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Satarial (Russia)


Satarial (Russia)

T: Hello Angelika! How are you? The classic question Why do you put Satarial the band?

A: To begin with, we recently returned from a European tour and immediately started recording our new album. At the moment I already recorded most of the drum parties.
Why I started to play in Satarial?
At that moment I played in the first female death metal band Russia Succubus on bass guitar. Accidentally met with Lord Seth and he offered to be the keyboard player in the band Satarial. I liked the ideas of the group, both musical and philosophical. The music was with a great influence medieval melodic and folklore and I was very interested. Combined with black metal it was something entirely new. And eventually, I joined the band and after some time left the band Succubus.

T: You have been playing since 1993 have recorded many productions Do you remember anything from how to start Satarial?

A: The entire history of the band Satarial is a struggle for freedom of thought, expression and for religious freedom.
The way of the band was not easy from the beginning. When in Russia the communist regime became irrelevant, the government decided to replace it with another idea for the masses, such as faith. And make totalitarian regime obedient citizens through the orthodox christian church. Since the early 90's orthodox religion began to gain more and more power and authority. And she has negatively attitude to people, which not taking her philosophy. In 1995, on the first public performance of the band Satarial, in participants of band shoot from a pistol religious fanatics, who were militants of  orthodox church. They in their activity includes protection of churches and so on. In the future the Church has increasingly infiltrated in the Department of state and policy. And accordingly, many of our concerts were banned. The band has a lot of litigation.

T: The Black Metal band started as Satarial in a very troubled year in the Nordic scene. Is there any relationship?

A: When the Christian religion is increasing its influence on politics and the state, and begins to encroach on the freedom of the people, then in the culture ( music, poetry ) appear anti-clerical tendencies. And the church begins to fight against these anti-clerical trends in art.

T: Angelika Satarial you do blend of many styles Folk, Black, Industrial, Gothic many musical tendecias. Who are responsible for creating the music the sound of each song?

A: All music, lyrics and scripts of our show creates Lord Seth. I'm only doing arrangements of drums and some arrangements of keyboards.

T: The lyrics are based on vampires, blood, wolves, love and anti Christian. What reading or watching to create these kinds of issues?

A: Our creation touch on a few layers, one of which mysticism and pagan folklore. And the other layer is anti-clericalism. On the creation  inspires wild nature, forests, mountains, our sorcery practices. energy that surround us, and Nordic mythology and history.
We are inspired by only from the world around us, not touched by people. We deny the illusion created by the Demiurge, and we live by the fact that lie between light and darkness.

T: You were called Ad maiorum Satan Glorium in 1989. What happens in 1993 for change of name of the band?

A: The band recorded a demo in 1989. And after 1990 and 1992 the band was not active.
The court USSR recognized the activity of a band  A.M.S.G. of anti-Soviet and fascistic. The name of the band and her music were prohibited. Seth was sent to the psychiatric clinic. And the rest of the band  members - into the army.
In 1992 Seth decided to resume musical activities. And started to assemble a new team of musicians.  And then Seth decides to change name of the band on Satarial. And make the sound of black metal with medieval influences.

T: I see newspaper clippings where they criticize the fact that your Angelika go out playing drums with topless. And consider one satanic band in a Russian television program. What do you think of Russian society?

A: Naked female body to me is like a Manifesto of freedom, it is a challenge for enslaved and society of obscurantist.
Using sexual energy can be achieved great goals, because this is the energy of Fire , the energy of Chaos. Our show is not only ancient magic ritual, it is also a sieve that separates the real people from zombies of god.
The creation of the band Satarial closely associated with witchcraft. At concerts we show magical mystery and rituals. This is not just a show, it's a real magic work. We use the naked female body, which represents the nature and the Mother-goddess.
orthodox christians are afraid of the naked female body more than  the Devil. We like it when they are afraid of our concerts.
In Russia now the totalitarian regime of the orthodox church. Most people in Russia believe that the christian religion is the salvation of the country. And now they are ready to destroy all those who have a different opinion. The state currently already fully subject to the laws of the orthodox church. And all the recent adoption of new laws has almost brought Russia to the theocratic system. At the moment all the concerts of the band Satarial in the cities of Russia thwarted by the police or religious fanatics. And so our concerts are held only in Europe, not in Russia. In Russia now, if a musician doesn't lick the ass to a priest, then he can forget about the scene. You probably know what happened for example with the band Behemoth in Russia. Now most of the major festivals and open airs in Russia are held under the patronage of the clergy. All people to know about this, but pretend what to not know. And thus, many bands and their audiences have become puppets of the ROC. The TV also only performs the tasks of the church and state brainwashing people. On Russian TV saying nothing but lies.

T: Currently have been 6 CD'S Is there much difference between CD and CD? What we can tell you about it?

A: Satarial at the moment has released 7 CD's, not including reissues and compilations. The albums differ from each other arrangements, but they leave yourself in the basics of music of Satarial and folklore.

T: Do you think that every CD produced by Satarial has a different style?
Since all the music writes Seth, here I quote his words:
We no longer think about the limitations of styles and directions. In music we are talking about their emotions and thoughts. The word destroys the true. Word cannot convey the meaning and only the music speaks the language of nature. The real song is a scream of the soul, not just unnecessary words. We learn this from nature and from ancient civilizations that have not lost touch with the true.

T: Listening to his latest CD "Lunar Cross" I liked the style as well as letters. How would you consider this CD?

A: "Lunar Cross" - a mystical revelation symbolism of the swastika. The movement  from illusion to truth,  from life to death, from good to evil, from light to darkness. This is the way counter-clockwise in the rituals of revenge attacks in the witchcraft. This activation of the four elements in their original titanic condition.
We decided to record this album in the tradition of the old school of metal. We recorded it live, as it sounds on concerts. We did not use computer technology which  align the dynamics. It is the most heaviest album of Satarial. I on this album was recorded not only the keyboards as on the previous albums, but and debut as a drummer. The album  imbued with magic, mysticism, filled with spells and planetary harmonies.

T: I see you have much support from labels.

A: The album was released by three labels: Satanath Records (Russia), Metallic Media (USA), and Black Plague Records (USA) in august 2014.

T: In his concerts do scenographic presentations. What made to represent some songs? Or is it just marketing?

A: At our concerts we strengthen with help of visual show the magical power of music. Lunar magic dance mixed with blasphemy and with Great witchcraft. We give everyone a drink from the chalice of magical wine and to offer join us. Also in the show we use magic incense, aimed at the objective of this ritual. We support equilibrium and the protogenic Nature. We invite all to take part in our witchcraft at concerts Satarial. If we will not do this, then the equilibrium will be broken completely and demiurge  shall devour the souls of those who pray to God. And someday we close our time and distance, are able to go beyond the mind and creation. And see the light of the primal darkness.

T: Some last words for The Legion Of Tchort? And our readers who are interested in getting their goods to where they can write?

A: I would like to wish:to be free from dogmas, believe in yourself, to live in harmony with naturead enjoy life !Be blessed!