jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Southern Extremity (Italy)

T: Jason the band did a cool promotion with your promo Cd Southern Extremity song Worlds Apart, great marketing for the band before your Cd came out. How many copies did you send for this work?

Southern Extremity: This was a very limited Cd that was sent to Magazines and Webzines around the world. Friends and fans also have copies but since the release of the full length we've stopped using it for promo purposes.

T: When did your Cd Southern Extremity – “Hymns of Darkness and Hate” come out?Many people have an idea of the sound of the band, very technical and brutal with an extreme voice? How was it reviewed in the Press?

Southern Extremity: The Cd came out in March 2009 and has been described similarly to how you've described it yourself. It's a combination of black metal and extreme metal basically.
Some reviewers haven't been very supportive of our production of the Cd. Nowadays we've got people writing "well when you get a black metal Cd in the post you'd be hoping for a good production." I just thought "WHAT??" Since when has black metal been about production? We recorded the Cd ourselves in the basement on an 8 track recorder. That's the spirit of black metal. Our aim was to capture the raw energy that the music itself achieves and I think we've done a pretty good job.

T: In what other Compilations or Splits does Southern Extremity appear?

Southern Extremity: We've had different tracks appear on the following compilations- De Umbris Zine, Powerplay Magazine Sampler, Imperative Music, Death Star Records and Spine Language.

T: I read that the song that appears in my compilation “The Legion Of TchorT” # 6 is an exclusive of your demo version? (Thanks for this Jason)

Southern Extremity: Yes, that's the first recording we made of the track and it was immediately sent for inclusion on your compilation. Since then it's been re-recorded for the full length so therefore the demo version won't appear on any future compilations. That makes it an exclusive for The Legion of TchorT.

T: Jason, you have other side projects- Lore of Ages in Australia and Remnants of Tranquility in Italy, tell me more please about these bands?

Southern Extremity: Remnants of Tranquility is an acoustic project created by Martin and I. We both play guitar and sing although Martin plays drums in Southern Extremity. I wanted to create a dark sound acoustically, and I think the song "Traces" achieves that quite well.
This band was formed previous to Southern Extremity while we were still active with the metal band Szin. At the time the drummer in the band (not Martin. In the band Szin Martin and I were both on vocals, guitar) had injured himself and everything was on hold. I started writing acoustic songs and we played these for months before the drummer had recovered. We decided to record a few and upload them to myspace.

Lore of Ages is my own side project which is an ambient/ atmospheric combination of electric guitars and clean vocals. No drums, no bass. The songs were written while we were recording the Southern Extremity Cd and recorded thereafter. "Reflections of the Past" is the first album with 4 tracks lasting 37 minutes. The myspace page is listed as Australian because I'm Australian. I'm still living in Italy though.

Also, just recently I founded the death metal side project Sadoplague. Once again I had a bit of extra time on my hands and decided to write in a death metal direction. Just after I'd finished the first song I was asked if I'd like to record a mini album for an upcoming split cassette. So what was done just as a bit of fun quickly turned into a project of its own. The mini album entitled "Cruel and Twisted Trips to Nowhere" was recorded and sent to Self Cannibalism Productions and was just released in October on the 3 way split with Fleischwald and Blenorrhagical Spermatocystitis.

T: Southern Extremity- are all songs on the Cd part of one theme?

Southern Extremity: Lyrically, yes. When reading through the lyrics in the booklet they've been arranged in the order in which they tell a story from beginning to end. This is not the running order of the songs on the Cd!
Musically there is a strong black metal presence accompanied occasionally by more typical metal influences. Extreme metal also makes a contribution.

T: When I listen to the Promo Cd, I say shit! The very extreme death metal drummer is a special touch for the band? Do you think it characterizes the band?

Southern Extremity: Certainly, Martin is a very talented musician and drumming is his passion. It's really quite amazing what he comes up with and he's getting faster and extremer all the time. The new songs we're working on at the moment are really going to be something special from a drummers point of view. It'll be interesting to see how they've developed by the time we want to record them next year.

T: Your band is appearing on the UNHOLY TRINITY (3-way split series) THY GATHERING III by KVLT666 Prod from Malaysia, can you say with which songs?

Southern Extremity: Worlds Apart, Overture in Ice and Amongst Chaos will be on the split. That will also be a limited edition and we're really looking forward to it's release.

T: Please tell me more about your merchandise for all the headbangers supporting the band who want to buy original stuff.

Southern Extremity: Cd's and T-Shirts are available for all projects except Remnants of Tranquility. The myspace pages have a mini Paypal shop where they can be purchased. Southern Extremity also has the same products available from the official website listed below.

T: Any Last Words for our readers Brother?

Southern Extremity: Thanks for taking an interest in our music! We're looking forward to presenting you even more extremer music in the future, but for now check out Hymns of Darkness and Hate!!

T: Support All the Bands of my Crazy friend Jason and Visit and Buy your Merchandise are Great Music!! !! Total Support Brother !!