jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Native In Black (Russia)

Native In Black - At The Mystic Gates Of Eternal Winter

Debut album from 2008 with the russian cold black metal band Native In Black. After hearing some other earlier tracks of this band I really expected much on this, but it was not really what I thought I would hear? Of course it is quite good and has a very cold and dark athmosphere in the whole album, but it is something that missing and sometimes it gets a more thrashy and punky sound here and there. Much I personally think is the main problem is the sound of the album that feels somehow to nice and soft in a way for being a real raw dark black metal cd. But in any way I must say that this band really deserves to be noticed as they have something own in their music and the vocalist makes a real hell of a work here. Songs that is something to put extra notice on is "At The Mystic Gates", "Ordo Malleus", "Grim Gates" and "In The Doomed Snows Of Stormy Ural Mountains" that I personally thinks is the best one on the album! Even the track "Way To The Damp Lands" is quite nice and has a quite dark mysterious athmosphere in it. One thing to say also is that I am pretty sure of that this band is 1000 times better live as many is better in that way than on recordings. Fans of Burzum, Darkthrone, Marduk and early Samael might like this one and dont take me wrong here the band is worth more than just one listening!! Hail....