jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Demorian (Sweden)

T: I Listen and Listen the CD of Demorian “Back to The Glorious Past” one of my favorites bands like Abrahel - "Abrahel" is excellent the music and lyrics.
T: You have many logos of Demorian but which are the official Tony?

Tony: We have a couple that we have used and also still uses also sometimes, but the official one now is that one we have on the cover of our ep/single "Before All Ends" that is free and came out in december 2009. The man who did that logo is a german design/graphic guy that also have made some logos for the label I also runs.

T: Why use the cover of “Christ Of Evil” in your press Cd “Back To The Glorious Past”?

Tony: We thought it fitted perfect with the other artwork on the album and in fact that picture is made by a norwegian artist back in 2007.
But we lost the contact with him after the second demo with the band, to sad.

T: I publish in The Legion Of TchorT Compilation #2 the song “My Beloved My Beheaded” is it only for the Compilation?

Tony: This far the track "My Beloved My Beheaded" has only been on your compilation, but we plan in fact of do a new re-edit version with new voclas for it for maybe something else soon. That song is in fact our most played ones on our site on MySpace now and that is fun. So we believe that it has something special to bring and it is raw, dark and melodical at the same time.

T: Wintercold, Back To Odin's Land, Hate My God, One With The World are only 4 old songs for coming in this new Cd. “Back To the Glorious Past”

Tony: Yeah, and the album is more than less old now after the release too, haha. The plan was that the album was meant to came out in april/may 2008 first.
But got delays all the time, but something that happens sometimes. And all tracks on it is more than less recorded in 2007 and early 2008, but as it was delayed we fixed in one newer track as a bonus on it right sometime before the final release. But the album is a bit wrong, that maybe some guys have noticed?! Haha, and that is on the end where the bonus was planned, it is instead the outro and as track 12 the bonus is, haha. Culty maybe?

T: I read all letters of your songs and tell about the Ancient Viking Culture, Death and False God is the line of the lyrics?

Tony: Mostly our lyrics is about old history, ancient life and gods and in the first place old ancient northern gods, but we also have other subjects as we dont really wanna just follow one way in it. The lyrics is also sometimes about our hate against god, Jesus, religious madness, depressive things, wars, maniacs and also demoniac things as you can hear a bit in our track "Emily", hehe. And also the track "Hate My God" is a real spit and puke in the face of our little saviour, fuck the man on cross. I left the church in the 80s and do not regret it, haha. None of us in the band calls ourselves satanists really, but we are against god and all what it stands for!!

T: I listen and Read Lyrics of “The Rising” is a Tribute for your old Warrios and God Odin?

Tony: Yes it is in a way. But nothing really that we are religious or so, but we believe that back in time many people all over the world already had their gods.
And then not just particular only sweden or other northern countries. But then all over world came the christian crusaders and forced all to change side, otherwise many losted their heads!! And christianity stands for more killing than many others do in fact! If you really read the history the facts is there.

T: If possible comment more about who is “Emily”? here the voice is great!

Tony: The track "Emily" that also is one of our first made is about the real Emily Rose that it also exists a movie on. But this is more as a tribute and a sort of memorial for her. As she was never really understanded by psychic and doctors, if people had used their mind better it maybe would not have happened?

T: Tell me more about your lyrics are very cool: Hymn of the true warriors, exorcism, evidence if god exists, the vikings came to Orkney Islands, Culture Celta with Scandinavia, Ancient times of the Viking Culture, War in year 1263, Battle in the land of Snow and Ice, dirty god, swords, Valkyries, Valhalla, Nordic mythology.

Tony: I can just speak for myself here and that is because my deep interest of old history, culture, gods, mythology and all around it since really early age.
And that also includes occult things and paganism. My interest for this is more intersting than the todays corrupted and sick world. If hell does not exists with fire and demons, we probably already are there.

T: So the Style is very special synth, samples, programming, keyboards… Very complex but solid good. What think Tony?

Tony: All is influnces and inspirations that both me and alltears have carried together since the 80s. We both have played in several bands and mostly together too. And we have played both punk, speed, thrash, grindcore, goth, viking rock, doom, oi, death and the list goes on...So it fells naturally that we have a big wide spectra in our sound and music. And we also brings in little of newer sound too as industry sound and that, but still we play what we do. We follow our own path.

T: Split “Unholy Trinity - Thy Gathering I” with Kvlt666 Prod. From Malasya And now with Azermedoth Rec. from México Together with Salute Rec. from Sweden your Label.

Tony: Just one answer there, we are independent and will probably stay that way. We also have a american label intersted in us now too, haha.

T: How going your great label that support free bands of many Unknown scenes and new bands in plans?

Tony: It has been a real good year in 2009, but also one of my worst ones too. Two near and very close friends passed away and that made some marks amd holes in me. Unfortunaly it nearly made me to close all working, both with bands and label. But thanks to a great support from many "real" friends all over the world I dragged
myself up finally and kept on rolling and now in 2010 I feel that I got new strength and power. And I have worked and works with so many great underground bands that really deserves better than just been played on My Space and be downloaded I think. So there I really try my best to figure as a link for them. Some calls me their
manager in fact and that is of course an honour, but in the first place I do all this cause my burning love for music cannot be stopped. And I have it also as an hobbie, but at the same time it is also like a fulltime job. Even it can be rough and hectic, I love it. Bands that I have worked with now lately and still is on my label is Deona Cart Deluna(Malaysia), Impromtus Ad Mortem(Col), Grom02(Cro), Sacrilego(Mex), Freezing Moon(Iran), Al Black(Italy) and Necromanteion(South Africa) to mention some... I also after much problems with some persons and bands during my work on the label decided to also start up a "sublabel" or more like a shadow for Salute Records. So the work goes on...

T: Tony tell me more about how the hellbangers can obtain the merchandise Cd and Tshirt and Any Last Word fo the The legion Of TchorT?

Tony: To get in touch with us and for buy T-shirts, cds, tapes and pins with Demorian or for possible reviews and interviews. All can of course write to my label or to some of our email adresses. Or also people can get in touch with you as you are like a helping hand for us in peru and the area around there. After this is written we also have a new tape/ep out on a malaysian label that also soon is available from us and my label. Thanks for this interview brother, very appreciated. And also a big thanks to all bangers of all kinds out there and all over the world. Keep support your local bands in your area and stay underground. And all out there....you are your own god, none can sits on us!!!
Hails & Salutes.....Satanic tony & Alltears/Demorian

T: Thanks To you My Big Brother We are ever The Legion and have all my Support!!