miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Beltane (New Zealand)

T: The CD. “Auld Toby” is the band's last Beltane material such comments from the media and the support of the people?

X: It's not the new one now...! hehe That's "Doomstice" and as far it has been circulated seems to be very well received. (T: I send this interview a long time ago)

T: Why the name for their latest CD. “Auld Toby”? How many copies have been made?

X: “Auld Toby” might ov course be the leaf that Hobbits smoke but he's also an actual Black Metal DJ from a little radio station in Eketahuna. And that's significant 'cause it's on the way to Castlepoint.

T: In the CD. “Auld Toby” these people have also contributed: Dan Lilker, Tamara Picardo, Mark Dubanowski, Chris Warhead, Kvathairein, Giles Lavery & Noslohcin. Can you tell us in which subjects and contributed?

X: Dan played bass on a Manowar cover we did. Tamara did some keys. Chris & Mark did drums. Kvath did some guitar I seem to remember on that one. Noslohcin was *forced* to do some vocals on "A Dark Goddess". Giles wrote and sang on Shadow Knights, which is another song about our antics in "The Cem" from back in the day.

T: How have you gone with the dissemination and promotion of new CD. “Auld Toby”?

X: Like most CDs we have put out, the promotion is fairly basic, however that album has sold well and continues to sell quite well mainly on it's own merits I presume.

T: What usually hear bands and perhaps inspire you to create new styles for Beltane and who treat their subjects?

X: I don't base anything I write for Beltane on what I hear from other bands. I just write it how it comes out. No doubt unconcious influences show through from time to time.

T: Have you received an offer from a record in another country for material or is exclusive of Satanica Productions?

X: We also have releases on several other small labels. Some are the same as the ones on Satanica, others are unique to those labels.

T: How would you define your style? Do you think throwing each CD sound different? Do you always innovating?

X: We define our sound broadly as "Gothic Industrial Black Metal" or loosely as simply "Black Metal". We're never necessarily seeking to innovate as such, just sound like ourselves and write what is natural to us. It does clearly sound much different from many bands and most certainly stands out as not being the same as millions ov others.

T: Why the name of Satanica to your production and since when has worked and how many bands have already launched and supported?

X: Cause I saw a cool movie years ago called 'Day of the Beast' and there was a band (fictional I presume) on it called Satanica - I thought it sounded pretty decent. And since we are actually Satanists it kind ov makes sense..heh There are currently nearly 250 bands/projects on the label and it's primary purpose is to indeed support the underground by providing an essentially non-judgemental outlet for bands and solo artists.

T: How is the scene in New Zealand? What do you recommend bands and magazines?

X: I'm afraid to report that most ov the N.Z. scene is nothing but a huge circle-jerk that we have largely been excluded from - but then again now I put it like that maybe it's best we are not in the midst ov it cause we don't want to get covered in the spunk ov mediocrity..! haha However there are certainly some cool bands out there, one I am finding quite intesting at the moment is one that we released on Satanica recently called Sinister Numen.

T: What concerts with bands that have played and if you have played with bands from other countries?

X: Beltane has supported Impaled Nazarene & Christian Death. In my old band, Daemon, I toured with Brutal Truth and opened for Pantera.

T: Do you prepare to play outside their country or perhaps some tour?

X: We haven't really prepared as we honestly don't have much desire these days to propel ourselves overseas via our own efforts/funding. But if someone wants us to play somewhere we'll certainly look at their offer.

T: Anything you want to add to our readers of The Legion Of Tchort? Where can we purchase your Beltane merchandise as well as Satanica Productions?

X: Our new album will be released on September 19th (2013). Beltane CDs can be purchased from either http://www.satanica.org  or direct from Beltane's oldschool website. http://www.angelfire.com/band2/beltane   I would encourage people to check out Satanica though as there are many other really good bands available and the customers often get killer deals. Thanx TchorT..!