jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Spectral Manifest (Usa)

T: How many copies of your Demo Ep. “In Shadows Unseen” promotion and sold some criticize?

Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: There were 130 copies pressed up and that is all there will be. There’s less than 10 left, we spent the last year promoting it and the Wraith Insurrection dvd. Overall, the response has been good, but sure, there have been some criticisms, which we expected, due to the production.

Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: The sound of the recorded is very dirty is that your style or is the studio where you recorded the 3 songs?

T: A little of both, I suppose. Our sound should be a little dirty, at least when that is what the music calls for. That being said, these 3 songs were recorded with minimal gear, the first two songs with one set up, me and Depravis, one take live, and the DARKTHRONE cover with a completely different setup, with overdubs.

T: You have 2 big influences Celtic Frost and Darkthrone (old) you like old school stage of the black metal music, also Venom, Blasphemy, Mayhem (old) and others. Any Bands that you listen more?

Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: Celtic Frost is definitely a big influence for the both of us, I would say the DARKTHRONE influence is probably more from me, although Depravis loves “Soulside Journey.” Other influences include Incantation, Asphyx, Unleashed, Death, Pestilence, Enslaved, Slayer, Maiden, Sabbath, hell , could go on and on! As far as how it has influenced the music, we leave it up to the listener. It has elements of death metal, black metal, thrash metal, but there is a definite old school approach and sound to it. We refer to it as wraith metal, a reference to our band name as well.

T: You have in mind to do a 2 member band like Darkthrone?

Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: This came about more as a necessity than by choice. There seems to be a shortage of bass players in Houston, TX! We tried out a couple of people and it just didn’t work out, so rather than just sit around and stagnate, Depravis and I made the choice to forge forward as wraith metal tyrants! We know what we want and how it should sound to be called SPECTRAL MANIFEST, and fortunately, it has translated well live. The energy harnessed on stage live has really been something to behold. Ultimately, we hope to welcome some others into the fold, but we will wait until that moment and persons present themselves.

T: You do a cover song “Triumphant Gleam” of Darkthrone – Panzerfaust the sound of this Cd is very Raw Metal.

Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: One of my personal favorite albums and a great song. Depravis actually showed up to rehearsal one day and kept playing this riff and me being the DARKTHRONE nut that I am, immediately jumped on it with my own take. We had fun with it and for me now, it’s become one of our staple live moments at every show. Considering the chances of anyone seeing the real deal play it live are slim to none, I figure its kinda cool we do it. We’ve gotten a lot of surprised positive feedback not just from the song, but for choosing to do something from Panzerfaust, so I guess maybe we were on to something… (laughs)

T: I see and Listen the Dvd “Wraith Insurrection” is very cool atmosfera in live and sound of the recorded is best of the Cd Ep. What think? I see in your photos and Dvd ever that played in Store of Music Sound Exchange is your business or only for the filmed?

Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: Glad you liked the dvd, we definitely prefer it to the In Shadows Unseen demo. It has a better sound and it captures the raw essence of SPECTRAL MANIFEST. That was our first show and we decided to do it at Sound Exchange, which is essentially an institution for underground music of all genres, in Houston, TX. I have bought a shit ton of my metal from them over the years, and it seemed only fitting to introduce ourselves to our local scene that way. The guys at that store are very good people and have supported us and the scene all along the way.

T: Songs “Portal To Origins” and “Darkening Horizons” are news you work in full length album debut? Or for your next Demo “Portal To Origins”?
Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: The plan is to release the “Portal To Origins” demo next, which will have both of those songs, plus another one called “The Spiritual Gallows.” There have been talks of a few splits with some killer bands that we are friends with, so we’ll see what happens there. We also have some new material we are working on, so hopefully, in the next year, we will get a full length out.

T: Tell me more about your merchandise for our readers and any words for The Legion Of TchorT?

Cryptos Granamyr Grimm: Our demos and merch are handled by The Dread Lair, who also work with bands like Immolith, Kusoof, Humut Tabal, Poenarian Mist, Baht, Catharsis Nocturna, really cool, underground metal bands from all over the world. We also recently got Black Angel from Peru. You can get more info on this from www.myspace.com/thedreadlair or www.facebook.com/the.dread.lair Basically, in the last year, I decided to form a coalition of bands, artists, zines, podcasts, radio shows etc. It’s a project daily in the works, but so far we have aligned with other Legion of Tchort family and we have a strong foundation to build from, which will cover many territories. I must thank TchorT for his support abroad and for including SPECTRAL MANIFEST on Volume 7 of his killer series. We hope to one day come down to visit and perform for our metal brothers and sisters in South America!

T: Thanks to you my Brother Cryptos Granamyr Grimm, you have all my support!! You Work with Many Great Friends Poenarian Mist, Baht, Catharsis Nocturna, Black Angel, and more!!