miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Deaflock (Japan)


T: Hello Jun !! Why Deaflock name? Do any special meaning?

J: Hello!! I am DEAFLOCK guitarist and founder. The meaning of DEAFLOCK came out of differential lock. It is Drive system device of car. I put a will to go ahead through the fierce distance and a long time surely. The reason why spelling is different is that I connect it musically.

T: Deaflock plays pure Thrash Metal bands. Tell me some bands that influenced the style of the band?

J: I like Megadeth, Kreator, Voivod, Blue Oyster Cult, M.S.G etc... I love AC/DC most. I think favorite music and the style of the band are difference. The style of the band thinks that the human nature that environment creates greatly influences it. Though we express it, Pure Thrash Metal music fits it.

T: How would you define your style and lyrics?

J: About a style, it is free. I only develop the line of a born sound in music honestly. It is a major cord or minor cord, or the dissonance cord doesn’t matter. About a lyrics, it is daily anger and human weakness. It is good to apply anger to a country and politics, but the anger exists routinely. Because it is daily, it is easy to be missed. It includes the anger for oneself.

T: Is your last CD. called "Courage to Expose All"? How you going with this distribution and sales?

J: When we break difficulty, courage to expose all the present conditions is necessary.
In Japan, sell it in CD shop. Worldwide, I don’t know where sell our CD. I want you to buy it directly from the band. In an underground band, it is important that a band and the listener are near relations. If you want our CD, please e-mail “deaflock2002@yahoo.co.jp”.

T: What is the cover art for the band's CD."Courage to Expose All"? Do you have something to do with the earthquake that affected the Fukushima nuclear reactor?

J: Yes, album title and the cover art link. It is natural to be conscious in an earthquake disaster of Fukushima whereas it releases it now in Japan. A human being is powerless for a natural phenomenon. It is not only Fukushima... It is to think about nuclear to be important. We cannot see the truth from information of the media. The argument by the politics is irrelevant, and the people of the stricken area are forced to trouble. The scene reflected in a photograph and the picture is true, but information has many fabrications. When argue about a nuclear... The government, The media, Electric company and us need “Courage to expose all”. I supported it to the individual of the stricken area directly. I cannot know it whether the fund-raising organization really uses the money of support at a stricken area.

T: What difference do you find between your first CD. "Reality of False Pasts and" Courage to Expose All"?

J: The style doesn’t change basically. I think that the ability for song writing arrangement and the sound production grew up with the second album drastically.

T: Must be great to work with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions? Are you satisfied with the support received from them?

J: Yes, HPGD is awesome label. He loves heavy music of the underground deeply. It comes through with work.

T: How's it going to concerts with national and international bands? Have done many concerts and Tours?

J: In Japan, we do a concert with the band which is splendid in each place. Japanese band is individual and splendid. This year, we do support DESTRUCTION Japan tour in January and appearance True Thrash Fest in February. In March and June, we appear in “Grind freaks” of Unholy Grave. It is the killer concert that is all. We canceled a European tour of December by our problem is a very regret.

T: Are you working on new songs? Perhaps for her third CD.?

J:  Yes, we already have 5 songs of ideas. We want to make a better album. We always have the passion and effort.

T: From your point of view as both the Japanese metal scene? Has developed more? Try? Were more magazines or bands?

J: The metal scene of Japan may be small. The underground in particular is the severe situation. But, everybody is only a splendid band. We can discover them than a magazine in a concert.

T: Jun!! thanks for supporting The Legion of Tchort Zine. And for our readers can you tell us where we can get merchandise from Deaflock? Thrash Till Death Bro!

J: Thank you for reading my poor English till the last. I want you to feel this continuance to be our CD and concert. If you want to get our CD and T-shirt, If you want to perform booking of our tour, please contact to us. Stay Metal!!