miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Eyecult (Sweden)

T: Eyecult is a band of two members Andreas (Drums) and Patrik (Guitar, Bass and Vocals) is the same training as your other band Anachronaeon? Why Eyecult? which means?

Patrik: Eyecult is basically all about the black metal culture. I like everything about the aesthetic expression of the music. It is also pronounced "I-cult" as in the traditional sense of the satanist/individualist. However none of us are satanists, but we are anti flock behaviour and we believe that no one can tell another person what to believe. People who are satanists and label themself that are also conforming.

T: I'm listening to the CD "Morituri Te Salutamus" and is truly very good Black Metal is fast and energetic.

Patrik: Thanks!

T: The lyrics and music are created many years ago why wait so long to record, mix and make the letters is also a studio band right? In all that time that you take many things change I guess looking for perfection?

Patrik: Yeah, Eyecult is also a studio band. We started this album, and then I became a father for the second time, so we put everything on ice, recorded an Anachronaeon album in between, and then we returned to this album and finished it. Lyrics-wise I had to apply the black metal tradition through my own interpretation so I put a lot of time into the lyrics. Misanthropy is the main theme.

T: The cover of the CD. "Morituri Te Salutamus" What do they talk the songs you explain to us something

Patrik: Morituri te salutamus can be translated to "The about to die, we salute you", and we're all dying, that's why death is on the cover.

T: You are former members of Eternally Devoured (Thrash Metal) and Human Failure (Death Metal) change the name to Anachronaeon.

Patrik: Only "Human Failure" is really related to Anachronaeon, since it is the band that Andreas and I were the only one's in. But we played together with other people in Eternally Devoured. That was a long time ago.

T: What it is like working with Ewiges Eis Records ?

Patrik: Don't really know. We are not working with them anymore, and really we only had contact with them for a week, released the album, then he stopped responding to our e-mails. That's apparantly how he work, a friend of mine's band was treated the same way. We didn't sign a contract or anything, so anyone who wants to release Eyecult can do so.

T: We will have new material soon or wait Eyecult few years hence that the delay is because if you already have the items made? and label.

Patrik: First we finish the Anachronaeon album that is in progress, then we shall return to
Eyecult. Lots of songs are already written and cover art and lyrics are complete.

T: What are your favorite bands and and bands you think have influenced the creation of your band Eyecult?

Patrik: Dark Funeral, Infernal, Dissection, 1349, Naglfar, Mörk Gryning, Emperor, Sirius, Liar of Golgotha, Averse Sefira, the list is very extensive.

T: Have you appeared in any compilation of your country and around the world?

Patrik: We have been on two so far. Check our facebook page for more info, since I can only remember one right now: Metal Delirium's Standing Stout.

T: Eyecult Split CD has made or is there any plans to do so with such good material?

Patrik: Only loose plans right now... to do something with Matias Autio and Dødkvlt in the future.

T: Are you preparing new material? We can advance some comment?

Patrik: The new material will not be exactly like the old stuff, we are trying to thing a little more outside the box, but still keep tradition according to speed and production. That's all I can say.

T: Anything else you want to add to The Legion Of Tchort? where we can get your merchandise?

Patrik: Thanks for your time bro! You can't get any merch right now. Maybe if people keep asking us, we can setup a shop.