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Krigere Wolf (Italy)

T: Why Krigere Wolf as the name of the band? Do any special meaning?

R: Hails man and thanks a lot for your interview. Krigere Wolf means “Warrior/Wolf”, and represents the most powerful and obscure animal of the forest, ready to fight in all occasion, showing his sharp teeth and his infernal courage.

T:  Unfortunately your promo sending your band apparently lost because it never came to my hand. What do you think of the postal system in Italy and Peru? (T: Please Bands & Labels Ever Registered Mail)

R: Unfortunately often the packages don't reach destination. I'm sorry for this.

T: I could hear the music of your band on YouTube and Metal Archives. What would you give to Krigere Wolf?

R: My only purpose is that to play until when I will have the breath and the force to be able to do him. This I will give to Krigere Wolf.

T: Currently the band has 3 production. I read that members have been changing. Why did it happen? Something does it influence the sound of each production Krigere Wolf?

R: Yes, is true. This band has had a lot of changes of lineup, for varied motives, accordingly what derives is also a change of "style" musical. Now we have finally succeeded in expressing what I have always wanted to play with this band. Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf is the result of a pure thrash metal with very glacial black metal riffing on it. Sure, the different productions of this years, has been influenced by many views about black metal. The Ancient Culture To Kill took inspiration also from swedish death metal, classic heavy metal, epic riding, classicism and powerful of  guitar’s solos, mighty bass guitar's sound, and hot growling voices. Victory of Satan’s Warriors is the "middle age" of Krigere Wolf, in wich the band has crossed a bridge between OLD and CURRENT style; the result is a very rotten sound, barbaric songs and very blasphemic and satanic visions.
Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf is the result of the music that I always wanted to play, blackened and glacial thrash metal. 

T: His CD. “The Ancient Culture to kill“ Debut do with Krigere Wolf. How about them was with sales? Its very fast BlackMetal sound worked very well and with a very infernal voice guitars. What bands influenced the CD. “The Ancient Culture to kill“?

R: The Ancient Culture to Kill has been a good debut. The feedback has been very good, and still today this album is very valued. The songwritings of the first album talk about obscure and poetic nordic tales, with demonic visions of the vikings war. The style of arrangements was different respect the current way of working, influenced very much by classic metal, swedish extreme metal (Unleashed, Bathory etc), and influenced by all good early ’90 metal as Venom, Bolt Thrower, old Death etc.

T: Listening to the songs on You Tube hear that we can find a variety of changes quickly. What are the songs about? Beyond talk about an demonic nordic epic war.

R: All Krigere Wolf’s release are concept albums. The Ancient Culture to Kill is a terrible battle between damned viking  souls, that start with Demons from beyond the sea, in which the warriors come down from the ship to devastate everything they find. All album is a battle without breath, the songwriting are also prayers towards the only vikings father that accompanies his children towards the Valhalla reign, through the Valkyries. Here, the outro expresses the end of the battle, and the victory of 3 warriors that will fight in the hills of the crucifixes, the second concept Victory of Satan’s Warriors.

T: We started with a musical introducion towards battle and finish the CD. Sound remains of the battle in the song Died In Battle - Death's Litanies (Outro)

R: Yes, Died in Battle/Death’s Litanies are the end of this brutal and epic ferocity, leaving all outstanding to cross the hills of death and to fight in the new bestial battle.

T: What is the cover art of the CD. “The Ancient Culture to kill“ and who it is that has made this art? It is about a battle of Vikings if I'm not mistaken.

R: Absolutely, it's a battle between damned vikings souls, painted by me. The technique that I used is ink on paper.

T: Let's now your single “Victory of Satan’s Warriors”. has 3 songs sound a little more raw but always with the speed that characterize of a Krigere Wolf. Are we talking about the win the battle? Is this the continuation of the CD. “The Ancient Culture to kill“?

R: Yes, you have understood. Victory of Satan’s Warriors is the victory of the 3 demons, that, survivors at the “holocaust” of the first album, cross the hills of evil and will find themselves in front of a field of crucified christians and they will exterminate all this people with the power that Satan will give them.

T: Can we talk then of a story in the songs of the two CD's?

R: Yes, the two CDs are connected to each other in a only story that will end with the victory of Satan on Christianity.

T: In this single “Victory of Satan’s Warriors”. Also impressed me the art of the cover. Represent the victory of demonic Nordic War?

R: Exactly. Also this cover artwork was drawn by me and represents the 3 vikings protagonists demons, namely the line up of this single (Me, F.B., Hammerfury) and inspired by Altars of Madness of Morbid Angel.

T: Let's focus now on his last CD. "Sacrifice to Valaskjalf" What can you tell me about this?

