miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Moloch (Ukraine)

Isolation der Essenz
Self Mutilation Services

6 tracks of black ambient metal and just over fifty minutes runtime... this album is an interesting one because it is a combination between black metal and atmospheric, the album is well balanced with stumbling bass a grim and distorted guitar tone and scarry voices, also, the synths sounds like a piano which creates a melancholyc atmosphere, The guitar/bass are played well but from time to time, the drumming wasn’t in sync with everything else
The last track "Isolation der Essenz," is a Dark Ambient tune unfolded in a more abstract way for about 25 minutes, it reminds me the old Burzum days, it’s all throbbing, sinister and bassy synth lines and dwells, yet there’s also a real grim sci-fi feel to the track too.
A good album but I think could be better.

Der Schein des Schwarzesten Schnees
Misanthropic Spirit

This is the 9th album of Moloch, was recorded since 2009 but saw the light until 2011, Moloch is a project of a single man and this album shows its feeling, a depressed sound , suicidal, an album where were we can find screeching guitars, drums not made by machine but by the same man who composed the music, the keyboards are combined with sounds of rain that creates a melancholic and depressive atmosphere , dark ... the riffs didn't have any structure, but creates a disturbing feeling.
The suffering, depression, sadness and pain offered by Moloch on this album is clearly seen throughout the album, Moloch really knows how to create this feeling cold and sad, probably does not create a new style but the atmosphere it creates is worth the CD .

Editor: Sadly they wanted to give an interview with this band, but says he does not give interviews to magazines on-line. I prefer to reserve my opinion.