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The True Endless (Italy)

The True Endless (Italy)

T: Hi M. great to meet you again after your appearance on The Legion Of TchorT # 5 with the song " My Knife is So Nice And Sharp". In those years you changed your sound very much, you are now more violent in my opinion, do you agree?

M: In part, yes! We emphasize the violent and atmospheric aspects of our sound, I think that in “Legacy Of Hate”, our last album, the violent and fast parts are faster and more violent as the atmospheric ones are more evoking and deep.
I think this come from our better knowledge of the instruments and about our continuous need to experiment, still keeping our songs in the traditional Black Metal way.
I can tell you that we are changing again, so the new songs will sound different, in part for our natural need to change and for the fact we changed our drummer after the recordings of “Legacy…”.

T: Why the band is called The True Endless? Why “The True” ? Is the same problem Mayhem is now called The True Mayhem ?

M: The band was born as Endless only, due to our passion to some themes regarding the H.P. Lovecraft novels; but due to other 2 or 3 bands with the same name in the 90’s underground, we choosed to add “the true” to our name, not to be confused with them. This is the only reason; we didn’t wanted to tribute The True Mayhem nor to be considered as a true band at all costs, we just wanted to be different from the other Endless around the world.

 T: The sound of the Cd "Legacy Of Hate" is brutal black metal with medieval touches in my opinion. How do you call it? In my opinion it sounds like Immortal , Satyricon and Isengard ?

M: I don’t feel any medieval touches, sorry, but I’m glad you find all this influences in “Legacy Of Hate” tracks, and I like when people find different influences. I never thought about Immortal Isengard or Satyricon when I composed the tracks, but I can tell you that all the 3 are very influencing bands for all “modern” Black Metal in general. I feel myself more influenced by old Black Metal like Bathory, Hellhammer-Celtic Frost, some thrash like Sodom and some old school Death Metal too, but anyone can have different opinions and find different parallelism.
We define our style as Novara Black Metal, because our music is Black and we come from Novara (Italy).

T: Your latest cd is called "Legacy Of Hate", 7 excellent songs. What can you tell us about this cd ?

M: “Legacy Of Hate” is our last album, I’m really satisfied about how it has been composed, recorded and published and I’m glad that you liked it so much!
We composed it through a couple of years and recorded all in our ex drummer studio during an whole year too.
We make some experiments too using trumpets and piano, you can check “Perverse Vision” and “Intermezzo”.
 Then Stefano Ferrian mixed it at dEN Studios and Magnus Devo Anderson from Marduk did the mastering at his Endarker Studios.
The tracks are violent and atmospheric at the same time, the sound is raw but perfect…We are very satisfied and we consider it our best album ever!
And that’s all…
We are playing almost all the album on stage and I can tell you that the tracks are very good in live version too!

T: What the artwork of "Legacy Of Hate” cd means to you? A complete medieval slaughter in the name of religion?

M: Yes, but it’s a medieval slaughter that still continue nowadays, a madness that is still active since 2000 years and more. I think that the use of religion to make wars is part of mankind and the monotheistic plagues used and uses it several times and more than any other religion in human history.

T: What bands influence the style of The True Endless?

M: many bands, too many to be mentioned…and not only Black Metal bands… We like to mix different styles in our Black Metal, sometimes you can hear some Doom or Thrash influences, as Death or Ambient…We listen to different musical styles and we like to use all our influences in the creation of our songs as well.

T: Do you think the era of the 90's was the beginning of influences very similar to the Norwegian bands sound in almost all the world? Currently many bands sound like that.

M: 90’s Norwegian Black Metal is still one of the most important influences in all the world Black Metal scene, bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor and so on influenced hundreds of musicians all over the world and so yes, many bands have Norwegian’s influences. We have lot of Norwegian influences too, I cannot ignore but it’s not a problem for me, it’s the music I like and I try to play it in my own personal way, many listeners find Mediterranean influences too, Thrash or Doomish moments and some (old) Death metal too…
The problem is when you have copycats, no personal interpretations, no personal tracks, but copies only… I think the underground don’t need bands like this…

T: What are the differences in the sound of the Italian bands of the 80s and 90s bands?

