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Thrashback (France)

T: Why Thrashback name? Perhaps because the thrash metal of the old school is back?

TB: Yes, for sure ! But THRASHBACK’s name is coming from a song of our past band Evil One, and is a dedication to WHIPLASH (with their Thrashback album).

T: You had a band called Evil One for over 15 years. What good are memories of Evil One?

TB: So many ! We played in many countries and places, venues and festivals… There was a good vibration and a growing success…But too many line-up changes stopped the progression to regression.

T: By forming Thrashback only 3 members of the ex-Evil One it up. What happened to the lead singer of Evil One?

TB: The lead singer Alexis sings in french heavy metal band Hurlement too. Then he decided to live in the noirth of Germany. It seems difficult to work with 2 bands from 1000 kms…

T: Currently working for Emanes Metal Records. How about the support and dissemination of their music by Emanes Metal Records around the world?

TB: Emanes is really an active and performant label, with a lot of contacts and connections in the real metal underground. We are really happy and proud to belong to the Emanes family. Laurent, the boss, makes a real good job and his passion for metal is amazing.
We need more men like him to support the french metal scene.
We have many reviews through the world since we signed with Emanes. Eaxh gig is a success. We hope to follow this way !

T: The first CD. called "Possessed by Thrash" which have the special participation of drummer Dan Beehler and Exciter original voice of the band. What was the experience? Do you think your participation to be an old school band as Exciter favored them with something?

TB: We had the opportunity and chance to work with Dan due to Jeff waters proposition. We work with Jeff since 5 years now (with Evil One before), and when he knew that we recorded a Pounding Metal cover, he writed me to introduce one of his neighboor… Mr Beehler. After a few words, Beehler accepted to sing on our cover. A real child dream for me…We are really proud of it.

T: Currently have the "Possessed by Thrash" CD / LP / Tape format. How about have fared with sales and promotions?

TB: We wanted to come out Lps and tapes, to go back to the 80’s. And Lps covers are really beautiful to see, don’t you think ?
Promotion items are only in cds, and lps and tapes to sale. Of course, you can buy a cd too ! We don’t have any result of sells, but it seems to be great…

T: What Thrash metal bands old school think helped Thrashback style?

TB: We are influenced by bands like Whiplash and Exodus for US, or Kreator and Destruction for Europe… All the bands we heared in the 80’s and stilll today (and tomorrow)

T: Are currently taking? Live performances? Prepare one maybe? Tour?

TB: So, about news, many things ! We have begin to tour through France, in different areas. We just played with the mighty Milano’s M.O.D on last Saturday. We continue the tour with the cult french band ADX till may. Then we prepare the second album, already written, that we record in july. We think that it will be available in the beginning of 2015.

T: Could you please tell how big Thrash Metal scene in France? Are some names?

TB: Well, the comeback of Thrash Metal in France is new. We hope that we ll help to grow this move. Yes, some good bands we played with or soon, like Infinite Translation, Hexecutor or Deathroned (a new band formed by young boys)… But the fans are here, at each date. People needs Thrash metal !

T: Can I have name 10 bands that usually tracks that are your favorites?

TB: 10 favourite bands ? :
Metallica / Exodus / Razor / Whiplash / Xentrix /  Metal Church / Slayer / Living death / Venom / Annihilator / Exciter / and again and again….

T: Do any last words for our readers of The Legion Of TchorT Zine? Where you can acquire more information Thrashback and merchandise?

TB: Thanx to you all dudes ! A great thrash hail from France to Peru fans. We hope to play in your country one day ! Support the thrash metal bands, support THRASHBACK !
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