miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Succubus (Germany)

Succubus -  Eclipse of Subterra (Germany)

German band's new wave of death/black metal, where combined guttural voices black metal, incorporating the musical technique of rich and varied from both schools, with enough changes of rhythm and a sound compelling but rather commercial for my taste. The music is an ode to the good work, dominated by good quality riffs with good musicians that go perfectly with both the drums and bass guitars, harmonies are very good Bill, a mixture of sounds that AMORPHIS/HYPOCRISY/DIMMU BORGIR evokes me a mix of these three bands, which makes this work rather hard to forget for those who like the sound more offering new death/black metal harmonious of both styles. The album contains 11 tracks of the same court, where paramount is good sound, with mixtures of death/black metal at all, made to attract followers. If you like the style of these bands this work without fear to be wrong is to you.