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Terrordome (Poland)

Terrordome (Poland)

T: What is the meaning of Terrordome?

U: Yo, here’s Uappa! Terrordome – the name of our band – came out from three different things! The first one was the band called Public Enemy and their absolute great song called “Welcome To The Terrordome”. The other one was the New Orleans’ stadium called “Terrordome” which was a bad place for its occupants when Hurricane Katrina destroyed the town. The next one is we always to spread the terror! To be extreme, fast and total destruction to human’s mind. We wanted to have every gig like a dome and musical terror underneath. That’s Terrordome!

T: What bands influenced your Thrash Metal/Crossover style?

U: I think mostly my and Mekong’s favorite bands created the unique sound of Terrordome. I am more into HC/punk thrash metal style, what can be heard on guitars – bands like Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht got it. On the other side, the drums in TRDM are totally fast and furious – just like in Dark Angel, Morbid Saint and of course Slayer – Mekong’s favorite bands. Of course there are more, but it would take the river of bands’ names. All in all those are the foundation of Terrordome.

T: Two members of Terrordome are also in Fortress and Traktor. How do they get along with rehearsals in these bands? How does it look like?

U: Well, Traktor is only a project, which has not played any gig before. They meet only before recording the CD. Fortress is a real band, but they do not play so much – it is some kind of local band only. The update for today is that Mekong quit Fortress few months ago and Tom the Srom recently left Terrordome to concentrate on Fortress and his daily life, so that maybe Fortress will start playing more and more gigs.

T: Terrordome’s debut was the EP called "Shit Fuck Kill" in 2007. How did you go with that EP?

U: Yeah, this mini album was totally crazy stuff, man. We were quite young and did not know so much about recording and being in the studio. Only Mekong was quite experienced player. It was really cool time, which I will remember for a really long time. I think this was the blast to the local scene. Lots of people talk about this material until now, what we find amazing! What’s more, we still play these songs live.

T: Then in 2008 you made ​​ with another band a split called "Split It Out"?

U: Exactly, the split with Lostbone from Warsaw. These songs were totally different, kept in some kind of hardcore stuff reminding me of Agnostic Front and Slayer from 2000’s.

T: In 2010 you released ​​a single called "Single 2010". Maybe some songs on the CD would come out later?

U: We just wanted to make something special. As I remember we were in the middle of looking for a new guitar player that time – so it was quite hard, and we wanted to release something to prove that we are not dead, bro. On the single there was S.O.D. cover called “Speak English or Die!” – it was limited to 100pcs, hand numbered copies, you know, quite rare material, which is not easy to be caught here haha.

T: About what topics discuss Terrordome lyrics?

U: Lyrics are mostly anti-political, anti-social and some of them dispose for positive destruction and having a great party! I like vulgar and easy language and I used to express my feelings in some songs.

T: Now, in 2011 you released a CD called "We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch!” What songs did it bring? What was the response from your fans? What is its cover art? (T: I like that cover art it looks great for a t-shirt!!)

U: And this is it! “We’ll Show You Mosh, Bitch!” – the first Terrordome’s longplay. We are really proud of this shit and there are really cool compositions like New World’s Evil or Thrash till Deaf and even Wish You Were Killed with crushing Embodimental! The response was great and it is until now, because our set played live consists mostly of songs from this album.

T: Then, in 2012 you released ​​another split called "Bestial Castigation". With which band?

U: Bestial Castigation is a split of Terrordome with Chilean band called Dekapited. On this album compositions are more mature. We also used really cool, high quality equipment to record it, as it is heard in compare to our earlier albums. It was some kind of a try before new recordings for 2015.

T: And this year you have surprised us with a new compilation CD called "We'll Show You Bosch, Mitch!" Why this is so similar to your first CD title "We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch!"? Why they were put here?

U: Well, we wanted to release the previous mini albums with some extras, which were recorded during 9 years of our existence on the thrash metal scene. The name is similar to the first album, but it has some comic meaning, referring to the series of legendary Baywatch! We decided to destroy the beach and chase away all chicks with cutting Mitch on the hood of his beach car! These old albums were hard to get here, so we decided to release them on one compilation. Yeah!

T: This CD has many songs! Can it be called a collection of the best live tracks and new songs of Terrordome?

U: The live material on the CD as the bonus is only bootleg from Warsaw. I would not call it the best shit in our output – it is just rare material from early years. These songs are not new as well.

T: The cover art is very striking. How could you describe it? Who did the work?

U: Sure it is! The main display was invented by me, but I based on the title of the album, which was discovered by Mekong. He’s quite good in thinking up of catchy titles (or catching titties). It was presented to our graphic master Marcin Białkowski, who did the whole work. Thanks mate!

T: In this CD you added few songs live. Do they come from your best concerts?

U: As the sound record is not quite good, I think these gigs were really awesome, because of the atmosphere and the thrashing blast!

T: Terrordome has participated in many compilations. Could you give us some titles?

U: Yeah, we have been caught on compilations such as Tomb of the Unknowns I, Tattoofest 2010, Killcity XXVI, Thrashing Damnation Thru Compilation I, Summer Beatdown.

T: How is the scene of Thrash Metal in Poland?

U: The scene is not so big, every band knows each other. We exchange musicians, as we are cool friends. It is quite tight here, but we have lots of opportunities of playing and that’s awesome.

T: What bands would you recommend?

U: First of all I would recommend Tester Gier as the band which is very close to us. We are almost like a family and support ourselves in hard times. There are cool and active bands like R.O.D., Driller, The No-Mads, Rusted Brain, Thermit, Deathinition, Repulsor, Bullet Belt, Brudny Skurwiel, Menthrass, Rotengeist that I would recommend to listen.

T: With what well-known bands have you shared the stage at concerts or festivals?

U: We have played lots of gigs and we have shared the stage with Anthrax, Suicidal Angels, Accuser, Caliban, Blunt Force Trauma, Ramming Speed, Andralls, SSS, Ratos De Porao.

T: Do you want to say any last words for the readers of The Legion of TchorT Zine & Compilation? Where they can buy your merchandise?

U: Well, special thanks for the interview – it was a great pleasure to have a word with you. I encourage all of you to visit www.terrordome.net.pl, see our official video for “Brutal Punishment” song on Youtube and have a look on our merchandise on www.terrordome.8merch.com. Expect the new album within a year and support your local stage! See you on some concert in your area soon!