jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Land Of Hate (Italy)

T: How many copies of cd. “Gener (H)ate” you have sold at the moment?

Marko: Hi Tchort, the release for “Gener (H)ate” was in the years 2006, I do not know to tell exactly how many copies we sold, but we have much concert around the italy and we sold much merchandising our distro label of the others country sold almost all the copies available.

T: The Style and the sound is very hard, have many hate?

Marko: Thanx for your words man,yeah,we live in the south of italy,is a violence land.

T: Would you really like the band Sepultura? Is there a lot of influence in the music Land of Hate?

Marko:Exactly, we like Sepultura (beneath the remains-schizophrenia era), we have influence of this band, or of bands like Incubus, Protector, Sodom and all old school thrash metal bands.

T: You have in sale your Land of Hate - Total Massacre Live Video VHs but in DVD format?

Marko: Yeah, Total Massacre is a live split video with our friends Zora, the format is Dvd format.

T: You are happy of the work of Evil Spirit Distro with your tape: Land of Hate – Gener (H)ate?

Marko: Sure, he is a serious guy, he is a maniac of old school ahaha and he's not rip off, respect to evil distro!

T: Land of Hate - 4 Way to Scream Your Hate It is very good to do works like that to promote several.

Marko: It is a split cd by 4 friends bands,Zora-Deathcrush-Smashhead and Land of hate scream the shot message but with different style of music.

T: When I listen your cd “Gener (H)ate” I like the music, have very hate in your voice and letter is Italy the center of this?

Marko:Thanx man, yeah the Italy is not and easy nation, there are many shit around the street, specially in the south, the ignorance reigns.

T: What comming for the band? new Cd? More split? Or dvd from concert?

Marko: Now we are in studio for the new full lenght, the title is Neutralized Existence, you can listen it very soon man.

T: Last words?

Marko: Thanx for your support man, support the underground metal.Disorder Aggression, Total devastation!!

T: Marko thanks to you for all and for your support to “The Legion Of TchorT”