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Astarium (Russia)

T: Infernal greetings SiN!! When and how did the idea to form Astarium?

SiN: Hail, TchorT! Idea about ego-black metal project has visited me in 2001, but I wasn’t good instrumentalist and hadn’t good skill of playing on guitar. This fact didn’t give me possibility to embody my idea into life in that time. During the following years I've played, acquired skill and experimented with sound. In 2005 I’ve recorded track “Morannon” in which the leading role was executed by keyboards on the same level as the guitar. And I’ve understood that this style is what I searched! At this moment Astarium was born.

T: Why is Astarium name? Do any special meaning?

SiN: Heh, I wanted to call project - Astaroth, but I’ve found many bands with this name. So Astarium is just product of my imagination without any idiographic meanings.

T: Do you always perform all the instruments and voice in all of your productions?

SiN: Yes, there are just guitar and sampler. In some tracks I’ve used guimbarde, and now I’m amassing such material to make experimental compilation in future. About voice, I’ve used deep-chested voice and low screaming. On upcoming album you can hear whisper, because this type of vocal is much better conjoining with atmosphere of some tracks.

T: SiN, here are all your accomplishments, many in different formats and different labels. We have from a Brutal Black Metal to a Symphonic / Ambient. Can you tell us more about each production?


“Monolith of Abysses” (Demo 2006) – first demo in raw symphonic black metal style, recorded under impression of H.P. Lovecraft’s novels, self-released (CDr) at first and re-released on “Northern Point Records” (Pro-CDr). Now is available only by “Dominion of SiN” like hand-made CD and tape.

“On the Edge of Chasm” (Full-length 2008) – album in raw symphonic black metal style, that included new songs and, recomposed and re-recorded with better sound, material from previous demo. Released by “Satanarsa Records” (pro-CDr), Apocalyptic Art (pro-tape), Heerwegen Tod Productions (pro-CDr with big booklet), Wulfrune Worxxx (hand-made tape) and self-released as promo (pro-CDr with big booklet).

“Winter Growths (Part I)” (Demo 2009) – experimental demo in ambient / neo-classic style, dedicated to winter themes. Released by NitroAtmosfericum Records (pro-CDr), Acclaim Records (CDr), Snail Prod (pro-CDr with bonuses), Wulfrune Worxxx (hand-made tape) and Tryby label (pro-tape).  
“Katuar” (Split 2009) – combined album with Moscow industrial black metal / dark ambient band uRAn 0, my project presented middle tempo symphonic black metal. Materials of both hordes are demo-versions of tracks that will be included in future albums. Released by NitroAtmosfericum / Satanarsa Records (pro-CDr), Thorn Laceration Records (pro-tape) and Smell The Stench (CDr).

“Dethroned of Impostor” (Full-length 2010) – second album in symphonic black metal style, material for it I’ve recorded during 2 years. This album is my pride! Released by Victory By Fire (black-CDr), Apocalyptic Art (pro-tape), Margin Art Records (CD with big booklet), Wulfrune Worxxx (hand-made tape) and self-released as promo (pro-CDr with big booklet).
“Invasion to Forbidden” (EP 2011) – mini-album about confrontation between stupidity of human and power of nature, included 2 re-mastered tracks from second album and Burzum cover. Released by Akne Prod (hand-made tape), Tryby label (pro-CDr with special box) and NitroAtmosfericum Records (pro-CDr).

“Tribute - The Heart of a Dog” (Split 2011) – combined single with dark ambient / noise project Spasm Of Charity, dedicated to cognominal novel of M. Bulgakov. Astarium presented ambient / neo-classic track. Released by NitroAtmosfericum Records (pro-mCDr with special hand-made sleeve), IndieLabel (net-release) and Wulfrune Worxxx (hand-made tape).

“Ostracism of Anachoret” (EP 2011) – unplanned mini-album included tracks created in 2007, half in ambient style and half in raw symphonic black metal. Self-released at first and re-released by Tryby label (pro-tape), soon will be released by Niberu Records (pro-tape and pro-CDr) and as split by Eastern Myth Records (pro-CDr).

T: Will third full-length album sound like The CD “On the Edge of Chasm” and CD “Dethroned of Impostor”? Are you working under new songs for the third CD? Do any progress?

SiN: Yes, I’m working under new album, named “Wyrm”. Musical part is ready now and I’m recording vocals. The material for third album has many distinctions in comparison with the previous two albums. Most powerful difference is style – symphonic depressive black metal with doom, drone and dark ambient influence. Music will be minimalistic and will sound in middle-slow tempo. Lyrics are presented by themes about suicides happened under inspiration of winter and autumn. This album is not just experiment, but part of my life which I want to perpetuate in music. After this record I’m planning to make return to old-school symphonic black metal with new hate and evil!

T: The sound Symphonic / Ambient shown full in "Winter Growths (Part I)". How was born idea to venture with this style?

SiN: In fact, my ambient music is the same Astarium’s symphonic black metal, but only played without guitars and arranged otherwise. So I can not say that I’m venturing with this style. Many bands used this concept, when creative work is splitting on different ways, conjuncted by one idea. In 2009 I’ve made first only ambient release “Winter Growths (Part I)”, because I have recorded many rehearsals during previous years in this style. It'll be pity to lose this material. In next winter I’ll continue this series with second part of “Winter Growths”.

T: What bands have influenced on the fate of Astarium?

SiN: There are Burzum, Eisenwinter, Kataxu, Nokturnal Mortum, Darkthrone, Bal-Sagoth.

T: How is the Black Metal scene in Russia? What bands can you recommend?

SiN: To tell the truth, I am not especially informed about our scene. For me, really interesting bands plays in total underground and I don’t like most of hordes, released on big russian labels.  My favorite bands are Veretragor, Ghornumn, Gmork, Kabalah, uRAn 0, Necrolatreia, Flegethon.

T: “Dominion Of SiN” is your label and distributor that you've created. What production do you have in production by Dominion Of SiN and distribution? Prices? And where can you buy? Can you tell us more about it?

SiN: “Dominion Of SiN” is small DIY label, born to make last re-releases of old Astarium’s materials and distribute stuffs of project released on other labels. So fans can order some rare releases from me, just wrote letter on my email (astarium@mail.ru or sin@astarium.ru). Prices are most lower-income – not more 3 euros or 4 usd. At moment label have only 1 release – DIY CD and tape “Monolith of Abysses” in one package, but soon during this year will out another materials on tapes and CD with exclusive design.

T: SiN, would you like to add anything else to The Legion Of TchorT Zine? Where our readers can get your music?

SiN: Check my site –  http://www.astarium.ru  you can find page of my label there, and more information about labels that released my stuffs and other, other, other. Also, you can listen my music online through last fm net-radio.
Thank you, TchorT, for interesting questions! Stay metal, Friend!
To readers I can say: Carry your Black Flame with honor!

T: Thanks War Brother SiN for all the support and friendship given, I hope we will soon have "The Legion Of TchorT" Compilation I to XII in Tape format for "Dominion Of Sin" Label.