miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Clandestined (Japan)


T:  Hello Okazzy!! Why Clandestined name? Is something new band? With 3 CD's made​​? What can you tell me about Clandestined?

O: Clandestined = secret formed 2009 sep. 2010 mar1stcd AMOK SAINTS IN SODOM
2011 mar 2nd cd RUINATIC 2013 jun 3rd MORTAL
I formed clandestined. At that  time,drums MARI,BASS GWTAWO,and GUITAR SUZUKI. Of course I play GUITAR & VOCAL.
But now changed member  OKAZZY! SUZUKI, SHIHO(bass) NORIO(drums)

T: Clandestined hits a Death Thrash Metal bands What you served as inspiration to come up with that style?

O: CLANDESTINED roots is  VOIDD(early).voidd is my another band since 1989.
Early days voidd were Death trash style. Influenced by slayer sodom, Bathory, celticfrost … many thrash, blackmetal bands.  But now Voidd changed sound style! Kind of Phychobilly metal!And clandestined also many metal bands. My fvorite deathmetal bands are ENTOMBED, MORBID ANGEL… old school deathmetal, thrash metal!

T: In Clandestined as work in terms of creating music and lyrics? Everyone has if participation?

O: I make All works of Clandestined. MUSIC ,LYRICS,RECORDING ENGINEERING.
Of course!Other menber playing guitar, bass, drums. I Created all songs .

T: How about working with BusDeath and Evil Records?

O: Busdeath is my Label. Very difficult spread to world. But go well a little!
Evil Records is Gezol (SABBAT) ‘s Label! Evil released 1st CD of Voidd 1993.
At that time !we are very exciting!  When gezol heard our 2nd CD.”RUINATIC”, he was very exciting and told me, masterpiece!
I think, want to release 3rd CD “MORTAL” from Evil Records again!
Gezol said good IDEA! It’s will release soon! Very good partner with him long time!

T. What we can describe about the art of the covers of the CD's "Ruinatics" and "Mortal?

RUINATICS is about hell! Mortal is Hell in my left eye! Hell is theme of Clandestined! 1st is SODOM & GOMORA 2nd is EVIL mind OF HUMAN 3rd is Nuclear accidents by evil minds

T: His latest accomplishment is the CD "Mortal" What about the distribution and sales? Stormy? Comments magazines and radios in the Metal?

O: Sales is so so distro are very cheap! Only in Japan. But almost I sold to mail order!Japan also many other countries. In asia a lot of sold. Many metal magazines in EU intervew and add reviews. Radio stationes  played many songs.

T: I was listening to the CD. "Mortal" and I found a very good sound. How would you describe your music on this CD?

O: Thanxx. This CD is Old school deathmetal meet black thrash. My vocal style influenced by old blackmetal. Not too low voice. Not too fat voice.Not brutal deathmetal style. And songs have melodies and heavy  vocal also guitars. Songs have melodies. But not melo deathmetal.

T: Is it good participation of women in metal bands? What other bands in Japan know that this made by women?

O: I think about woman in band, good for image, but not for lack of play ability.
In particular drums. because of not heavy than man. But many men like pretty & beautiful women, menber of woman is good sex appeal!
But I don’t like it. Now In japan, many girls bands appearance our old menber Mari formed girls band. They are debut from major Label it’s already not metal bands. I hate the fact.
T: Okazzy, Also have a band called Voidd? How are you doing with this parallel band?? Do you currently have done a Compilation CD called “Desperate Truth”?

O: This year is Aniversary 25th voidd will release 6th album, recently Voidd play with Punk, Hardcore bands. Sometimes play with metal bands. Yes Voidd continue active since 25years ago! Unfortunetly the band changed sound style. But creating good songs of R&R! Original "Desperate Truth" released 1993.
It’s 1st album. New released "Desperate Truth" is 1st CD+demos. At that time, I saw on internet many ilegal Mp3 of that CD. and  many overseas people ask to me that want to get "Desperate Truth". Analog or cd! In 2009. HMSS released "Desperate Truth" LP were sold out in a moment!  I asked to my friend of chinese. He has lebel (Area death). He released many minor Thrash classics, and rear tracks. When Clandestined went to China tour, I met Him for contract of release "Desperate Truth". It’s gowell! I had good reaction from every where in the world. It’ s good release! because many people get to know my new band CLANDESTINED. Some people say, early Voidd reborn to CLANDESTINED. It’s true, a little wrong.

T: On your other band you make a style more Black Death Metal? In this bands serve to influence you to create music?

O: CLANDESTINED? maybe  will be more black and death (not brutal deathmetal).
Voidd? Not back to metal. Music of the two bands, which affect each other.

T: Okkazy Thanks for giving time to answer some questions for The Legion of TchorT Zine. What would you say to our readers? Where they can get merchandise from Clandestined?

O: You're welcome!OK ! we are far east DEATHMETAL BAND! No fashion DEATHMETAL. We create & looking for Orijinal NEW deathmetal! Please listen! & check our site! You can  mail for order CDS!