jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Oak Roots (Italy)

Oak Roots - The Branch Of Fate

Debut demo included four tracks from this italian pagan/folk metal band. It´s opening with a melodical, raw and folky tune "The Branch of Fate", words about that is that it is just so good and great and the sound of flute combined with both raw male and beautiful female voices makes a good chapter. And already here you can wonder if it is just a demo? Next track "Curse of Moonlight" starts up with well played fiddle togehter with flutes and is one of the best tracks on this one. Here I really got vibes from Pagan Reign, Alkonost and Arkona in the same track. This is just so pure great and is very recommended for those into pagan, folk and viking metal. Track number three "Narrow Pass" starts up with a very thrashy introduction that goes fast over to harmonical and pure folky melodies combined with some great raw male voices combined with female choirs that this band really does very good. Here I also feels a bit taken back in history, this band http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifhas really a ancient philosophy and nordic historical touch in it. Here and there you nearly feels that you are on the highlands of Scotland, but as well much slavic, irish folk melodies you can hear in this. And as this band is italian makes it very original, unique and extra special in many ways and forms. The last track and most ballad likely one is "Dalekij Crai" that I believe is in the roman language? But it is heavy, dark and with a great touch of mysterious atmosphere and here also with a very thrashy guitars, but all those musical elements makes Oak Roots very own in sound as it also has black metal in their sound. I guess we can see much from this band in the future as this is a masterpiece in folk metal and pagan music. Fans of bands like Slavland, Arkona, Alkonost, Pagan Reign, Nokturnal Mortum, Frost, Cruachan and Pagan Flame and also folk/thrash metal/music should like this one.