miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Desekratewhore (Canada)

Desekratewhore – Shadows of the Past

Here is something very pleasant and surprising. The canadian heavy metal/thrashers Desekratewhores second full length album included 8 tracks that is nothing that I have heard in ages. This band is to be honest a very knew one for me so there for this review also. With a true old school rehearsal sound, but good. What  I mean is that this band has a very own and unique sound, reminds me much of the old days of middle and the late 80´s. To start with the first track "Fuck Philosophy" that I also think is one of the best has a typical sound of good old thrash, but also sometimes I gets the vibes from some earlier black and death bands in it.  Second track "Souls Of The Insane" reminds a bit of good bands like Exodus, Assassin and Nuclear Assault, but is original and damn good too. Third track "Illusions In The Mist" is a bit slower, not bad. The fourth one "Shadows Of The Past" is instrumental and truly shows how good this band can be on just their instruments. Next stop is "As The Angels Burn" that starts with a typical thrashy introduction that fast turns over to a bit of very melodic one and even some hc/crossover warnings here and there. Number six is "Rising Flames, Falling Ice" that has a bit of same pulse and driving energy as the track before. Seventh track "The Cave Part I - A prelude to Insanity" is just brilliant and it is something with this band that makes it more special and that is also their lyrics and performance of screaming it out that is so damn good. Last track is a part two of the second one "Forever Descending Slumber" and is hard and heavy one with a great melody. The album comes out as a very professional and nice production and with a great cover booklet included all the lyrics. And some extra notice about the guitar solos on this album is that sometimes they are so damn good with a strengthful energy that even shocks the listener here. And I must say that I thinks of bands like old Venom, Warfare, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Necronomicon, Living Death, Splitbeaver, Evil Blood and Virus when I hear those guys somehow, the list could be longer. Remember that the sound has not that professional sound that many are used of maybe and sometimes the music can be a bit unstable or what to call it, but the quality of the musical aggresion and true metal art is there and that is what counts. Thumbs up for this true underground piece.