that much in Beltanes music has a bit of both dark and heathen black metal and some gothic symphonic feelings. So those who are into many genres will not be disappointed here, I can guarantee. Next track called "Navigator" has even more goth rock feeling inside and also much industrial / electronical touch as weel, this track reminds me much of Blutengel and old Die Krupps, real nice and dark track, also one of my favorites. Track nine "A Dark Godess" returns more into the typical Beltane sound with pure raw black metal and with a true evil atmosphere in it. Also here I got the vibes from older bands from the early days, good as hell. Last track "From the Dark" is one hell of a good job, it starts up with some good introduction on drums and has a nice and heavy guitar that leads in and opening up a melody and musical thing that is so much Beltane and to be honest this band is worth much more than just a review. Some extra note, this album includes several great guest artists that gives the special feeling and very dark/heavy/melodical touch, but wihtout Xan and Baphgirl it would never be Beltane. This release is one of the best albums that have came out during 2011 I think without any doubts and even as they are a very underground, but known band they really proves that not just those "famous or true fashion" metal bands can do it and do it damn good :)