jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Wintercold (Sweden)

T: Hail Tony! Tell Me about since your are in the music and you have tons of bands like Wintercold?

Satanic Tony: I have been active in music since 1981, when I used to play in my first punk band then. Yes I am old, haha. I have been active in several bands during all years and some of them is also still alive more than less. The first time I really started with metal was around late 1985 and 1986, then with my first black metal band Equinox. And today I am also active in some bands and projects, then I have lots of contacts today, thanks to my label activity in salute records. And wintercold was one of the earlier productions I made on the label last year.

T: I listen bands like Wintercold, Demorian, Pazuzu, and others, tell me what was your first band? And how many band have?

Satanic Tony: Wintercold is a result of many kinds of ideas I have got during many years of thinking and planning. And beside of that, I have been active and played in bands like Obey, Killteam, Corpestor, Tragic Serenade, Tales, Exotic Flower, No Agony, Demented, Cryptic Death, Distraught, Pazuzu and many more. The first band for me was Teenage Suicide in 1981! But back then it was more traditional old punk. Today I am active in my three bands/projects Demorian, Wintercold and Camazotz + some other bands also that is more secret yet, but maybe comes out!?

T: You are from Sweden the Country of the tons of Death Metal Bands, you remember it the members of the bands played in 4 bands wow.

Satanic Tony: Yes here we have got many great bands and acts during all years, all back in the 80´s. One of the first raw and extremer metal bands here was in fact a band called Third Storm that was active around 85/86. They sounded as a mix between Hellhammer and Necrophagia and were from a town called Uppsala. Then all great bands like Grave, Midas Touch, Rivers Edge, Nihilist (Entombed), Afflicted Convulsion, Necromanser, Persecution, Harvey Wallbanger, Wombbath, In Thy Dreams, Metal Militia, Obscurity and tons of more.

T: The Most and the best band in your country you think that was Dissection? Or Morbid when singer Dead. (Old School for Old readers)

Satanic Tony: Dissection is and will always be one of the best former/earlier bands in Sweden when it comes to brutal and raw death/black metal I think! But bands I also thinks that we not have to forget is Bathory that have meant so much for bands today and bands that comes! One other band that I think is brilliant, but was from Norway is of course Burzum. Bands like those makes a sign always in the metal world!

T: Wintercold out by your label Salute Records in Lighstscribe, how many copies of “Beyond Darkness And Evil” you do for promotion? You not signed for any label. Not have offert?
Satanic Tony: Wintercold debut album/demo was made in only 30 copies on lightscribe and will probably never be remaked!? It includes 10 tracks of pure dark and gothic evil I think! As I have so many influences I always brings some parts of all in my music. And there for the type of dark metal Wintercold is. And Wintercold have no signing to any other label beside on my own. But if anyone gets interested so maybe? The debut album I made last year have in fact reached a sort of cult name around the globe today and that is real cool. Wintercold is a band/project that will always be around that long as I am alive!

T: I like your Style very doom tempo metal, you have any favorites bands that influences the style of Wintercold?

Satanic Tony: First I can tell you that much of the inspirations is from doom metal. But then I mix it with some pagan, goth and black metal. All to make it sound as Wintercold! In the earlier 90´s I used to play in a doom/death band called Tragic Serenade and much of the roots is still from there also today. My most important influences I got is nature, darkness, depression, life, war. Then bands that influences me is Bathory, Count Raven, Saint Vitus, Warning, Kyuss, Nokturnal Mortum, Burzum, Obsessed, Hellhammer, Black Sabbath, Cathedral and a lots more.

T: You have a Label “Salute Records” Total Underground Support, tell me more about it, your realeses and how the headbangers Buy it?

Satanic Tony: Yes it´s true. Salute records was started up in December 2007 as a way to do what interests me most beside of my family. And that is music/metal. The first releases was in early 2008 a compilation album that was made in 120 copies “Black Pagan Death Salute Vol.1” and an ep/mcd with the south African black metal act Frozenpath. Later also a debut album was made with the croatian dark metal band Grom (Grom02). Also a re-issue was made with the pagan/black metal band Blood Of Kingu from Colombia then. And of course later on the debut with Wintercold. After that much have been happened. The label I started up was more meant as a hobbie, but has grown true larger since a year back and still does. And today we have made around 50 releases, both on tape and cd format. And all bands that is more than less listed/signed on the label cannot be mention here as it is to many, haha. I am mostly interested in black and death metal bands, but also other styles interests me too. As long it is not christian messages in the music as I am totally against those fuckers. All can buy from the label, both paypal users and money well hidden to my address works as a payment. Some releases that is planned now for the nearest future is albums with Khashm (Ru), Nocra (Ru), Kay Pacha (Peru), Non Serviam (Peru) and a bunch more.

T: Who was doing the song writing and of what tell?

Satanic Tony: All lyrics in Wintercold is written by me and is about topics as war, life, evil, religion, depressions, nature, ancestors and all that makes me wanna write someting that influence me!

T: Where did you records your “Beyond Darkness And Evil” ( Why Darkness and not Darkness)

Satanic Tony: All music is recorded in my home, mostly during late nights as it inspire me most always. And a secret to tell is that I using an old guitar “Session” and the michrophone is from the late 60´s, hehe..A way to get an own sound maybe? The title of the album tells for it self I think. There is no god, there is no goodness. Pure dark, pure evil, pure hate. All is in our world!

T: Tony, now in the 2009 how is the scene in your country, are more active like 1990?

Satanic Tony: Both yes and no I think? Back in the 90´s the scene was real good. And bands was born like mushrooms and never ended we thought? But sadly during some years the scene changed and many bands disappeared and just ended. But now today I think the scene has grown again, just one sad thing is that many, many bands just plays like others do and sounded! And it is too few bands that make an own way and do their own style of metal these days. Many is into the profit ways and wants to play black metal or death for money and become famous of it! And such bands is only sad to hear about. And sad is also that many labels runs in the same way too, but we can all hope that they disappear soon and never rises again!? Hails to all true metal bands whatever it is! Dark is true..

T: What are some of the big shows that you guys have played together?

Satanic Tony: Hehe, no shows. It will never be as Wintercold is just one person, it could never happen! But anyway I guess it would be great!

T: Any Last Words of Our reader’s Tony?

Satanic Tony: First I want to say a big thanks to one of my best supporters, TchorT! And for this interview. And a big hello and hail goes to the whole worlds metal maniacs and for all that supports the underground and Wintercold! Regards to you all...Satanic Tony/Wintercold 2009

T: Thanks To you Brother Tony for all Support in this years!