miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Burning Steel (Germany)


T: Greetings good friend Marek!! Why is the band called Burning Steel? Who named it? Do you have any special meaning?.

M: Hello , Greetings from Germany !
The name " Burning Steel " was created on a whim by simply sounding " Metal" . (grin ) Otherwise , the name of the band no special meaning.

T: The band has made a long time ago I guess. Why they changed the band name twice? First named Pumkin Attack then Six-Pack and now Burning Steel. Your were a member of the band when I was these name?

M: By changing the names in front my erstwhile 2002 so I had nothing to tuhen and never questioned.

T: The first thing that shows is a live album something very strange. Start well. And that is called CD. "... Is Just the Beginning" From what I read you were not even the drummer. How did you call to join the band?

M: The "Live" album was just a concert and no Offizell CD.

T: How they contact to play drums in Burning Steel?

M: The contact with the band " Burning Steel" came on a festival concluded what I have organized at that time . ( Protzen Open Air ) The guys knew me since I had long worked with " Succubus " and have me simply be rubbish if I Luste would not help out with you on the drum and it will then become 10 years.

T: In 2002 Burning Steel made ​​a Demo. What do you remember about that experience? ¿ How would you call the style of the band??

M: Our first ofizelle CD "Master Of eternal fire" was added in a small studio on the outskirts of Berlin in Soundfore studio with Kai . And our music style had found a nice healthy mix of Death/Thrash Metal.

T: In this CD. performed a cover of Uriah Heep. Why they chose this band and that song?

M: The cover of Uriah Heep has arisen on the dung of our singer can live Concerts always good to the fans .

T: Currently the style of Burning Steel is a Death Thrash Metal. What bands influence the sound of Burning Steel?

M: We have so influenced bands like Metallica, Helloween, Death, Sepultura  or Slayer.

T: Do you currently Burning Steel and stopped playing? Maybe it's time to re-record something? Or maybe you think that you will not band more Burning Steel?

M: Unfortunately, we have to stop and define our collective creativity on ice , maybe in a few years, making music together again in 2012 decided as a band.

T: What represent the cover art of the CD. "Age Of Death"?

M: The CD cover of " Age Of Death " is a hell angels there, this CD was recorded in Hell Sound Studio with Ronny , become real cool disc !

T: Have returned to rehearse with the band Burning Steel? Is it difficult for you to have other bands like Succubus and Bloody Invasion?

M: No at the moment I have no time for "Burning Steel"

T: Can we maybe now wait anytime the return of Burning Steel?

M: No play in two good bands like Succubus; Bloody Invasion is not a problem as I'm sitting at Succubus on drums and Bloody invasion, the first guitar playing and since all concert runs tenders or Merchendise about me I can arrange everything well .

T: Could you please give some information about where you can get the music for The Legion Of TchorT Zine & Compilation readers?

M: "Burning Steel" songs or videos you can watch at www.myspace.com/burningsteel metal View 6 listen . Ok, thanks "The Legion Of Tchort Zine" for this interview. Greetings from Germany Atzek 666.