jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Postmorten (Colombia)

Postmorten - Cesaren Without Anesthesia
Woaw!! Surprise for my ears. This chaotic, raw, slammering, gore sawing death/grind metal act from Colombia is always very own and unique in what they do and no exceptions here either. After their split with Incisor "Faraway From Heaven" my hopes was big for this too. And from the first track the constant aggressive form and shape takes the position in the first place. The sound of it reminds of a heavy mixture of early Necrophagia, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Benediction, Napalm Death, Old Lady Drivers and some touch of old Brutal Truth. The album consist 14 brutal tracks of blood/death and gore and is absolutely one of the best in this musical category I have heard for a long time. Some tracks that is to recommend "Butcher Violator", "Dagger And Brains", "Osama God Of Gore", "Face Without Skin" and the title song. The cd comes with a good booklet that is real nice and includes all their lyrics too. And this is just a real great debut album! Get it while you can.