miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Holdkrast (Italy)

T: Why Holdkrast name? Do any special meaning? Who made ​​the name of the band?

DM: Holdkrast has a special meaning because it is the union of different words in both English and in Italian that I myself designed specifically to give the right name for the kind of music that we play. In words, it is a clear reference to extreme metal old school.

T: The band has made
​​a lot of since 2011. and His only accomplishment is “A New Aeon of Total Darkness (Zero Hope, Only Suffering)”

DM: Initially the band began as a project thrash / death, but then thanks to various changes in the line-up and the various upheavals suffered evolved also the sound that I wanted to propose because you lost a lot of time in finding the right line-up and this has a great influence in the writing of the songs of  “A New Aeon of Total Darkness (Zero Hope, Only Suffering)”

T: How they have fared with the audience response? Have they been interviewed? What zines or maybe you radio?

DM: Until now we have had a good response from critics with some good reviews on Metalwave, Sadick underground Krvestreb Fanzine, with underground passages in web radio, we are pleased with our first release and we're still waiting for the other reviews.

T: His style I listen to the CD. Black is a very fast Death Metal. Do some bands have served as inspiration? Can you give me name a 10?

DM: Yes , have  served as inspiration bands type : Belphegor,Anaal nathrack,Vomitory,Brutal truth,Deicide,Behemoth,Vader, Carcass,Vesania,Impaled Nazarene ect.. but in particularly Belphegor.

T: Now the themes of darkness and hate speak as I read. Why are these issues? Did some reading inspiration? Perhaps it is the same life that makes them write these issues?

DM:  No, it's a movement we want to expand , by all the extremity with all our ideas , with an abnormal mind, devouring those  of the bigots shit .

T: How about working with Eternal Tombs Records? It is a relatively new stamp.

DM: Eternal tombs Records is a good label , born recently , and is already doing an amazing job,and I think that continue to go out my works under “ Eternal Tombs Records .

T: Two of its members are from another band called "Beasts of Torah"? Is this something difficult in their development "Holdkrast"? Or help to be a black metal band?

DM: The  Beasts of Torah is a black metal band , is a different project , The Holdkrast  is a project with many influences , and different style of extreme metal that goes from : Thrash Metal , Death Metal , Grind Metal and Black Metal , are different themes…. The Beasts of Torah is a great Black Metal band , and support  always .

T: What are trying to represent in the cover art of the CD. of Holdkrast?

DM: Everything starts from extreme and hate, destroyer ,malignant , the god stench ehehehe until our symbol that is “ TRINACRIA” .

T: Are doing live performances?

DM: For now , we by working for a new releases ,  who knows one day we could appear on some stage , by surprise with Satan .

T: Well I I thank you for your time to answer this interview for The Legion of TchorT Zine. Any final words for our readers who want to have is CD.?

DM and A.Venor : Always try to propose new ideas , and the stuff old school is a best always , listen “A New Aeon of Total Darkness (Zero Hope, Only Suffering)” and follow us with hate  to hell. By DM AND A.VENOR.