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War Messiah (Poland)


War Messiah (Poland)

T:  What was the reason to name the band War Messiah?

WM:  Our lyrics are full of ‘’war’’ topic, especially on our first EP Dehumanized Mankind. Moreover on every war or some armed conflict there are commanders which spur their subordinates to fight…those commanders can be also called as messiahs forecasting the victory even if the situation is hopeless. Basically by this name We want to express strength and power going through our music and what’s more some kind of lyrical direction We want to have.

T:  Your music seems to be influenced by two bands: Sepultura & Exodus. Am I right? Who in your opinion has other direct influence on your music?

WM: In some way these bands had to have some influence on us, that’s for sure. Besides Sroka (lead/rhytm guitar) who’s rather fan of Death Metal, other guys are more into Thrash Metal, if speaking about Metal. We try to be inspired by every kind of music, literally. Everyone in the band loves Death, one guy’s into our native Decapitated, the other one listens to Zappa and someone else could bang Madonna. You know, the point is not to close your mind onto music. Every genre can give huge impact in making metal music, even if it’s not considered metal. In our opinion it’s important to make something, let’s say, ,,special’’, something new, at the same time being inspired by some shit but somehow hide this ‘’influence’’. 

T: The quote in song "Suicide" is taken or influenced by Hermann Hesse’s book. Have you read his book "Steppenwolf"?

WM: Bzyk (vocal) read this. We all admitted this quote was just cool as fuck and fitted well into this song, especially considering the topic of it.

T: When one plays the "Graveyard Feeding" record, one realizes it’s pure Thrash/ Death Metal. Who is responsible for the music? Who writes the lyrics?

WM:  If it comes to talk about Graveyard Feeding…This one is made by two guys – Sławek (lead/rhytm guitar) and Hagrid (drums). They were adding more and more riffs to it, making sure they all work and sound properly. Lyrics were written by Sroka and Bzyk just put them together as a whole.

T: How is it going with its distribution?

WM: Currently We sell albums mostly at the concerts. Sometimes it happens that someone writes to us on Facebook in order to buy our albums. For some time the distribution belonged to Polish label All Seeing Eye Art but after the contract expired, We didn’t even try to extend it. 

T: I'm realizing that there are many Thrash/Death Metal bands or bands influenced by this music in Poland. What do you think about it?

WM: Yeah! It’s funny because the only Polish bands that are known abroad play fucking Metal. Poland is a specific country, not even trying to promote our bands, but fuck it, the bands are fine and keeping a really good form! Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader or Virgin Snatch - these bands are more likely to be seen in other countries than in Poland. We’ve got a really great Metal scene a Poland. When you guys have some time, you’ve got to check some other rising kickass bands such as ThermiT, Rusted Brain, Deathinition, Tester Gier, Hybris or Brüdny Skürwiel.

T: What do you remember from your first EP’’Dehumanized Mankind’’?

WM: Dehumanized Mankind was our first serious record. It took some time, money, nerves and beers. It’s heavily underdeveloped. We didn’t use any metronome, so it all sounds just like it can be heard. But it gave us a huge power in order not to make the same mistakes on the next album. We think our second one – Graveyard Feeding is just an example how to learn properly on self-made mistakes.

T: What are your future plans? Maybe LP?

WM: We’ve got some gigs left that We’re going to play by the end of 2014. In the meantime We’ll start making new songs, We’ve got some badass pieces right now that need more concentration so that they can sound kickass. After New Year We’ll be focusing really hard on writing new stuff. LP is our target. No more EP, We want to make something bigger. Regardless the cash and other shit that’s really fucking needed in this whole ‘’making LP’’ process, We don’t know when exactly it’s going to be released but 2015 is our goal.

T: Where can our readers buy your merchandise?

WM: Currently our merchandise is limited to the albums. In the near future We’re going to add some logo type and cover type T-shirts so you can look really silly on the street, hehe. Contact us via Facebook or gmail. https://www.facebook.com/warmessiahthrash

T: Thank you for this interview. I hope I will always keep being informed about your stuff. Do you have anything to add to The Legion Of Compilation & Tchort Zine?

WM: You will be! That’s for sure. Well, BE LOUD, BE DRUNK, BE FUCKING ANGRY and hopefully SEE YOU IN THE MOSHPIT! Thanks for the interview. See you at gigs! Cheers!