miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Survive (Japan)

T: Hi Nemo!! Survive The band was born in 1998. Demo is having a 5 CD's, 2 EP's and 1 DVD. What can you tell us the history of the band?

NEMO: SURVIVE was formed to pursue the extreme metal or heavy sounds I feel. We are touring in Japan only but always dreaming to play in overseas. The 1st album was released by our selves, then annually. The 2nd album was released from Howling Bull Entertainment, the top metal label in Japan. Howling Bull was indies label but it got a big influence and organized LOUD PARK-the first metal festival in Japan. With Howling Bull, SURVIVE experienced an evolving growth. Due to the bad music economy, Howling Bull was disable a function temporarily. Our latest album "Nothing left on my path" is released from a small indies label. From this release, SURVIVE got started to tour overseas, mainly in Asia. We supported so many worldwide bands. Last year we toured Europe and Russia and now we are recording the next album.

T: I've only had the opportunity to listen to a CD-R of "Nothing Left on My Path". I can listen to Death Thrash Metal very energetic and technical. What you think about it?

NEMO: SURVIVE is full of energy. I think it is the most important thing for METAL, right? Technique is important but more importantly, the expression of releasing the inner rage is what we always focus on. This album was challenging to unite the influences I got from Slash Metal or Death Metal when I was a kid.

T: Does the DVD "Decade of Steel" marks the 10th Anniversary Survive? That's the last thing hits like More Survive?

NEMO: I would say that could be the latest although it's getting pretty old.

T: How many copies made ​​of their DVD "Decade of Steel" Nothing Left on my path Tour Final a 10TH Anniversary?

NEMO: I am not sure. I don't know the exact numbers.

T: Only are you currently doing live performances?

NEMO: There are major member changes since the earlier time. Sinjilow is playing bass for SURVIVE for a long time. The current drum and guitar are young members and they are really great. With new members, SURVIVE is alive again!!

T: What bands do you think influence served to start with the music of Survive.?

T: What inspires you in creating your songs?

NEMO: I would say Sepultura and Metallica.

T: Nemo? Could play live with foreign bands? Do some name?

NEMO: Many, many bands we played with like, Kill Switch Engage, Napalm Death, Hate Breed, Testament, Kreator. Over kill, Behemoth, Slayer, Lamb of god. Too many bands to remember and I cannot tell all now.

T: What do you remember of your previous band Death File?

NEMO: Death File was formed when I was 15 years old. I have many good memories of Death File. We were just kids touring and releasing albums, which totally changed my world. What I learn from this band and staffs was a strong bond between people through the music. It is my starting point. I wanted to proof my potential to other adults on tours. These experiences made me and bring me great memories. We were so happy, laughing all the time on the tour in the old van.

T: What memories of the Tour with Incantation, Ragnarok and Impiety?

NEMO: This tour was really fantastic. The members of Incantation are really cool and have great hearts. SURVIVE was a support band and they were so nice to us. They helped us whatever we asked for. On the last day of the tour, all members of Incantation were wearing SURVIVE T-shirts on the floor and jumping around! It moved us!!! I really appreciate we toured together. I gave them miso (soy bean) soup and rice soup and they loved it. They loved Japanese soup! Under the cold sky in France, we had miso soup! Isn't that cool!!?? It was a unique situation.

T: What plans now to Survive?

NEMO: Right now we are recording for the next album. I think after this recording, we might tour Europe or Russia. Until then, we will be focusing on making the new album and trying to find a new label.

T: How would you describe the Japanese scene? You recommend? Bands or please thee?

NEMO: There are many great bands in Japan, but not good market that can sell them. Bands are ignored by the media and the music industries. SURVIVE always wants to change this situation since there are a lot of great bands. G.S.D and Infernal Revulsion are one of them. They are so cool!!! END ALL is a young band, yet great also.

T: Thank you for the interview and know more of Japanese bands. Tell me where readers can The Legion of TchorT getting material Survive?

NEMO: SURVIVE materials are hard to get outside of Japan. I think Japanese amazon is an easy access. Thank you for reading this interview and always appreciate your support. Thank you very much!