R: I can say with certainty  that  Sacrifice To Valaskjàlf  is absolutly the best our work in this moment. Behind there is a great and intense work. The album contains nine tracks of pure Glacial Black/Thrash metal, without mercy. On this album we have worked me and Francesco Bauso, from the moment in which Hammerfury decided to leave the band.
The drummer of this album is a session member, Riccardo Grechi, and and have also participated Azmeroth (Heretical) as lead guitar player and Fab Armedgod M. (Deathwork) as backing vocals session. The sounds were treated by Alberto Destasio and Magnus Devo Andersson of Marduk in Sweden at Endarker Studios.

T: We have an edition of their CD's in South Korea and soon in Russia. How they have fared with these labels?

R: My special thanks for the work he has done and continues to do the Fallen Angels Productions, Korean label that has been of great help in the production of this album.
He printed 800 copies with some special limited edition. Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf is having a great success all over the world, and I’m very satisfied. Now the album will be also release by Firstborn Chaos Productions, an important russian label. Soon I will release the details on our official page.

T: Listening to the CD. "Sacrifice to Valaskjalf"  in your You Tube Channel notice a difference of other productions in sound and style. What do you think?

R: Yes, the sounds are more detailed than the other two works, the music style is different, the guitar’s sound is more glacial and frozen than the first album, Alberto Destasio has done a great mixing’s work, and after Magnus D. Andersson has made all album really colossal through his mastering’s work. This album is inspirated by the giants of the ’90 black metal, as Dissection, old Marduk, old Setherial, Dark Funeral etc...

T: Brutal and bloody themes can notice in "Sacrifice to Valaskjalf" What do you think?

R: The songwritings are focused towards the occult, the sacrifice and the torture of the slaves, the dissection of the bodies, drinking the blood of the enemies in honor of Odin, and ensure that their souls burn in hell.

T: I found quite sound Nordic 90s bands like Emperor. Am I right?

R: Absolutely, yes. You're not the first to tell us. Already in other reviews have compared the Wolf Krigere to old Emperor, Dissection, early Marduk, Dark Funeral etc. For me is a great honor.

T: The cover also catches my attention. Who's done? Does it mean the sacrifice of a woman to the Norse god in thanks for victory in the battle music?

R: I noticed that you always guess the meaning of the covers ehehehehe. Yes man!
The cover was painted by my girlfriend, she also artist in painting, graphics etc.
I add a small detail. The figure lying on the altar, can be interpreted either as a male figure or as a female figure (in the case of the outro in which the souls of women burn in hell).

T: Can we be talking about a story in chapters on the CD by CD trayectoris of Krigere Wolf?

R: Let's say that this cd is a separate chapter, as a sort of new beginning, which will continue with the next album, as well as The Ancient Culture to Kill was bound to a single Victory of Satan's Warriors, probably the next album (which to advance now, but will will be related to my land, as land conquered and colonized by the Scandinavian people) will be bound to Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf album.

T: Valaskjàlf was called to the palace where Odin resided. Have you composed the songs based on all Krigere Wolf Norse history?

R: Yes, it's true. All lyrics are inspired by Norse mythology, mixed with my imagination and vision to the darkness and evil of life and war.

T: Honestly reminds me of the band Emperor. Does this sound the marked?

R: Yes, why not, clearly your point of view. Many have compared some of our songs on In the Nightside Eclipse style of Emperor, especially for the vocal line, though I dare not ever compare myself to these giants of extreme music, I would be too presumptuous. I'm pretty humble to say that we play by taking inspiration from them and be able to do our best.

T: I was reading all the letters and listening to what I had in the network. And I read the lyrics to "The End Has a Beginning" It's like a poem and gratitude for the victory in the battle?

R: Yes, an instrumental track of bass and vocal, accompanied by the murmur of the wind, a kind of poetry during a moment of rest and sigh, a prayer that speaks of death and the afterlife

T: With these 3 CD's ends the story of the topics accompanied by music?

R: For now, yes...

T: What can we expect now in the story? and we can expect in the history of Kriger Wolf? Any plans to compose a fourth CD?

R: For now we are enjoying the publication of Sacrifice to Valaskjalf, but the fourth album is already in my mind and slowly is maturing.

T: How to go to concerts? With which bands have already been submitted? Any plans for some Tour featuring the CD?

R: Absolutely, we are planning something about it.

T: Do any last words for the readers of The Legion Of Compilation & Tchort Zine? Where can our readers buy your merchandise?

R: For any information regarding the merchandise, you can just contact me at rickcostantino@hotmail.it to my page https://www.facebook.com/KrigereWolfOFFICIAL
Thank you so much for the space that you have given me, I greet all of your readers.