miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Basilisk (Japan)

T: Hi Takayuki!!  Why the name of Basilisk? What does it mean to you?

Takayuki: Hello, my name is Takayuki. I am on vocal / guitar. In old Japanese tradition, Snake is the lord of  Water.
I assimilated into Snake lord. I discharge my inner blaze of darkness, as name of “Basilisk”= Snake lord.

T: Their first production is your Demo called 狂蛇 (What does it mean “Mad Snake”) What can you tell us about this Demo?

Takayuki: Kyojya(狂蛇) it means that snake god anger, beat out a warning to modern civilization.
His latest production is CD “End of Catastrophe” What can you tell me about this CD. Debut?
"End of Catastrophe" is a debut album. Basilisk in November 1997, has formed a by two of the original Monarchie Infernale Takayuki (Vocal & Guitar), Takeshi (Drum & vocal). Since then, the repeated members change repeatedly, in February 2011, the current members Takayuki (Vocal & Guitar), Takuya (Bass & Vocal), and Itorki (Drum) had formed. And, I was released "End of Catastrophe" in December 2013.

T: The title of the CD “End of Catastrophe”. Has it something to do with the nuclear power plants in your country?

Takayuki: This album, the content such as posing problems to nuclear power plants is not included.
That means landscape of total global catastrophe and last judgement of all life before the new world is born.

T: Tell us more about the lyrics? What song do you like more? Mine is "Diabolical my dark & ​​muddy stream.

Takayuki: Lyrics of the concept is the "darkness of perfection", "ruin, baptism, chaos," "warning, repentance, the referee," "for  the birth of a new world, old world be demise." In addition, there is our fondness for all the songs, but if you can, especially listen to "In most septile" "Suffer from hallucination", you will be able to say that these songs say all of  them.

T: Why your lyrics in Japanese? Do not limit them to something?

Takayuki: We previously was singing in English lyrics. But it is difficult because if  the Japanese lyrics be faithfully translated into English, the original meaning of  the word is changed. In addition,  I hold  a question in singing English lyrics even though I could not speak English, so I decided to sing by Japanese lyrics. So I can sing with visualizing the scenes of the lyrics by singing in Japanese that is the native language.

T: How was the recording process? Who is responsible for the lyrics and the music?

Takayuki: In Japan, from October 2012 to April 2013, this album was recording, mix, and mastering.
Takayuki and Takuya have responsible for  the lyrics and music.

T:What bands influenced the music of Basilisk?

Takayuki: We mainly respect Dissection, Old Naglfar and many European Death metal and black metal bands.

T: I notice a big difference in the song "Black Storm" from his demo and CD. "End of catastrophe." Why the change? Perhaps the line-up then?

Takayuki: After the release of demo "Kyojya", 14  years had elapsed to produce this album. In the meantime, we had repeated members change several times. Perhaps, this influenced our music. It is natural for us.

T: How's  it going with the distribution of CD? How about the support of "Weird Truth Productions"?

Takayuki: Weird truth productions have many distribution channels in Japan and around the world. It is a great production. In addition, we also have distributed through a trade.

T: What were the bands that started the Black Metal scene in Japan?

Takayuki: In Japan, Sabbat and Sigh are black metal band that has been active from the earliest time, I think.

T: Takayuki. What do you remember about your ex-band Monarchie Infernale? What happened with this band?

Takayuki: I was active in the death metal band called "Monarchie Infernale" 1992-1997. Some demos and EP released. We disbanded in 1997 because of the differences in music.

T: Are you currently working on a new CD.? Any progress that can give us?

Takayuki: Currently, we do not have the creation of new songs. For a while, we are planning to a concert in a variety of locations. After that, we are planning to the creation of new songs.

T: Do you currently are doing live performances? With which bands have played? Can we have some you recommend?

Takayuki: Last year, we had some concerts for the album release in Japan. This year, we are planning to concerts abroad. In Japan, several good quality bands exist. In particular Sabbat, Abigail, Defiled, Cataplexy, Hakujya, Intestine Baalism, Sungoddess, Cryptic Revelation, Deadly Spawn etc are great. I think that not much Japanese bands known in oversea. I hope that the great Japanese bands are more recognized in many countries.

T: Do any last words for the readers of The Legion Of TchorT Zine? Where our fans can purchase the CD.?

Takayuki: Currently, I think our album is hardly distributied in Peru.
Future, we will increase the distribution. Because in Weird truth productions, mail order is available, please check it. To us, it is honor for Japanese us to be given opportunity like this. Thank you very much. Readers who read this interview, please listen to our music. And we'd like to go to Peru someday! Thank you!