miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Xicution (Germany)


T: Hi Jano Zombi Bi !! You can tell a little story of Xicution?

J:  Xicution was founded in 2011 by me and sio. The project was supposed to be just a side project. Within a short time we wrote the album “Zombie War” and made the band live fit. We currently have 4 members and have two cds published.

T: Does the CD. "Posterity" his latest accomplishment? Can you tell us more about this? Are limited copies, right?

J: The “Posterity” is our latest CD. It is a concept album and it's about how people after the zombie apocalypse continue. The story continues after the events of the “Zombie War” CD. The world was destroyed by a nuclear strike and few survive and it is these people the story is told.
We have published the “Posterity” in a first pressing. The Cd has a poster, a sticker and a bonus live track, the whole thing is also hand numbered.

T: Xicution is a relatively new band. You have already made ​​in the past some other bands?

J: Yes i was the Bassplayer from the Melodic Death Band Splitting Society and Morten was our first Drummer. Later was Morten in the Band Death Metal band Exceeded with Sio and Hagen. We played some Show together and after 4 years Sio started with me the project Xicution. Morten is over 10 years one of my best friends.

T: Is the music calling  its Xicution German New Wave of Death Metal? Can I have  to say that musically  influenced bands?

J: Our musical influences are in bands like Six Feet under, Debauchery, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower, Vader and a lot of other Bands! We are 3 people they write the music and we all listen other stuff. One of my favorite Singer and songwriter is Rob Zombie and iam a big fan from Ministry and Heavy Metal. Morten our Drummer loves the Music from Dimmu Borgir and a lot of the Deathcore stuff and Sio`s favorite Band is Fear Factory.

T: They currently have two CD´s "Zombie War" and "Posterity"? Tell us more about these realizations.

J: “Zombie War” is the first Lp, we wrote all songs in 3 month. The recording session was very quick and i think

T: Why change the concept of the covers so radically between the two CD's? In "Zombie War" have a totally bloody model and the "Posterity" we have a tank.

J: “Zombie War” is the first Lp, we wrote all songs in 3 month. The recording session was very quick and i think it was to much and to fast. The Sound is not so good but it is ok for the first record. On Posterity we work a little bit longer and we all think that you can listen. The Sound is better and the songwriting is it to. I love both records and i hope the third will be much better.

T: The lyrics are based? In that inspires you  to create them?

J: I write all the lyrics. Both Cds tell a story about the human apocalypse.
The “Zombie War” is a very bloody LP. We have Zombies, violence , pain and so much gore in the Lyrics. On Posterity we tell story aboout fire and burning flesh, atomic weapons and the living after the zombie war.
The “Zombie War” story is from me and the insperation and influences on postrity are from Sio.

T: I was listening to the CD. "Zombie War" and I liked a lot. Sound is impeccable and I can notice a very well-crafted brutal death metal. What do you think?

J: I think the Zombie War record is a strong Lp with a lot of good stuff but the sound is not so great. For the first record is it ok and i have listen other bands and there first CD's .... we are in the middle of good and bad. I have fun when we play the songs from this record, it is the first.
With “Zombie War” started the bloody path of Xicution.

T: When listening to the CD. "Posterity" is a great difference in style. It's a bit calmer. This is due to the entry of a new guitarist to the band?

J: No, the new (now ex) guitar player Mirko don't change the style. Sio has listen other Bands and so came one to the other. The songwriting did Sio and alone, some little ideas came from mirko, morten and me but the core in this songs are from Sio.

T: Can you tell us more about your video official "Death Fucking Metal"? Does the process of recording and everything else?

J: “The Death fucking Metal” Clip is a short review of all show that we played in 2013. Me was boring and so i made the clip.

T: How is a concert Xicution? I imagine much brutal Death Metal, Blood and total lack of bangers. Remember even the best concert they have done? Where and with what bands?

J: The show is very old school and sometimes i little bit bloddy. We dont have any fire or other special effects. We have the music and the stage and we did our best. The best show for us was the show on the Headache Inside Festival last year. Sound an people was great and we all had a lot of fun.

T: How is the scene in your area? Do any bands you can recommend friends to hear?

J: The Metal scene is not so good. In our city we have 3 or 4 Bands but they make all other styles of metal. We live in the near of Berlin and there is it a little bit better. Very very slowly the death metal returne in our area.

T: Well Jano, Thanks for your support with the interview for The Legion of TchorT Zine. Would you like to tell your fans how they can acquire the merchandise of Xicution?

J: We thank you. Listen Xicution on facebook and youtube, buy our merch ... we don`t have money and we need yours :D