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Vesterian (Usa)


Vesterian (Usa)

T: Greetings Verigo, Tell me what is the name Vesterian.

Verigo: Vesterian is the name I created for us which is a name for an empire.

T: I relate your music much like the sound of 90's Norwegian Black Metal. Is that the sound of Vesterian?

Verigo: Well I would say 60% of all Vesterian music was written by me between 95 to 99. So it makes sense to say we sound 90's. Under a Red Moon is the first song I ever wrote for Vesterian. I still have more material written from these time periods. You can expect to hear this material in our future releases. I think the production and mix plays a role on how the music will come out all together. But we are not trying at all to sound Norwegian. But thanks.

T: What are the Black Metal bands that influence Vesterian.

Verigo: The Old Black Metal period as a whole convinced me to chose this musical path, but there is no band during that time that influenced my writings of that time. With the exception of Under a Red Moon. Those riffs gave tribute to that time period. My music is influenced by my own pain, suffering and hate. I still live by these laws today.

T: What Old school BM bands do you like?

Verigo: Back in the early 90's I had high respect for Mayhem, Emperor's, Burzum, and so on. The Black Metal release that really caught my attention were, Isvind - Where Dark Waters Stir, Helheim - Jormundgand and Niðr ok Norðr liggr Helvegr cassette, Funeral Winds - Screaming from Grace, Setherial - Nord, Thy Primordial - Kristallklar vinternatt 7inch, Lunar Aurora – Weltenganger, Dodheimsgard - Kronet til konge, Marduk - Opus Nocturne and many more. (Old school: Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Sarcofago, etc)

T: Did the band began calling themselves Centurion with the 2 demos Let it Begin and Black Metal Assault? What can you tell us about this.

Verigo: Originally I started Centurion in late middle school with friends in school. Let it Begin was Cruel and Barbaric Black Thrash metal with some strange medieval sounding synths. My Vocals came out sinister for my first, reminded me after of old Samael. We were pleased with the outcome. The new songs I wrote was far more, darker and more violent. We felt to call it BM Assault.This was the first straight forward Black Metal recording. A few of These songs were later used in Vesterian. We decided now if we are going to be serious about a band, to choose a name that is not already out there. We kept the same line up and changed the name to Vesterian.

T: Vesterian been formed for 17 years with 8 demos - can you tell us more about that.

Verigo:  I know that is a long time for just demos. I was still in school during the 90's. The original Vesterian members split up in 98 and it became my solo band. Nobody was truly into Black Metal where I was living. The few people that were, were all FUCK UPS. A few session member joined between 1998 to 2004, but only for live shows. Could not find the right drummer to record. There was also no financial support for any proper recordings. I am a firm believer of only putting out good recordings. The Demos were all recorded in the necro style with drum machine. I did not think it was a good representation of my writings. But because people liked it, I kept them in small circulation. Being fed up with it all, I recorded Vesterian Wants You Dead album and quit playing Vesterian for a period. In late 2006 I reformed the band with a new drummer but that only lasted a few months.. In 2007 I relocated to CA and reformed the line up. We been moving forward ever since.

T: Where was the video "World of the Dead" - Live Black Metal Terror" filmed?

Verigo: It was filmed at the World of the Dead Metal festival in Maywood California consisting of all the members who recorded on the Anthems for the coming War Age Album.

T: The debut CD, "Anthems for the coming war age", Is there a new topic? What is the theme of the lyrics?

Verigo:  I focused a lot of the lyrics on the apocalypse which has been a reoccurring visions taking place in my sleep for many years. Originally the song titles were going to be in a event timeline order. We did not do that due to the length of the songs. Some of the songs have historical ancient references of events that took place in history leading to events that are taking place now soon the future.

T: How about working with Glorious North Production?

Verigo: We have great communication, he has helped us a lot, we really appreciate everything he is doing.

T: They released 1,000 copies. How are sales and distributions?

Verigo:  I hear that everything is going very well, I am seeing the cds in a lot of different places. Noticing a lot of people talking about it and praising it.

T: What did you try to represent on the CD cover. "Anthems for the coming war age"? Who is the author of The Art of the cover art?

Verigo:  I been working with Farron of Farron Loathing Illustration for some time. We usually just give him a idea, and he draws it up. The Cd cover was actually a painting he did of a demonic horse rider of the apocalypse. I think the artwork goes well with the concept of the album.

T: Tell me what bands you have performed in concerts?

Verigo:  We have performed live with many great bands. I will just name a few. Horna, Impiety, Aura Noir, Marduk, Sargeist, Behexen, Negura Bunget, Nifelheim Merrimack.

T: Are there plans to record a concert DVD?

Verigo:  Sure, maybe this summer.

T: Have you received offers for a tour in Europe?

Verigo:  Yes, Europe and Australia. Maybe we will take the offer the end of this year or next.

T: Anything you want to add Verigo? Where can readers acquire Vesterian merchandise, readers of The Legion Of Tchort Zine?

Verigo:  1. Vesterian is currently working on a new release. Expect pure Black Metal done in the days of Violent Hateful Black Metal. 2. Vesterian's Violent Hateful Black Metal and Black Metal Terror split will be re-released early this year 2015. 3. Vesterian is scheduled for a 1 month US tour staring in June 2015. For all band updates, information and merchandise see or contact www.facebook.com/vesterian www.vesterian666@gmail.com For merchandise - www.vesterian666.bandcamp.com CDs - www.gloriousnorth.co.uk