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Kaiserreich (Italy)


T: Hello Serpent Est !! Tell us more about the history of Kaiserreich?

SE: Honor, Tchort!
First of all, we want to thank you for the chance to introduce our band to all of your readers.
We really appreciate your help and dedication to the Black Metal scene.
The KAISERREICH project started in late 2004. We took a very few time to create our first album (KRRH) which was very basic and darkthronish. 
Then we had some change in our line-up and got some new musicians which resulted in the release of our second album RAVENCROWNED which make us really proud of.
Now we almost finished the mix of our new album (CUORE NERO, that means Black Heart in italian) that will be released this year. 

T: You can tell that the lyrics are based Kaiserreich? 

SE: Every album has a different mood. The first one was really into the '90 scene, so its lyrics are about nature, pain and evil. Not very original, we say.
The second is a concept album based on a dark-fantasy opera which is about a realm dominated by an immortal Emperor. His son, which is also the leader of the royal guard, tried to kill his on father to seize the throne. The rebellion fails, and the son has been eaten alive by the king's courtigians. After that, the 86 members of the royal guard are sentenced to death for treason, even if they just obeyed orders. The royal guard accepts its fate with loyalty and without fighting. They are tortured to death in the name of the kingdom. From this absolute pain emerges  a demon-god called Anima that tries to avenge the guards but that is easily taken down by the Emperor himself.
Our third album are about inner despair, loneliness and human suffering.

T: They have a lot of admiration for the German past wars?

SE: To be honest, the answer is no. Despite the name, KAISERREICH is not so involved in the  NSBM scene nor in the war argument. We did just one song concerning the wehrmacht (the german infantry) which is Requiem Division 7,62 on our first album.
For sure, the german army is the most fascinating army ever existed and you can see to the Third Reich as the first (and maybe only) attempt to enstablish an evil order on this world.

T: The Kaiserreich More CD starts with "KRRH". Then would come out of their Split CD in Vinyl?

SE: with the band Nocturnal Depression And the last they have done is this gem called "Ravencrowned". How about them was the Split CD with Nocturnal Depression and that the relationship with the band? And you can explain more about the formation of this CD Split?
We had some interesting gig alongside Noctrunal Depression which are really nice guys and good musicians. We did the split on their request after those gigs. For the Split CD we used a song that was been composed by our bassist which fitted to the Nocturnal Depression style. This song will be released again on our next album in a newer version.

T: The CD is the last Ravencrowned performs kaiserreich band? As I was with this production?

SE: In my personal opinion it is well kept the presentation and especially the music. Pure fucking Black Metal!
RAVENCROWNED is our last album since 2012 and its developing was really tough. We spent lot of time and money to produce it, recording in a place and mixing in another. We also did our best to produce a nice booklet and a cool package.
In the end we are satisfied even if there are still flaws or things that could have done in a better way. In any case, I'm really really proud of what we achieved and I’ll be forever thankful to my band for this.

T: Why do they put "Ravencrowned" this CD and to you who is the cover art?

SE: RAVENCROWED is one of the many names our Emperor has and it'is both the title of the second album and the title of a song on our first CD. The song on the first album was in fact about him.
We used the same process to name the third album (CUORE NERO) which is also the title of a song on RAVENCROWED.
The cover art should be one of the embodiment of the Emperor. He's an ethereal creation, so that's not his only form. But it's a nice representation 'cause the king is fused in his throne and that’s a nice metaphor to the power burden. The author is Michal Klimczak, a guy from Poland which has already delivered us the artwork for the new album. He’s a very nice person and a great artist.

T: Currently they are working with De Tenebrarum Principio? Are satisfied with the support and diffusion have received from them?

SE: Yeah, we're satisfied. We got a good distibution and a bunch of internation reviews. We're a very small band so we can't pretend a very large support, you know.

T: Remember some bands that have performed live Kaiserreich?

SE: We played with some interesting bands such as Nargaroth, Absurd, Negura Bunget, Forgotten Tomb, Azaghal, Mortuary Drape, Ad Hominem. This may we'll play with Taake even if our personal goal is to play with Gorgoroth!
We also shared the stage with very cool underground bands. It will take too much time to remember them all, but the underground scene has a really cool appealing to me. And it's great that people aren't interested exclusively in the mainstream music.

T: Kaiserreich is currently preparing new songs for his new CD?

SE: Yeah, we're currently rehearsing  our forth CD which will be a single track album entirely composed by our bassist T. Morgan. This over 30min single track is about the cosmic travel of the last-man-on Earth's soul and it will be different from what we did before.

T: What bands do you think are the pillars of Black Metal history in Italy?

SE: Black Metal never been so successful in Italy. But we had some bands with the same extreme attitude of BM. Mortuary Drape and Necrodeath for sure. Death SS in a certain way. Opera IX, Aborym and Necromass. Spite Extreme Wing was a great band. Forgotten Tomb (which I really don't like) are for sure one of the most important underground italian band nowadays.

T: What bands do you think influenced the creation of the music kaiserreich?

SE: It's not so simple to say. The creation of music isn't a scientific process, so we don't say “let's take Gorgoroth mixed with Horna and some Nargaroth” we just play until we get something valuable. By the way, any kind of music we listen to has the chance to influence us.

T: Serpent Est thanks!! Some last return Tchort The Legion Of Compilation & Zine? And where our readers can contact to purchase your music?

SE: We just want to thank you and all. It's great that you (and the readers) put some of your time on underground bands. Keep the Black Flame burning!
You can contact us on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kaiserreich.it
If you want to puchase our music, just write some line and present yourself as a Legionnaire of TchorT, you'll get an extra special offer!

T: Thanks for this promotion for fans of "The Legion Of Tchort" so take it. Dark thanks to Serpent Est and Abraxas !!