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Bloody Invasion (Germany)


Bloody Invasion (Germany) 

T: Greetings Marek. Now attack from Germany with a new band Bloody Invasion. To start Why choose the name of Bloody Invasion?

M: Why the name "Bloody Invasion" was a coincidence and I liked the name and the concept of what is hidden behind. And the name "Bloody Invasion" tells the reader Death Metal !! Our motto on our T-Shirts: This Is The Real, This Is The Life, Bloody invasion NO Compromise !!!

T: Bloody Invasion makes a great debut with their first EP. Did you expect such a response from the public and press?

M: No, we did not expect a reaction but hoped after the release of our first EP.

T: The sound is a Brutal death metal with small parts of technical death metal and supported by a very powerful voice. How do you turn from your point of view?

M: Yes, we wanted old school Death Metal elements combine with a pinch of Technicel Death and Sweden sound and so find our own style, think we succeeded.

T: It's something that I personally expect much from a band. Innovate and not copy more than other bands. Do you think your style is something new? I mean that does not sound like any known band. And the audience always related to a new band with bands of the past. With classic says this rounds sound like…? 

M: Category, I think the wheel can not be reinvented but you can throw all the ingredients (of influences from metal range) in a point and try something new or something to create their own. I myself always am looking for good new bands, unfortunately there are now-a-days even enough scrap.

T: Bloody invasion debuts in grand style. Not only to present in many concerts with renowned bands. But by the sound. Did you expect that?

M: Well, that with the concerts this year was a fortunate circumstance for us and we have made it possible to expand all our fan base and also may be with bands from my youth together on stage. Napalm Death, Kreator, Tankard ... at times to name a few.

T: The Demo "Bloody Invasion" has 5 topics. Can you explain the process for each of her as music and lyrics? 

M: So the themes of the songs searches from our singer himself, with us it goes like this my second guitar and I will write the song on the whole finished and then rum filed together to to music and text zusammne fit and we all say:  the song is cool ... lol

T: Marek you have another band called Succubus where you play the drums. Bloody Invasion Now you play the guitar giving a lot of power like Didi on drums and Max with her powerful voice. Is it difficult to change instrument or you already had this advantage?

M: Yes with my other band "Succubus" I'm the drummer and "Bloody invasion" of the guitarist. In "Succubus" slices the other songs and I can influence the songs only on drums and "Bloody Invasion" I write most of the songs but referring write all musicians with a song in and makes me just after such a long time to play the guitar again just great fun.

T: The artwork has a very good art. Where dead rotting invasion and destruction of major cities in the world Act it. Represented in its most important monuments. Who had the concept of the cover? I think I'm right in my view. 

M: Yes, the concept is quite simple, "Bloody Invasion" overwhelm the world with your music and pushing the cover from where you looking the zombies the, the biggest sights on race.

T: To what topics would you choose if you had to choose "A matter of time", "Hagman", "Bloody Invasion", "Act of justice" and "The Mischief"? And why? 

M: The song "Bloody invasion" says everything what we want with our band, you hear exactly the text !!

T: It seems to me with my 42 years and decades listening to metal meets me hear something new. As it's the same one pervading. Is this the beginning maybe even recording a CD? Can you forward something maybe? 

M: Thank you for your assessment, so we are just at a signing with a label too and want and bring an album out after a certain time.

T: Bloody Invasion not neglect anything about the merchandise also. Where can our readers buy it?

M: Yes, if your dear readers and fans want what our Mechandise order under www.Bloody-Invasion.com simply !! Thanks for support !!

T: Marek thank you very much for your time and Bloody Invasion music. Some words for the readers of The Legion of Tchort & Compilation Zine? 

M: We / I have to thank for your / your interest in us. Greetings and METAL WILL NEVER DIE !!! Marek of "Bloody Invasion"