jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Kaiserreich (Italy)

T: Why the name of Kaiserreich?

Serpent Est: Actually, we ever thought it was a new word. Kaiserreich is the results of Kaiser+Reich which means respectively Emperor and Reign. It sounds really harsh and strong and the meaning is also powerful. Some member had doubts on it ‘cause it sounds so NSBM (and we’re not an NSBM band) but in the end I think everyone’s is loving the name. At last, I discovered that the “kaiserreich” is the definition of the period when Germany was headed by kings.

T: How many copies do of your Cd. KRRH and why this name?
Serpent Est: We made 1,000 copies by our own and our Chinese label has printed 500 copies of the asian edition. This one contains a new song played live, and live versions of Ravencrowned and an impressive Requiem Division.

T: Where did you record Cd. KRRH? and where do the next?

Serpent Est: KRRH has been recorded in a very small studio. We played all at once, recording in direct feed. Then we re-recorded the vocals on a second time. That album took probably less then 4 hours to be finished!
Now, we’re recording the new album in another small studio headed by our drummer’s drum teacher (who’s also the drummer of a well-known power metal band named Vision Divine). This time we’ve recorder every instrument aside and it’s not finished yet. It’s taking lot of time ‘cause we’re trying to do something different (better) then the first one.

T: Requiem Division 7,62 What is that song about?

Serpent Est: Dispite what I said in the beginning (that we’re not a NSBM band) this song is dedicated to the Wehrmacht (the german infantry). 7,62 was the caliber of the famous gun named Mauser. Anyway, it’s not a nazi thing. The song it’s just a celebration of this powerful army that once stroke the earth.

T: Who was doing the song lyrics?
Serpent Est: The lyrics are composed by Serpent, except Kriegsangshelvete which is a creation of our drummer, Krieg.

T: Who wrote the songs on KRRH?

Serpent Est: The leading guitar was composed by the former guitarist Elfire. Abraxas has created the mighty Ravencrowned and he also participated to the other songs with his own ideas. Anyway, the songs should be credited to all of us ‘cause everyone gave something to the album.

T: You have to edition. The first press of the album was produced and released by the band (with the FMP logo anyway as the label already planned on releasing the album too) this version has the title of the album in white and has no bonus tracks.The second edition with the title in red is actually released by funeral moonlight productions with the three bonus tracks. You are Happy with Funeral Moonlight Productions?

Serpent Est: We have a strange deal with them so we never expected too much push from them ‘cause they are an underground label, but that’s ok! The guy who leads the Funeral Moonlight is very kind but he has lot of bands to manage and his life to live so he can’t grant us a ‘full coverage’. By the way, he did a great job to spread the album, in fact you can find it easily on the web.

T: How is a concert of Kaiserreich ( bullets, blood…)

Serpent Est: Do be honest, we still have to learn on how to manage a stage! Yes, there are bullets, blood, fog and spikes, very Gorgoroth-alike. But we’re planning a change of our imagery for the next album. It will be more personal. We would like to offer a nice show, with effect and some guests on stage. But it’s not so easy. We need space, time and money (for the costumes). We’ll do it for sure during the presentation of our second album but it won’t so easy to bring this show on tour.

T: Necrobosco and Krieg play in other band Suicide, tell me more?

Serpent Est: They played for very few time in that band. They both don’t like to speak about that period.

T: Your Five favorites bands?

Serpent Est: Critical question. Let’s see. Yeah, Five members of Kaiserreich, five very different bands: Immortal, Taake, Marco Masini, Obtained Enslavement, Manowar.

T: Where can people buy your great Kaiserreich Cd?

Serpent Est: You can buy it just asking it: through our myspace page http://www.myspace.com/kaiserreichofficialpage or the website http://www.kaiserreich.it But there are many online shops that sell our CD, you should just type the name on some search engine (or eBay). Anyway, we’re the only one who sells Kaiserreich T-Shirts and Long Sleeve!

T: Any Last Words for Our readers of “The legion Of TchorT”?

Serpent Est: We can’t wait to hear the reactions in regards of our new album. It’s almost finished but it will take time to be ready for the audience. During the wait, we probably print a split with a French depressive black metal band named Nocturnal Depression. It will be a 7” and it will present a very unusual song. That song it’s been completely composed by our new bassist, T. Morgan, and offer a different outlook on our band. But do not fear, the new album will sound more aggressive than the previous one. Hail!

T: Thanks to you Brother for your eternal help! to spread your work and my work.