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Medussa Safannah (Malaysia)

T: Hello Salmizal!! Why chose Medussa Safannah as a name and what does it mean? Who are the members?

S: Hell-O and Dark greeting From Medussa Safannah. According to greek methology Medusa was a guardian or protectress. She was a monster or a Gorgon. Generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair.. It is compatible with our themes of war literature. While SAFANNAH was originally from the Arabic word SAFFAN means A SHIP and we are Yant Dharma as a lead guitar, SS as a Vox and bass and Warythslave as a 2nd guitar. In a drum position, we using a session drummer and he is Valent from Nonserviam while me act from behind the scenes as an adviser, lyricist and manager.

T: The band was formed in 1996, so why wait for 17 years to release something?

S: Medussa Safannah actually has been split up a long time ago. recently zarm Ouija, our former bassist need help to rebuild his band called Byzantium. His band vocalist going back to england, his drummer played with mainstream rock band called Meet Uncle Hussin. So, Yant Dharma has agreed to help him. However, we got the news that the vocalist and a frontman of Byzantium also rebuild Byzantium in England. So, we had to use Yant Dharma late band name's. After several months of re-build, we got an offer to play in a gig with Impiety. To play at that gig, we begin the process of practice and rehearsal . at that time, our friends Nem (the owner of the nem production) has made the recording during rehearsal. After listening back to the recordings we are satisfied and agreed to put the song in the cd to give to our close friends. They are the ones who gave us an encouragement to be published in the demo. So, what was delayed ever before, we'll finished after this. We still have an albums, split albums, split demo and compilation to produce in this year. Just wait for it and give some support.

T: His style is a primitive black metal?

T: Actually, it's up to the listener to judge. But for us, Medussa Safannah trying to form our own identity which we try to run as far as possible from eastern black metal style or any other genre of black metal from the past that has ever existed until now. We called ourselves as black metal because of our lyrics. In terms of music, we can also say as "irama malaysia (malaysian traditional music), ballads, or pop music that was converted to black metal music. From that type of musics came some inspiration to create the draft and riffs in the songs.We also have some Influence such Mortuary Drape, Enthroned, Dark Throne but we absolutely do not try to imitate them, either in music or image. We just make them as a reference. Although, our music more to RAW with simple riff and chord, but not alike most of the raw black metal bands that brings their music straight forward. Our music is a little bit tucked and technical and few melodic sound. So, overall, we are comfortable to claim our music as Raw Black Metal Tyrant.

T: Now they have produced a Demo CD “Var”. How is the promotion going on?

S: Before it is opened for the sale, we make a promo kits to send to overseas magazine to make a review on our work. After got a lot of good reviews, including from ABSU's member, then we started to sell it. We also make some trade with several label from Thailand, Brazil, Republic Czech, Singapore, Holland, German, France, Spain and Portugal to promote our demo. Now, just few copies left.
We sometimes got criticism from those that old-fashioned minded. According to them, we are arrogant and big headed because we work with foreign labels more than local labels. we did not even fucking care. for us, music is supposed to be spread throughout the world. it is very funny. in recent years, they also have emulated and imitated our way to promote themselves . But it does't matter because for me, it is a positive thing. In the way they promote themselves, indirectly they also promote our national metal scene.

T: What they represent is the CD. Demo “Var” cover? And why the name of the “Var”?

S: I was a fan of the history channel. One day I was watching a documentary about the Napoleonic Wars. After the war the soldiers who survived were collecting pieces of the dead bodies of their friends in that war and then stacked on a stretcher to be buried. Medussa Safannah's demo also called VAR which is means war if translated from the Norse language and most of their lyrics are also about war. So, from there I started to find some sketches of skulls and sorted as I saw in tv and add a tank to complete the sketch to suit with the demo's therm.-Salmizal

T: How to share the creation of the music and lyrics?

S: Riff for the song created entirely by Yant Dharma through discussions with other members in order to give an idea of a song and after all members are satisfied then the riff will be a song. to create a riff, we not only listen to black metal music. We hear all kinds of music from classical, pop, rock, including traditional Malay music because from that kind of musics, comes in the form of a musical inspiration in Medussa Safannah.
Lyrics are written by our vocalist SS and also contributed by me Salmizal. Most of our lyrics are about war of the darkness, demons war,ancient war, and little bit of pain and sorrow.

T: Is this material released under your label?

S: Yes! At the moment, all Medussa Safannah's material will release under my own label. We are in discussions with several overseas labels for future projects.

T: What can you get from bands and music on your Label Qalaqas Black Art Production?

S: Qalaqas Black Art Production is a label that has the intention to become an outstanding and unique label by releasing quality instead of quantity. Music needs to speak for itself and show its importance by touching the listener’s emotions. That’s what music is all about and that’s what Qalaqas Black Art Production stands for! Not about shit of business!!! You know what? Through the compilation, each band will get 5 free copies while I know there are other labels that only gives 1 free copy. Through an album or EP, each band will get 20 free copies of the royalties from every 100 copies printed. to send that much of copies I need to spend more than USD100 just for shipping excluding expenses and other costs.I actually did not think about the money that I get from what I do because of what I get is more valuable than that. I got experience and a lot of friends from around the world and I also can introduce Qalaqas Black Art Production out there. Money will come then by itself then.

T: How did you get the idea to form Qalaqas Black Art Productions?

S: Qalaqas Black Art Productions formally known as Thy Unholy Black Pentagram. Formed in 1996. At that time, I personally have a band. For many years struggle to do everything by myself. Starting from producing music, lyrics, and recordings also marketing. For me, it is so hard to market my band demo even in the country.
In one day, Icontacted several labels outside of Malaysia to introduce my band and they are Northern Heritage Record, SOD (USA) and Eclipse Productions (Czech Republic), and I was lucky because they are interested. At the sametime, by coincidence they had never been contacted by any of the musicians from my country. They are also interested to trade some of the material. That was the idea to start a small distro because not many label and distro that distribute black metal stuff. Thru my label I also can help extreme metal musicians to start marketing their art of music to penetrate overseas markets just like I did for my own band.

T: Some last words for the readers of The Legion Of Tchort Zine? And where can get the readers get your merchandise?

S: First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to appear in your Zine and indirectly you introduce us to our readers. Thank you for your support. And to the readers please give your support to us and also to the Legion of TchorT Zine. Without you Who are we. Keep supporting each other. This is what Metal is about. Hail Satanic long hair out there, adhere to the Black Metal till thy evil shows his one eye. You call you Black or Thrash or Death or what ever you want, we will bang you poser to the Rest We say fuck off to trendy Blasphemy, We walk to the Way of true metallic Supremacy!!! Hail!!! For more information about the release and merchandise you can contact me at https://www.facebook.com/QalaqasBlackARTProductions qalaqasblackart@yahoo.com