M: There are lot of differences, in the 80’s there was very few Black Metal bands in Italy, the most important was Mortuary Drape, Opera IX and Necromass and their style was more into the Mediterranean scene, more occult and obscure than Norwegian ones in my opinion. You can check what I mean listening to some of those bands and listening directly from your ears!
Musically it was a mix between the northern influences and the greek ones!

T: The True Endless has countless productions. Could you please tell how many splits, EPs and full length and the names of each?

M: ouch…yes it’ll be a long answer, hehehe! But I’ll put here just cd’s and vinyl releases, not to have too much stuff…Ok, here we go.
Cd’s / cdr’s:
Legion of the underworld – split with Catacumba/Abigail/Taekaury
Legacy Of Hate – fullenght
In The Swamp – mini (1st edition 3” cd-r)
Black Souls Rebellion – split with Lycanthropy/Bane/Warfield/Ancient Reign cd-r
Too Heavy For Hell – split with Mephisto
Taurus Live Ritual – live album
La Chiesaccia – album rehearsal cd-r
Suicide Journey – collection album
An Year In Black – album rehearsal
United In Hell – split with Sekhmet/Tundra/Inferno
1888 FromHell – fullenght including a bonus live cd
Unholy Virtues / The Dirty Raw Experience – split with Angmar
Buried By Time And Dust – demo rerecorded + live and videoclip
De Vermiis Misteriis – split with Sigma Draconis/Bloodulv/Malignance
A Climb To Eternity – fullenght
Live At Hellblast Festival – full live album cd-r
Split – with Goat Horns
Wings Of Wrath – fullenght

MMXIV – split e.p. with Entirety
Too Evil And Sick – split e.p. with Mephisto
Wings Of Wrath – gatefold LP album
United By Demoniacal Obsession – split e.p. with Aquer
A Climb To Eternity – LP album
split – e.p. with Goblin Spell
and here you can find all the other stuff on tapes and the compilations, hehehe!
T: When did you formed?
M: The band was formed by Soulfucker and me in 1997 e.v.

T: The True Endless is a band that promotes so much. Who is in charge of this?

M: Do you thing we promote so much? I don’t think so, we are the promoters behind The True Endless, no agencies or labels (except from releases) Personally, I promote the band when I have free time (not so much), so all we did and do is our own work only. In total Underground spirit!

T: Did you had many gigs. With which bands and more remember special concert?

M: We had many gigs since 1997, hehehe! And well…the best gigs I remember are the ones with Marduk, Deicide and Vader, with Besatt and Vesna, with Myrkvid, and many others…maybe too much to be all mentioned. We had good gigs and good parties with “big” bands and underground bands as well! We like live atmosphere and we hope to continue this way for a long time again!

T: Is it difficult to have multiple bands and try the others do not sound like The True Endless?

M: Sometimes it is, but I have so many influences that I still think I’m able to distinguish the different bands one from each other, hehehe!
In plus, The True Endless is actually the only live band I play in, the others are all studio bands and this make all easier…

T: Name me bands that you like the sound of the Italian scene?

M: I like and support many Italian bands, some well known as Forgotten Tomb, Mortuary Drape, Necromass and Opera IX, others more underground, like Kult, Frostmoon Eclipse, Malvento, Urna, and many others, the Italian underground is full of great bands! Keep an eye on it!

T: Thanks for the interview M. see you in the next interview with your other band.. Last words to you. Where people can contact The True Endless to purchase your merchandise?

M: Thanx to you, for your support and the possibility of this interview!
To all the readers, you can find us on facebook or at huginnproduction@libero.it, feel free to get in touch and to ask for our merchandising.
Keep the Black Flame burning!

T: Thanks for all your help M.