miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Black Vulture (Malta,Netherlands & Usa)

T: Hi Martin! Tell me more about your band Black Vulture. When forming Black Vulture?

Martin: Hails to you and all your readers.Well B.V started in 2007.Actually, the idea for the project originated from Attila and Obscurius, and then i joined them later.Obscurius left the band after some time, but Attila and I kept recording the album.We looked for a vocalist but we couldn't find the right one.So the album was left aside for 2 years.It seemed like there was no future for the band.But in 2009 I listened to the tracks again and said, shit man these tracks can't be wasted. So, I contacted Attila and told him that we needed to finish the album.I started to mix all the tracks from the beginning and we asked Richard if he could do the vocals and write the lyrics and he aceppted the offer...and in a really short time the album was done..

T: Why the Black Vulture as a name?

Atilla: Because in the beginning of this band, I was not interested with politics or any mystic idea, it was all about pure death and her cold touch. I thought a black vulture fits the image of a cold death, perfectly.

T: How an international band? Does each member recorded his tracks in his country and then you mix it?

Martin: Yes, that's how we work.Attila sends me the riffs, and then i do the drums and then it's Richard turn.And when someone doesn't like something, we arrange it...

T: Do you currently have a CD. “Darkness Fills the Earth” ? Why slow to produce if you already had full years ago?

Martin: Darkness Fills the Earth was released so late because of the things I mentioned in the first question...but also because it was the first time we were working from different countries.It's really weird to work this way.It feels like you are playing with ghosts eheheh..Yeah, it's really strange, but i like it. And now I do a lot of shit that way!

T: The style is made in Black Vulture death metal with black metal. What bands will help to create the style? Can you name some 10 bands who contributed ideas for style?

Atilla: Actually I dont listen the style of music that I make mostly. I dont want to copy any sounds or riffs. So only Emperor - Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise was on my mind as a inspriation point. I am a die hard fan of early black metal bands. But to be able to express what I really feel in a musical way, I dont listen to any bands or style in general, I rather listen to the vultures eating a dead bird or a knife cutting the flesh gently.

T: What theme focuses the lyrics of the tracks on the CD. “Darkness Fills the Earth” ?

Richard: the songs on this release share themes of war and determination, destruction, end times and the apocalypse of human existence, themes of paranormal and supernatural and occultic themes spirituality and ancient knowledge and philosophy. these are things the music made me think of or were just already on my mind at the time and the music spawned into words.

T: Black Vulture?'s Just a studio project? Do you think that someday will be able to get together and play live? I say this because Sarrum and you are in Malta and Richard is from Usa, with his band “Dying Messiah”. Am I right?

Martin: Well, I don't think that's going to happen.It would cost us a lot of money.Speaking for me, I don't play live sets anymore. I don't have time for that.And Sarrum lives in Netherlands,so we are from 3 differnt countries.But who knows? Never say never...

T: Who is in charge of writing the lyrics? And who is in charge of making the music? Or all contribute their ideas and songs?

Richard: Atilla and Martin created the music and had already recorded iy by the time I came in to the band and was asked to write lyrics and be the vocalist I may have contributed some lead guitar on a song but Martin and Atiila handle the creation of the music and I write the lyrics and put my vocals on it and send it back to Martin to mix it all together properly. Maybe next album there will be more of a sharing of ideas before things are set in stone but for this album it worked out great
having all the music already thought out ahead of time for me to just focus on lyrical concepts and vocal phrasing.

T: This is your CD. Debut how about the support and comments of the reviews about your music?

Atilla: It is good actually better than I have ever imagine. In a few reviews people say that the songs are long or same riffs too many times are played etc. I see the point but I dont make changes in the songs generally, all the songs in the album are their first shape as I composed and recorded their guitars. Many of them are first takes. I never underestimate the listeners opinions but one thing I cant change or even try; I am reflecting the whole thing, not part by part or some riffs to past to make a logical music. This is not a producted album or something to please some group people, this is what it is, what I try to reflect.

T: Martin, Where do readers of The Legion of TchorT Zine can purchase their CD. “Darkness Fills the Earth” ? Thanks Bro.!!

Martin: Well, thank you for supporting the underground constantly and thank you to all the readers for taking the time to read this.Readers can buy the album by contacting me or the other members.I hope we will have some new shit followers can listen to soon.